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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 4th September 1914

Officers, NCOs And Men

The Press Bureau last night issued two further brief lists
of British casualties, officers, non-commissioned officers and men.


BLACKER, Lieut. C. F., Connaught Rangers
CARTER, Capt. R. C., Duke of Wellington's Regt.
DENNISS, 2nd Lieut. T. V. B., Royal Berks. Regt.
DURAND,2nd Lieut. A. A. M., R.F.A.
KENNEDY, Capt. C. F., King's Own Scottish Borderers.
MITCHELL, 2nd Lieut. L. F., 5th Dragoon Guards.
ROWAN, Capt. P. S., Wiltshire Regt.
SANDILANDS, Capt. H. R., Northumberland Fusiliers.


KETTERIDGE, 53852 Bombardier J. W., R.F.A., killed Aug. 21.
WALKER, 51512 Cpl. J. J., R.F.A., died from wounds Aug. 25.
RENNIE, 9891 Pte. John R., R Scots Fusiliers, accidentally drowned Aug. 18.

WOUNDED.-First List.
Allen, 9603, Pte. F., K.O.S.B.
Atkins, 54280, Cpl. W. H., R.F.A.
Bardsall, 10541, Pte. J., D. of Wellington's R.
Barnes, 9366, Pte. H. O., Dorset, R. ;
Barnes, .10033, Pte. G., R.W. Kent R.
Baxter 7245, Pte. H., Suffolk R.
Beagles, 10241, Pte. W., D. of Wellington's R.
Blackstock, 7871, Pte. G., K.O.S.B.
Boffey, 9599, Pte. G., Yorks L.I.
Brown, 6876, Pte. J., K.O.S.B.
Burns, 8221, Pte. J., D. of Wellington's R.
Clarke, 8296, Pte. J., D. of Wellington's R.
Clifford, 4940, Pte. W., K.O.S.B.
Dickason, W., Pte. G., R.W. Kent R.
French, 70414, H., R.F.A.
Hamilton, 71635, Gunner T. J., R.F.A.
Kelly, 7912, Pte. E. G., Yorks L.I. ;
Kennersley, 7573, Pte.E., R.W. Kent R.
Marks, 7234, L.-Cpl. A., R.W. Kent R.
Nixon., 7755, Pte. J., R.W. Kent R.
Palmer, 7558, Pte. F. W., .R.W. Kent R
Parker, 7758, Pte. A., R.W. Kent R.
Parker, 8312, L.-Cpl. O ., Duke. of Wellington's R.
Pettett, 8022, Pte. A., R.W. Kent R.
Ramsden, 9444, Sgt. S., K.O.S.B.
Reed, 7735, Pte. G., R.W. Kent R.
Riley, 7755, Pte. M., D. of Wellington's R.
Round, 93, Pte. W. E., Manchester R.
Smith, 7417. Pte. T., R.W. Kent R
Spicer, 9367, Pte. A., R., R.W. Kent R.
Stokes, 8357, Pte. H., K.O.S.B.
Taylor, 7368, Pte. H., Suffolk R
Templeman, 10445, Pte., G., K.O.S.B.
Turner, 7823, Pte. G. A., D. of Wellington's R.
Upton, 10049, Pte. W. T., R.W. Kent R
Waghorn, 10121, Pte. C. J., R.W. Kent R.
Wilder, 10229, Pte. F., R.W. Kent R.
Wilkinson, 6783, L/Cpl A. E., D. of Wellington's R.
Woolbar, 8288, Pte. Y., D. of Wellington's R.

WOUNDED —Second List.
Booth, 6907, Pte. T., D. of Wellington's R.
Brushwood, 8118, Pte. H., R.W. Kent R.
Catchpole, 9607; Cpl.. M., R.W. Kent R.
Charlesworth, 55239, Driver W. H., R.F.A.
Craig, 2588, Pte. J. C., Manchester R.
Evans, 17696, Saddler Cpl. A. L., R.F.A.
Futler 7910, Sgt. H., R.W. Kent R.
Gardner, 7587, Pte. F., K.O..S.B.
Griggs, 8139, Pte. G., D. of Wellington's R
Hamilton, 10495,. Pte. T., E. Surrey R.
Himsworth, 70734, Bombr. J. E., R.F.A.
Jeffrey 8111, Pte. W., R.W. Kent R.
King, 7312, Pte. E., 15th Hussars.
Liddeiment, 7817, Pte. G., D. of Wellington's R.
Morral 2493, Pte. H., Manchester R.
North, 5995, Pte. F., D. of Wellington's R.
O'Toole, 19324, Pte. M., Connaught R.
Quirk, 745, Pte. J. A., D. of Wellington's R.
Southwell, 11006, Rfn. A., K.R. Rifle Corps
Stoker, 8352, Pte. H., K.O.S.B.
Thomas, 5181, Cpl. A., R.W. Kent R.
Tompkins, 6691, Pte. O., R.W. Kent R.
Williams, 10460, L.-Cpl. H., Liverpool R.

The widows of warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, and men should immediately request the local agencies through which during the war they have been receiving assistance to notify the Secretary, Royal Patriotic Fund, 17, Waterloo Place, London, S.W., from whom temporary relief may be obtained.

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