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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 5th September 1914

Officer Casualties



The Press Bureau last night issued the third list of casualties
among officers in the British Expeditionary Force. They also issued
a list of wounded officers and men who have been admitted to the Herbert
Hospital, Woolwich. Brigadier-General R. Scott-Kerr, Grenadier. Guards,
is among the wounded in the third list. Nineteen officers of the
Munster Fusiliers are reported missing.

Officers Killed.

BOYLE, Lieut. D. E., Lancs. Fusiliers.
BRETT, Lieut.-Col. C. A. H., D.S.O., Suffolk Regt.
CLARKE, Lieut. M. E. L. H., Worcester Regt.
CLUTTERBUCK, Captain H., Royal Lancs. Regt.
CRICHTON, Major H. F., Irish Guards.
LAWES, Captain W. R. A., Wilts. Regt.
DAY, Lieut. A. F., R.E.
DYKES, Lieut.-Col. A. M., Royal Lanes. Regt.
HOARE, 2nd Lieut. C. M., 15th Hussars.
LAMBTON, Lieut. G., Coldstream Guards.
NISBETT, Captain F. S., Manchester Regt.
STAPYLTON, Major G. J. C., R.F.A.
STEELE-PERKINS, Lieut. G. S., Royal Lanes. Regt.
THEOBALD, Captain F. G., Royal Lancs Regt.
WARD, Captain. A. C., Lancs. Fusiliers.
WHITTLE, Lieut. C. H. S., 15th Hussars.


ARIS, Lieut. and Qr. Mr. C. J., 16th Lancers.
BAIRD-DOUGLAS, 2nd Lieut. A. S. D., R. Lancs. Regt.
BASS, 2nd Lieut. C. H. Lancs. Fusiliers.
BENSON, Capt. J. P., East Surrey Regt.
BISSETT, 2nd Lieut. F. W. L., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
BLAKENEY, Major H. N., D.S.O., Middlesex Regt.
BOYD, Captain G. F., Leinster Regt.
BRADDELL, Lieut. L. A. R., R. lnniskilling Fusiliers.
BROWNE, Lieut. G. S., Wilts. Regt.
BURLTON, 2nd Lieut. W. E. N., S. Lancs. Regt.
CARRINGTON, 2nd Lieut. S. F., Wilts. Regt.
CARTER, Lieut. C. R., R. Lanes. Regt.
CHARLEY, Major H. R., R. Irish Rifles.
CHICHESTER, Major W. R., Worcester Regt.
CORBETT-WINDER, Lieut. F. F., Lancs. Fusiliers.
DAVENPORT, Captain J. A., Lancs. Fusiliers.
DAVIES, Captain C. M., Rifle Brigade.
D'ESTERRE, Captain P. O. E., E. Lancs. Regt.
ELLIOTT, Captain H. R., Worcester Regt.
EWART, Major G. D. H., S. Lancs. Regt.
GLADSTONE, Lieut. W., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.
GROVER, Captain C. W., R. Lancaster Regt.
HELPS, 2nd Lieut. R. P. A., Lancs. Fusiliers.
HIGGINS, Captain T. R. C., R. Lancaster Regt.
HILL, Lieut. D., R.F.A.
HOPKINS, Major E. J., R.E.
IRVINE, 2nd Lieut. C. G. S., R. Lancaster Regt.
JOHNSTON, Lieut. A. C., Worcester Regt.
LLOYD, Captain E. R., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.
LODER-SYMONDS, Lieut. W. C., Wilts Regt.
MacEWAN, Lieut.-Col. M. L., 16th Lancers.
MARSTON, Lieut. J. E:, R.H.A.
MATHEWS-DONALDSON, 2nd Lieut. C. L. G., R. Irish R.
MOONEY, 2nd Lieut. W. McC.J., 1st D. of Cornwall's L.I.
MORRIS, Lieut.-Col.-the Hon. G. H. Irish Guards.
NIXON, Captain J. A., R. Lancaster Regt.
PARKER, Lieut.-Col. A. 5th Lancers.
PHILLIPS, 2nd Lieut. V. M. G., Suffolk Regt.
PONSONBY, Captain G. M., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.
ROFFEY, Captain H. B., Lancashire Fusiliers.
ROGERSON, 2nd Lieut. J. C., 15th Hussars.
ROWAN, Captain P. S., Wilts. Regt.
ROWLEY, 2nd Lieut. W. J., Lancashire Fusiliers.
SAVILE, 2nd Lieut. F. C. B., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
SCOTT-KERR, Brigadier-Gen. R., C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O., Grenadier Guards.
SIDEBOTTOM, Captain R. Y., Lancs. Fusiliers.
SPARENBERG, Captain H. R. R. Lancaster Regt.
SPENCE, Captain H. F., Middlesex Regt.
STACKE, Lieut. O. G. N., R. Inniskilling Fusiliers.
SWINTON, Lieut. G. E., East Surrey Rgt.
THEOBALD, Captain H. C. W., D.S.O. Manchester Regt.
TRAVIS-COOK, Captain J. D. E., S. Lancs. Regt.
UNDERHILL, Lieut. W. A. Worcester Regt.
WALWYN, Captain F. J., R. Welsh Fusiliers.
WILKINSON, 2nd Lieut. J. R., Lancs. Fusiliers.
WRIGHT, Captain T., R.E.
WYNYARD, Lieut. D., East Surrey Regt,
WELLS, Lieut. R. P , 15th Hussars.

The following officer previously reported as missing is now reported wounded :
BOGER, Lieut.-Col. D. C., Cheshire Regt.


