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Casualties On HMS Kennet 22nd Aug 1914

The following was issued by the Press Bureau at 1 o'clock this morning
The Commander-in-Chief, China, states that on Saturday the destroyer Kennet,
while chasing the German destroyer S 90, approached too close to the battery
at Tsingtao and sustained the following casualties. The Kennet was not materially damaged.

John Armstrong, A.B., J 3996.
P.O. David James, 183045.
John James Ryan, A.B., SS 3609.

Severely Wounded.
Amos Arthur Barton, A.B., J 5016.
Albert Edward Lane, A.B., 211520.
Alfred Shute, Stoker, 1st Cl., K 8282.

Slightly Wounded.
Thomas John Alderman, A.B., J 5475.
William Ambrose Bryant, Stoker, 1st Cl., K 8302.
Sidney George East, Stoker, 1st Cl., K 7444.
Allen Thomas Thurston, Chief Stoker, 284846,

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