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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 17th September 1914

List Of Officer Casualties



Officers Killed.
COGAN, Lieut. C. T. S., Northumberland Fus.
HEWAT, Capt. A., Royal Scots.
JEMMETT-BROWNE, Capt. A. E. Royal Sussex Regt,
PERROTT, Lieut. A. H., Royal Berkshire Regt,
SWORD, 2nd Lieut. J. H., 4th Hussars.
WOODGATE, Lieut. L. S., King's Own (R. Lancaster)

Officers Died of Wounds.
DALGLISH, Capt. C. A. de G., Black Watch.
DRAKE, Capt. R. E., Lincolnshire Regt.
KNIGHT, Lieut. Col. G. C., Loyal N. Lancashire Regt.
PRIESTLEY, Capt. A. B., Dorsetshire Regt.
SMITH, Temporary 2nd Lieut, J. Martin, Intelligence. Corps
THOMPSON, 2nd Lieut. E. J. V. C., Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Officer Wounded and Missing.
BOWRING, Capt. F. A., East Surrey Regt.

Officers Wounded.
BADGER, Capt. T. R., 12th Lancers.
BANON, 2nd Lieut. R. A., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
BEAZLEY, 2nd Lieut. J. R., Royal Fusiliers.
BECKER., Lieut. J. O. G., East Surrey Regt.
BIRCH Lieut E. R., South Staffordshire Regt.
BLAKENEY, Lieut. H. E. H., Royal Sussex Regt.
BLOUNT, Capt. G. H. R., R.F.A.
BONHAM-CARTER, Lieut. A. L., King's Royal Rifle Corps.,
BOYNE, Lieut. L. L., Royal Sussex Regt.
BUTLER, 2nd. Lieut. H. W., King's Royal Rifle Corps.,
COOKE, Major B. H., Rifle Brigade.
CORNISH-BOWDEN, Major J. H. T., Duke of Cornwall's L.I.,
DANIELL, Major E. H. E., Royal Irish Regt.
DUCKWORTH, Capt. R. South Staffordshire Regt.
ELLIOTT, 2nd Lieut. J. G. L., Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
ELLISON, Capt. G. M., Lincolnshire Regt.
FERRY, 2nd Lieut. E. L., The Cameronians (Scot. Rifles).
GEORGE, Lieut. A. K. D., Dorsetshire Regt.
HANDFORD, Lieut. D. J., R.F.A.
HALSTED, Lieut. J. G., Loyal North Lancashire Regt.
HAY, 2nd Lieut. G. H., Royal Scots.
HEWITT, Capt. Hon. R., East Surrey Regt.,
HOSKYNS, Capt. H. C., Lincolnshire Regt.,
HUGHES, Capt. E. L., Northamptonshire Regt.
JACKSON, 2nd Lieut. R. R. W., Royal Fusiliers.
JARVIS, 2nd Lieut. A. S. G., Northamptonshire Regt.
JEFFERSON, 2nd Lieut. L. H., 11th Hussars.
LAWTON, Lieut. E. G., East Surrey Regt.
LLOYD, Capt. H., Northamptonshire Regt.
LOCKETT, Major W. J. D.S.O., 11th Hussars.
LONGMAN, 2nd Lieut. F, Royal Fusiliers.
NICHOLAS, Lieut. B. G., 12th Lancers.
NORMAN, Major H.H., Northamptonshire Regt.
PAINTON, Capt. G. R, R.A.M.C.
POTTER, Capt. H. C., Liverpool Regt.
ROE, Capt. A. R. M., Dorsetshire Regt.
ROWELL, 2nd Lieut. W. C., Loyal N. Lancashire Regt.
SAUNDERS, Major C., Dorsetshire Regt.
STACKE, Capt. H. H. East Surrey Regt.
STONEHAM, Lieut. H. F., East Surrey Regt.
TINDALL, 2nd Lieut. E. V., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
TOWER, Lieut. K. F. B., Royal Fusiliers.
TURNER, Lieut Col. M. N., Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
WATSON, Lieut. G. E. B., R.H.A.
WOODS, Lieut. R. H., King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Officers Missing.
CHITTENHEN, 2nd Lieut. A. G. B., Manchester Regt.
FOORD, Capt., A. G., Manchester Regt.
SMITH, 2nd Lieut. J. H. M., Manchester Regt.
WINN, Capt. A., Suffolk Regt.

Previously Reported Missing, Now Reported Wounded and Not Missing.
NEEDHAM, Lieut. Hon. F., Grenadier Guards.

Previously Reported Wounded and Missing, Now Reported Wounded and Not Missing.
CASTLEROSSE, 2nd Lieut. Viscount, Irish Guards.
HERBERT, 2nd Lieut. Hon. A., Irish Guards.
INNES-KER, Lieut. Lord R. E., Irish Guards.

Lieutenant Irwin, of the South Lancashire Regiment, who was
reported missing, is wounded and a prisoner at Valenciennes.


In addition to the casualties among officers already published, the following British casualties among official and unofficial civilians are reported ;

Killed in Action.
V. J. ASCOTT, Planter.

Died of Wounds.
G. F. MANNING, Resident.
H. G. MERRIMAN, Planter.

B. MASON, Planter.
J. SINCLAIR, Planter.
- NESS, Planter.

Very Slightly Wounded.
F. WEBB, Resident.


All the wounded mentioned are doing very well.

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