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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 12th September 1914

Wounded NCOs And Men Admitted To The Royal Victoria Hospital Netley.



The following admissions of wounded men to the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley,
are reported under date September 1st :

Armstrong, 8264 Cpl. C., Connaught Rgrs.
Balme, 2506 Pte. W., Lanes. Fus. ;
Belfield, 7424 Pte. W., R.W. Kett. R. ;
Bolton, 9658 Pte. S., K.O.S.B.
Carpenter, 9594 Pte, J., R. Dublin Fus.;
Cotton, 8529 Pte. T., R. Irish R. ;
Crawford, 7791 Sgt. W. J., Coldstream G.
Dunton, 23284 Pnr. G., R.E.
Etheridge, 7386 Pte. E. E., Hants R. ;
Evans, 6271 Pte. W. Somerset L.I.
Farr 8015 Lce.-Cpl. R., R. Inniskilling Fus
Gleace, 8173 Pte. A., Gloster R.
Haney, 9605 Pte. J., K.O. (Royal Lencaster) R. ;
Harper, 46156 Gnr. A. E., R.F.A. ;
Hoare, 8693 Lee.-Sgt. H., Northants R.
Jane, 30554 Dvr. G. J., A.S.C.
Legg, 7937 Pte. A. J., Somerset L.I.
McWee, Pte. J., A. and S.High. ;
Marshall, 9177. B., A. and S.High. ;
Meakin, 9893 Lce.-Cpl. G., M'sex R. ;
Mellor, 8546 Pte. F., D. of Wellington's R. ;
Mustow, 6272 Pte. F., Hants R.
Naile, 5574 Pte. S. H., Coldstream G.
Ogg, 798 Pte. J., Gordon H. ;
O'Reilly, 10475 Pte.J, R.Inniskilling Fus.
Perry, 15377 Cpl. G., R. Fus. ;
Price, 10575 Pte. W. J., S. Wales Borderers.
Randall, 1292 Lce.-Cpl. E. F., Lancs. Fus.
Senior, 9906 Gnr. W., R..F.A. ;
Stewart, 6665 Pte. J., R. Inniskilling Fus. ;
Squires, 8349 Pte. J., K.O. (R. Lancaster R.);
Stonier, 9194 Lee.-Opl. J., Lancs. Fus. ;
Sullivan 5751 Pte. J., M'sex R.
Tadd, 6600 Pte. J., Somerset L.I. ;
Taylor, 11269 Lce.- Cpl. G., K.O.S.B. ;
Thompson, 2585 Lce.-Cpl. G., Lancs. Fus.
West, 4922 Pte. W., 19th Hussars ;
White, 6756 Pte. T., R. Irish R. ;
Williams, 9265 Pte. F., Hants R.

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