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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 19th September 1914

Officer Casualties




A casualty list issued last night includes the name of :
Lieutenant Colonel H. C. Lowther, Scots Guards, a brother
of the Speaker, wounded.
The death is reported unofficially of Lord John Hamilton,
Deputy Master of the Household; and brother of the Duke of Abercorn.
He was an officer in the Irish Guards.

Officers Killed.
BOND, Lieut. R. H., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
CATHCART, Captain A. E., Kings Royal Rifle Corps.
DENROCHE-SMITH, Lieut. A. J 18th Hussars.
FOLJAMBE, Major H. F. F. B., King's Own Rifle Corps.
FORSTER, 2nd Lieut. J., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
HENRIQUES, Lieut. R.. L. Q. R. West Surrey Regt.
JENKINSON; Captain J. B., Rifle Brigade.
JOHNSTONE, Major J. H. W., R.F.A.
MONTRESOR, Lieut. Col. E. H., R. Sussex Regt.
PELHAM, Lieut. Hon. H. L. R. Sussex Regt.
SEABROOK, Temp. 2nd Lieut. J. H., Intelligence Corps.
THOMPSON, 2nd Lieut. G. S. R. King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Officers Wounded.
BALFOUR. 2nd Lieut, O. H. C., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
BROWN, Captain G. H., Coldstream Guards.
BROWNE, 2nd Lieut. Hon. M. H.D., Coldstream Guards.
BUSHELL, 2nd Lieut. C., R. West Surrey Regt.
CAMERON, Brevet Lieut. Col. N. J. G., Cameron High.
CONSTABLE-MAXWELL, 2nd Lieut. I. S. J. Cameron High.
EDWARDS, Captain G. J., Coldstream Guards.
ELLISON. Lieut. C. T., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
GRANT, Major C. J. C., Coldstream Guards.
GREATWOOD, Captain F. W., Lincoln Regt.
HAYES, Lieut. W., R. West Susrey Regt.
HEATH, Captain M. G., R. West Surrey Regt.
HESELTINE, Captain J. E. N., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
JACKSON, Captain G. J., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
JELF, Major R. G., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
JOHNSON, Lieut. M. T., South Wales Borderers.
KENNY, Lieut. B. M., R. West Surrey Regt.
LOWTHER, Lieut. Col. H. C., D.S.O., Scots Guards.,
McDONALD, Lieut. R. M., Cameron Highlanders.
McLACHLAN, J. D., Cameron Highlanders.
McLACHLAN, 2nd Lieut. J. W. F., Cameron Highlanders.
MACNAMARA, Captain A. E., R. West Surrey Regt.
MATHEW-LANNOWE, Brev. Major E. B., R. W. Surrey Regt
NICHOLSON, Major G. H. W., R.F.A.
PIGOT-MOODIE, Lieut. G. F. N., R. Scots Greys.
PILLEAU, Major H. C., D.S.O.; R: West Surrey Regt.
PONSONBY, J., D.S.O., Coldstream Guards.
PRINGLE, Lieut. R. S., W. West Surrey Regt.
SCHREIBER, Lieut. E. C. A., R.F.A.
STANLEY-CREEK, Captain H. F., R. West Surrey Regt,
STEWART-MURRAY, Major Lord G., Black Watch.
TUFNELL, 2nd Lieut. C. E., Coldstream Guards.
WALLINGER, Captain E. A., R.F.A.

Officers Missing.
BARCLAY, 2nd Lieut. B. H. M. King's Royal Rifle Corps.
BLAKE, Lieut. M. F., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
COOKSON, Major M. E., R. Sussex Regt.
DAVISON, 2nd Lieut. S., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
JACKSON, Lieut. B. W., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
ROBERTSON, 2nd Lieut. A. W. M., Cordon Highlanders.
WATSON, Captain R. H., Loyal N. Lancs Regt.

Lord JOHN HAMILTON, Irish Guards.
Lieut. INIGO JONES, Scots Guards. Only son of the late General
Inigo Jones, C.B., of Keiston Park, a former commander of
the Scots Guards.

Lieut. HALL, Coldstream Guards. Son of Mr. Douglas Hall, M.P.

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