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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 3rd September 1914.

Officers Killed, Wounded And Missing In Action


The Press Bureau last night issued the following list of casualties among the officers of the British Expeditionary Force :—

ACKROYD, Capt. C. H., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
ANDERSON, Lieut. C. K., R. W. Kent Regt.
BOND, Col. R. C., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
BOWLES, Lieut. and Adjt. J. A., R.F.A.
BROADWOOD, Sec. Lieut, M. F., R. W. Kent Regt.
BROWNING, Capt. C. H., R.F.A.
COGHLAN, Sec. Lieut. W. H., R.F.A.
CRESSWELL. Capt. F. J., Norfolk Regt.
DENISON, Lieut. S. N., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
GATACRE, Capt. W. E., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
HAMMOND, Sec. Lieut. G. P., King's Own Scot. Borderers.
HOLLAND: Major C. S., R.F.A.
JONES, Capt. R. A., R.F.A.
KEPPEL, Capt. A. R., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
LEDGARD, Capt. R. S., Yorkshire Regt.
LUTHER, Capt. A. C. G., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
MICHELL, Capt. J. C. 12th Lancers.
MOORE, Lieut. R. S. T., 12th Lancers.
NOEL, Sec. Lieut. J. B., King's Own Yorks L.I.
PACK-BERESFORD, Major C. G., R. W. Kent Regt.
PHILLIPS, Capt. W. C. O., R. W. Kent Regt.
RAWDON, Lieut, C. H. King's Own Yorks L.I.
RITCHIE, Sec. Lieut. A:. F., King's Own Yorks L.I.
SHIPWAY, Capt. G. M., Gloucester Regt.
SOAMES, Lieut. H. M., 20th. Hussars.
STRAFFORD, Major P. B., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
SWETENHAM, Major F., 2nd Dragoons.
THOMPSON, Lieut. J. H L., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
TYLEE, Lieut. J. M., 15th Hussars.
VEREKER, Sec. Lieut. R. H. M., Grenadier Guards.
WINDSOR OLIVE, Lieut. Hon. A., Coldstream Guards.
WYNNE, Lieut. G. C., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
YATE, Major C. A. L., King's Own Yorks. L.I.

The following officer was wounded and taken to hospital, where it is believed he died.
HAWARDEN, Lieut. Viscount, Coldstream Guards.

The following death is also reported from a private source in France.
BROOKE, Major V. R., C.I.E., D.S.O., 9th Lancers.


BAILEY, Major P. J., D.S.O., 12th Lancers.
BAYLEY, Major G. H. W., R.F.A.
BIRLEY, Major R. A.. R.F.A.
BROADHURST, Sec. Lieut. G. H., R.F.A.
BUCKLE, Capt. H., R.F.A.
BUTT, Sec. Lieut. T. B., King's Own Yorks. L.I.
CALTHROP, Lieut. E. E., Royal Engineers.
CARTER, Capt. R. C., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
CECIL, Lieut. Hon. W. A., Grenadier Guards.
CHITTY, Sec. Lieut. A. A. E., R. West Kent Regt.
DENNISS, Lieut. T. V. B. Royal Berks. Regt.
EARLE, Lieut. E. G., R.F.A.
GIBBON, Cap. T. H., R.A.M.C.
GIBBS, Lieut.-Col. J. A. C., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
HAIG, Major A. E., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
HARDINGE, Sec. Lieut. Hon. E. C., 15th Hussars.
HENNING, Major P. W. B., R.F.A.
HOPKINS, Lieut. U. S., Royal Berks. Regt.
HYSLOP, Capt. R. G. B. M., Dorset Regt,
JEPHSON, Lieut. M. D., Norfolk Regt.
KENNEDY, Capt. C. F., King's Own Scottish Borderers,
KEPPEL, Lieut. Hon. R. O. D., Coldstream Guards.
KNIGHT, Sec. Lieut. A. A., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
LEVEN AND MELVILLE, Lieut. Earl of, 2nd Dragoons,
LIESHMAN, Lieut. W. A., Dorset Regt.
LISTER, Capt. G. D., Royal West Kent Regt.
MACLEOD, Sec. Lieut. R., R.F.A.
MACLEOD, Sec. Lieut. R. W., R.F.A.
MILLING, Capt. J. McM., Bedfordshire Regt.
MARGETTS, Lieut. C. F. M, Dorset Regt.
MAXWELL, Sec. Lieut. P. McM., R.F.A.
NUTT, Major A. C. R., R.F.A.
OAKES, Lieut. J. B., Norfolk Regt.
OLIPHANT, Sec. Lieut. G. W., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
OPENSHAW, Lieut. H. M., Norfolk Regt.
OZANNE, Lieut. W. M., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
PAGET, Sec. Lieut. G. N., Norfolk Regt.
PRESTON, Lieut. C O'D., R.F.A.
ROWLEY, Lieut. G. R. F., Coldstream Guards.
RUSSELL, Lieut. L. E., Duke of Wellington's Regt
SEWELL, Lieut. B. C. C., R. West Kent Regt.
SHEARMAN, Lieut. C. E.G., Bedfordshire Regt.
SHEWEN, Sec. Lieut. W. G. M., King's Own Scots. Bor.
SIMPSON, Capt. L., King's Own Yorkshire L.I.
SPENCER, Lieut. E. A., R.F.A.
SPENCER, Capt. L. D., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
STANFORD, Lieut J., R.F.A.
STEVENSON, Lieut Col. C. M., King's Own Scottish Bor.
TOWNSEND, Major E. N., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
TULLOGH, Capt. R. M. G., R. West Kent Regt.
WALFORD, Capt. J. C., R.F.A.
WHITBREAD, Capt. R., Coldstream Guards.


