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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 14th September 1914

Tenth List Of Officer Casualties

The following, received from General Head-quarters of the Expeditionary Force,
was issued on Saturday afternoon :

Officers Wounded.
BURNARD, Capt. C. F., Royal Warwickshire Regt.
CLARK, Lieut. and Quartermaster W., Royal Irish Rifles.
WHITE, Lieut. L. W., 1st Dragoon Guards (attached Queen's Bays).

Officer Missing.
JOSEPHS, Lieut. L. H. O., Middlesex Regt

Report received from the Deputy-Adjutant-General at the Base, Expeditionary Force :--

Officers Killed.
PARKER, Lieut. R. E., R.H.A.
GOUGH, Lieut. J. B., R.H.A.

Officer Died in Field Hospital.
WHISH, Capt. J. K. T., East Surrey Regt.

Officer - Wounded.
WINGATE-GRAY, 2nd Lieut. W. S., R.F.A.

The following officers are also officially reported as wounded :

Officers Wounded.
BAYLEY, 2nd Lieut. G. B., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
BUCHANAN-DUNLOP, Capt. H. D., Royal West Kent Reg.
GROVES, Lieut. E. J. Cheshire, Regt.
MARTIN, Capt. R., Royal Irish Regt.
WORMALD, Lieut-Col. F., 12th Lancers.

Errors in Previously Published Lists.

The following officers should be included under "Wounded" instead of "Missing" :

KNOX, Capt. H., Manchester Regt.
THOMAS, Lieut. A. F., Manchester Regt.

The following officers should be included under "Wounded and Missing" instead of "Missing" :

PICTON-WARLOW, Capt. I. Gordon Highlanders.
SIMPSON, Major C. J., Gordon Highlanders.
TROTTER, Lieut. J. K., Gordon Highlanders.

Officer Wounded.
MORGAN-GRENVILLE, Lieut. Hon. T. G. B., Rifle Brigade, should read :
MORGAN-GRENVILLE, Capt. Hon. R. G. G. (Master of Kinloss). Rifle Brigade.

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