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Battle Of Heligoland Bight 28th Aug 1914

The Press Bureau yesterday issued a list of the British casualties;
and a further list will be issued as soon as possible.
All belonged to the Chatham division. The list so far announced is


Westmacott, Eric W. P., Lieutenant R.N.
Denyer, Charles Peter, C.P.O.
Coke, Frederick, A.B.
Winwood, George, A.B.
Reardon, George Herbert, A.B.
Whitfield, Thos. Nicholas, E.R.A., 3rd Class
Nunn, Fred. William, Ldg. Cook's Mate
Barnes, Sydney James, Boy 1st Class
Dale, James William, A.B.
Dunn, Frank, Leading Seaman.

Seriously Wounded.
Marner, Robert, Ch. Ship's Cook
Teuma, Giovanni, Officer's Steward 3rd Class
Thornhill, Albert, Officer's Cook 1st Class
Potterveld, Hy. Wm. Fredk., A.B.

Wounded (not seriously.)
Robinson, Richard S., Lieutenant
Smith, Ernest Chas., Ordinary Seaman
Clark, Jos. George, A.B.
Chamley, Frank, Painter 1st Class
Rose, Alfred, Boy 1st Class
Spencer, Ed. James, Stoker 1st Class
Sheldrick, Albert Ed., A.B.
Jeremy, Wm. Geo. Treharne, Ordinary Seaman
Batchelor, Geo. Stanley, Leading Seaman
Samson, Frank, A.B.
Haile, John Geo., Stoker lst Class
Cullen, Robert Jas., Actg. E.R.A. 4th Class.


Bartellot Nigel K. W., Lieut. Commander
Roberts, Wm. Clifford. Leading Seaman
Butcher, Wm., Signal-man
Chawner, John Henry, A.B.
Jennings, Richard Louis, A.B.
Fade, Harold, A.B.
Dexter, Geo. Henry, Stoker lst Class

Since Died from Wounds.
Flowerday, Samuel, A.B.

Dangerously Wounded.
Holmes, Chas. Arthur, Chief Stoker
Anderson, Wm. Jas., A.B.
Fletcher, Wm. Geo., Ordinary Seaman
Hillman, Albert Alsop, Ordinary Seaman
Whitehair, Wm.., Stoker 1st Class
Hart, Wm. Henry, Stoker 1st Class.

Slightly Wounded.
Beadle, Jas. Samuel, Acting C.P.O.
Short, Jas., Leading Seaman;
Morrow, Wm.. Geo., A.B.
Raven, Wm., Stoker 1st Class.

Wounded (degree not stated).
Carte, Albert Edward, Stoker 1st Class.


Radcliffe, Samuel, Gunner T.
Gregory, Bert Walter, A.B.
Martin, Herbert, Edward, A.B.
Wadkins, Wm. Ferdinand, A.B.
Woodhouse, Geo., A.B.
Carlton, Geo. Edward, A.B.
Thorpe, Cyril Kirkman, A.B.
Ingram, Walter, Stoker 1st Class
Weaver, Geo., Stoker 1st Class
Waller, Jas., A.B.

Died of Wounds.
Allchin, Albert Geo., A.B.

Dangerously Wounded.
Cox, Chas., Stoker, P.O.
Fromson, John, A.B.

Seriously Wounded.
Rose, Frank F., Commander R.N.
Palmer, Sam, Leading Seaman
Williams, Chas. Francis, A.B.
Fielder, Cyril Hawksley, A.B.
Sturdy, Geo. Henry, Chief Stoker
Riches; Geo., A.B.
Sellens, Albert Edmund, A.B.

Slightly Wounded.
Windsor, Wm. Jas., Signalman
Springgay, Herbert, Stoker 1st Class


About 200 German prisoners have arrived at Chatham, and about a hundred wounded,
British and German seamen were also landed.
Eleven of the dead British bluejackets will be buried at Gillingham tomorrow.
The body of Lieutenant Eric Westmacott is being removed to Maldon, Essex, for burial.
Ninety German prisoners, including the son of Admiral von Tirpitz,
have been landed at Leith.

On Saturday the Official Press Bureau issued the following
" Sir John French to War Office "'Will you kindly convey to the First Lord of the Admiralty the congratulations of the Army in the field on the splendid naval success of yesterday ? '."

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