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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 16th September 1914

List Of Officer Casualties



The following casualty lists were issued last night.
Among the killed is Brigadier-General N. D. Findlay, of the Royal Artillery.
General Findlay had commanded the Royal Artillery First Division since 1910.
A son of the late Mr. Thomas Dunlop Findlay, of Easterhill,- Lanarkshire,
he was born in 1859, and married in 1892 Alma,daughter of Mr. Lloyd, of Minard Castle, Argyllshire.
Entering the Army in 1873 promotion was rapid. He served in the Hazara campaign
in 1888, being mentioned in despatches. In the South African. campaign he
was mentioned in despatches. twice, received the Queen's Medal and six clasps,
and became Brevet Lieut-Colonel.

Officers Killed.
FINDLAY, Brigadier-General N. D.,
HARMAN, 2nd Lieut. J. B., R.F.A.

Officer Wounded.
MAIDLOW, Major J. S., R.F.A.

Officer Died of Wounds.
STEPHEN, Capt. D. C. L., Grenadier Guards.

Officers Wounded.
TRAIL, Capt. T. B., R. Scots Fus.
ROBINSON, Capt. O. W., R. Inniskilling Fus.

Previously Reported Wounded, Now Reported Wounded and Missing.
MORRIS, Lieut.Colonel Hon. G. H., Irish Guards.

Previously Officially Reported Missing, Now Unofficially Reported Prisoners.
BARKER, Lieut. W.G.S., Connaught Rangers.
CAMPBELL, Capt. W. M., Suffolk Regt.
HARDY, 2nd Lieut. J. L., Connaught Rangers.
PEARSON, Capt. E. E., Suffolk Regt.
ROCHE, Capt. W. W., Connaught Rangers.
TURNER, 2nd Lieut. C. A. C., Connaught Rangers.

Previously Reported Missing ; Has Rejoined.
ELLIS, Capt T. M., Duke of Wellington's Regt.

Unofficially Reported a Prisoner.
HAY, 2nd Lieut. Hon. I. J. L., 5th (R. Irish) Lancers.

Previously Officially Reported Missing, Unofficially Reported Killed.
GRIFFITHS, Lieut. G., Hampshire Regt.

Unofficially Reported Wounded and Missing.
BAXTER, Capt. N. E., Hampshire Regt.

Previously Officially Reported Killed, Now Officially Reported Wounded.
NOEL, Lieut. J. B. L., E. Yorks Regt., attached King's Own (York's LI)

Officer Killed.
CALDECOTT, Lieut. J. L., R Garrison Artillery.

Died of Wounds.
GARNETT, Lieut. P. N., R. Berks Regt.

Officers Wounded.
BARTON, Capt. C. W., D.S.O., Northamptonshire Regt.
MUIRHEAD, Capt. T. S., Northamptonshire Regt.


Officers Killed.
HOLME, Lieut. A. C. Gloucestershire Regt.
HOPKINSON, Capt. C., E. Surrey Regt.

Officer Wounded
YATES, Lieut. W. G., R. West Kent Regt.

Missing Believed to be a Prisoner.
BODY, Lieut. O. G., R.F.A.


"Wounded and Missing" instead of "Missing"
JOHNSON, Capt. H. C., King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Officer Killed DENISON, Lieut. S. N., King's Own (Yorks LI) should read -
DENISON, Lieut. B. N., King's Own (Yorks L.1.).

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