ABERCROMBIE, Lt.Col. A. W., Connaught Rangers.
AMOS, Sec, Lieut. G. S., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
BARKER, Lieut. W. G. S., Connaught Rangers.
BELL, Sec. Lieut. R. P. M., King's Own Scot. Borderers.
BOGER, Lt.-Col.. D. C., Cheshire Regt.
BOLTON, See. Lieut. R. H., Cheshire Regt.
BRIARD, Lieut. E. F. V., Norfolk Regt.
BROWN, Lieut. A. J., R.A.M.C
CAHILL, Capt. R. J. R.A.M.C.
CAMPBELL, Lieut. C. A., Cheshire Regt,
CHETWYND-STAPYLTON, Major B. H.. Cheshire Regt.
COBDEN, Capt. H., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
DENMAN-JUBB, Capt. C. O., Duke of Wellington's Regt
DUGMORE, Capt. W. L. E. R., Cheshire Regt.
DYER, Capt. A. J. L., Cheshire Regt.
EGAN, Capt. W., R.A.M.C.
ELLIOTT, Lieut. W. G. R., Cheshire Regt.
ELLIS, Capt. T. M., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
FAIRWEATHER, Sec. Lieut. I., Cheshire Regt.
FROST, Lieut. T. L., Cheshire Regt.
HAMILTON-DALRYMPLE, Lieut. J. R.. K.O. Scot. Bor.
HARDY, See. Lieut. J. L., Connaught Rangers.
HATTERSLEY, Lieut. S. M., R.A.M.C.
HIBBERT, Sec. Lieut. H. B., King's Own Yorkshire L.I.
HILLS, Lieut. H. W., R.A.M.C.
IRVINE, Major F. S., Army Medical Service.
JACKSON, Capt. E. A., Cheshire Regt.
JACOBS, Lieut. G. S., Cheshire Regt.
JENKINS, Capt. E. V., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
JOLIFFE, Capt. C. E., Cheshire Regt.
JONES, Major E. H., R..F.A.
JONES, Capt. E. R., Cheshire Regt.
JOYNSON, Lieut. R King's Own Scottish Borderers.
LANDER., Lieut. O. L., R.A.M.C.
LEADER, Capt. F. W. M., Connaught Rangers.
LEECH, Capt. C. J. F., R.F.A.
LEIGH, Major C., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
LYNCH, Capt. J. P., R.A.M.C. ,
MACDONALD, Capt. E. W., King's Own Scot, Borderers.
MASSEY, Capt. B. E., Cheshire Regt,
MATTERSON, Lieut. C. A. K., Cheshire Regt.
ORR, Major J. B., Norfolk Regt.
PENNYMAN, Lieut. J. B. W., King's Own Scot. Borderers.
PRICE, Sec. Lieut. O, Duke of Wellington's Regt.
PRIESTLY, Capt. H. E. R.A,M.C.
RANDALL, Lieut. H. E., Cheshire Reg,
REEVE, Sec. Lieut. A. E., Norfolk Regt.
REYNOLDS, Lieut. T., King's Own, Yorkshire L.I.,
ROCHE, Capt. W. W., Connaught Rangers.
ROUTH, Lieut. L. M., R.A.M.C.
SHOTT, Clapt. H. H., Royal Berkshire Regt.
STEVENS, Col. C. F., R.A.
STEWART, Sec. Lieut. W. L., Cheshire Regt.
STEWART-COX, Lieut. A., R.F.A.
SUTCLIFF, Clapt. A. A., R.A.M.C.
SWAYNE, Lieut. J. G. des R., Somerset L.I.
TAHOURDIN, Capt. V. R.. Cheshire Regt.
TAILYOUR, Major G. H. P., R.A.
TAYLOR, Capt. E. R., Duke. of Wellington's Regt.
TEELING, Sec. Lieut. T. F. P. B. J., K.O.S.B.
THOMPSON, Col. H. N. , Army Medical Service.
TURNER, Major A. Scott, Royal Berkshire Regt.
TURNER. Sec. Lieut. C. A. C., Connaught Rangers.
UNETT, Lieut. W. H. de W., King's Own Yorksinire L.I.
UPTON, Lieut. J. T., 20th Hussars.
YOUNG, Lieut. M. C. B. K., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
YOUNGER, Lieut. J. E. T., R.F.A.

This list contains 151 out of the total of 188 officers' casualties reported yesterday—

Killed, 35;
Wounded. 52;
Missing, 69.


Col. Reginald C. Bond, D.S.O., of the Yorkshire Light Infantry, was born in 1866 and was the son of the late Rev. F. H. Bond. He entered the Army in 1888 and saw a good deal of service in India. He fought through the ,South African war, was mentioned in dispatches, and received the D.S.O. He married in 1897 a daughter of Major-Gen. T. B. Tyler, Inspector-General, RA., India.

Viscount Ha:warden was born in 1290 and succeeded his father in the peerage in 19,08. He was educated at Winchester and Christ Church, Oxford.

Col. H. N. Thompson, of the Royal Medical Service, was born in 1861. He was Surgeon in 1884. Surgeon-Major, 1596; Major, R.A.M.C., 1898 ; and ILieut.-Col., 1902. He served in the Nile Expedition, 1898, :c.rd the South, African war. He was mentioned in dispatches and received the D.S.O.

The Hon. E. C. Hardinge, ,Second Lieut., 15th Hussars, is the eldest son and heir of the Viceroy of India. He is 22 years of age.

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