ADAMS, Lieut. G., S. Lancashire Regt.
ALBRECHT, Lieut. C. E. R. S. Lancashire Regt.
ALBRECHT, Lieut. V. A., R., Manchester Regt.
AWDRY, 2nd Lieut. C. E. V., Royal Munster Fusiliers;
AYTOUN, Lieut. R. M. G., A. and S. Highlanders.
BACKHOUSE, 2nd Lieut. E. H. W., Suffolk Regt.
BARNARDISTON, Major S. J., D.S.O., Suffolk Regt.
BARRETT, Captain P. G., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
BELL, Lieut. T. H., R.A.M.C.
BERESFOR,D, Captain C. V., Worcester Regt
BERRILL, 2nd Lieut. F. C., Suffolk Regt.
BERRY, Lieut. F., S. Lancashire Regt.
BITTLESTON, Lieut. N. A., Suffolk Regt.
BRUNSKILL, Major J. H., R.A.M.C.
BRODRIBB, 2nd Lieut. W. C.. Manchester Regt,
BROWN, Captain G. H. J., R.A.M.C.
BRUCE, Captain Hon, R., A. and S. Highlanders.
BURROWS, 2nd Lieut. R. F. G., Manchester Regt.
BUTLER, Lieut. P. P., R.A.M.C.,
BUTLER. 2nd Lieut. W. E., Manchester Regt.
CAMPBELL, Captain R. C., E. Surrey Regt.
CAMPBELL, Captain W. M., Suffolk Regt.
CHARMER, Major P. A., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
CHUTE, Lieut. C. F. T., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
CONNALL-ROWAN, Lieut. F. C., A. and S. Highlanders.
CROZIER, 2nd Lieut. J. C. B., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
CRYMBLE, Captain W., R.A.M.C.,
CUTBILL, Captain A. M., Suffolk Regt.
DEANE-DRAKE, Lieut. O. J. V., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
DENNIS, Lieut. J. E. W., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
DOUGHTY, Major E. C., Suffolk Regt.
DWYER, Captain P., R.A.M.C.
EDMUNDS, Captain T. C., R.A.M.C.
FOWKE, Captain M. C., Manchester Regt.
FRASER, Captain J. A., A. and S. Highlanders.
GEORGE, Lieut. T. L., Suffolk Regt.
GILKINSON, Lieut. J. D., A. and S. Highlanders.
GOWER, Lieut. E. W., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
HALL, Captain C. R., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
HARVEY, 2nd Lieut. R. G. C.. Suffolk Regt.
HEPWORTH, Captain L. F., Suffolk Regt.
HUTCHINSON, Captain J. S., S. Lancashire Regt.
IOKE, Lieut. J. H., S. Lancashire Regt.
IRWIN, 2nd Lieut. H. G. W., S. Lancashire Regt.
JAMES, 2nd Lieut. H. P., Suffolk Regt.
JERVIS, Captain H. S., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
JOHNSON, Captain H. C., King's Royal Rifle Corps.
KELLY, Captain H. B., R.A.M.C.
KENNEDY, Captain A. E., A. and S. HighlanderS.
KNOX, Captain H., Manchester Regt.
LAWTON, Lieut. E. G., E. Surrey Regt.
LEE. 2nd Lieut. R. H. M. Worcester Regt.
LEES, Captain E. F. W., Royal Engineers.
MacLEAN, Major A. H., A. and S. Highlanders.
MacLEAN, Lieut. A. K., A. and S. Highlanders.
MacLEAN, Captain A. J. H., A. and S. Highlanders.
MANSERGH, Lieut. W. J., Manchester Regt.
MERRITT, Lieut. W. G. E. Surrey Regt.
MILLER, 2nd Lieut R. T., Manchester Regt.
MORGAN, 2nd Lieut. J. B., Suffolk Regt.
MORLEY, Captain C., Manchester Regt.
MOSELEY, Lieut. R. A. D., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
MYDDLETON, 2nd Lieut. E. G., Suffolk Regt.
NELSON, Lieut. M. K., R.A.M.C.
NEWSON, 2nd Lieut. H. A., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
NICHOLLS, 2nd Lieut. P.C., Suffolk Regt.
O'MALLEY, Lieut. T. F., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
ORFORD, Captain E. E., Suffolk Regt.
PAYNE, 2nd Lieut. G H., Suffolk Regt.
PEARSON, Captain E. E., Suffolk Regt.
PEEBLES, Major A. S., D.S.O., Suffolk Regt.
PEREIRA, 2nd Lieut. F. V. C., Suffolk Regt
PETAVEL, Major P. G., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
PRAYER. Lieut. C. F., Royal Munster Fus1liers
RAWLINSON, Captain C. R., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
REID, Captain E. H., Suffolk Regt.
RELTON, Lieut. G. L., E. Surrey Regt.
RICHARDSON, Lieut. W. M., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
SIMMS, Captain G. N., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
STIRLING, Lieut. A., A. and S. Highlanders.
STONEHAM, Lieut. H. F., E. Surrey Regt.
STYLES, Lieut. F. E., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
SULIVAN, 2nd Lieut. P. H.; Royal Munster Fusiliers
THOMAS, 2nd Lieut. A. F., Manchester Regt.
THOMAS, 2nd Lieut. R. W., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
TRUEMAN, Captain C. H. F., Manchester Reg.
WALKER, Captain C. C., A. and S. Highlanders.
WALKER, Captain O. B., 15th Hussars.
WARD, 2nd Lieut. N. L., E. Surrey Regt.
WHITE, Lieut. G. S. A., S. Lancashire Regt.
WIDDOWSON, 2nd Lieut. A. J. H.. S. Lancashire Regt.
WILSON, Major F. T. D., Suffolk Regt.
WISE, Captain D., Royal Munster Fusiliers.
WYMER, Captain G., Manchester Regt.

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