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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 5th September 1914

The Wounded Admitted To Herbert Hospital Woolwich


The following admissions to Herbert Hospital. Woolwich, from the Expeditionary Force are reported :

ALLAN, Major P. S., Gordon Highlanders.
SEYMOUR, Major A. G., Royal Scots Greys.

Other Ranks.
Agar, 41337 Gunner J., R.F.A. ;
Askew, 75013 Gunner H R.F.A.;
Allen, 9600 Pte. J., 1st Gloster Reg ;
Atkins 11708 Pte. E., 1st Middlesex Regt.
Banks, 70345 Gunner. E., R.F.A.
Bass, 10726 Pte. J., 1st Middlesex Regt. ;
Berry, 11130 Cpl. W., 3rd Worcester Regt. ;
Birch, 1532 Pte. G.. 4th Royal Fus. ;
Blackwell 9605 Pte. S., 1st Northants Regt. ;
Brown, 9066 Pte. D. G., 2nd A. and S. Hiqh.;
Brown, 6867 Pie. J.. 2nd K.O.S.B.
Bessey, 6765 Pte. G., Norfolk Regt.;
Blackstock, 7871 Pte. G., K.O.S.B.;
Burns, 8221 Pte. J., W. Riding Regt.
Burns, 7955 L.-Cpl. S. S,, Cheshire Reg.;
Busby, 7912 L.-Cpl. E., S. Lancs. Regt,
Carswell, 7966 Pte. J., Manchester Regt.;
Chambers 8391 Pte. J., lst R.. Berks Regt. ;
Course, 1431 Pte. F., 9th Lancers;
Conroy, 8273 Pte. J. K.O.S.B.
Dolamore, 8019 Pte. L., 1st Bedford Regt.
Duke 8217 Pte. A., 2nd K.O. Yorks. L.I.;
Duke 28880 Driver T., A.S.C.
Dilly, 65108 Driver A., R.F.A.
Evans, 12149 Driver W., R.E. ;
Escott, 8222 Pte. W. C., 2nd K.O. Yorks. L.I.;
Evans, 17696 Cpl. G. L, R.F.A.
Fairclough, 6990 Pte. T., 2nd K.O. Yorks. L.I.
Harrison, 8655 L.-Cpl. A. W., 2nd W. Riding Regt,
Hill 9661 Sgt. A., K.O. R. Lancs. Regt.
Hitchman, Sgt.. A. J., 2nd R. Sussex Regt.
Hutchinson, 10973 Pte. F., 1st K.O. Royal Lancasters
Harkess 810 Pte. E., Gordon Highlanders;
Holmes, 13292 Sapper J., R.E.
Kean, 7223 Pte. A., 2nd A.and S. High.
Kean. 8888 Pte. W., 2nd A. and S. High. ;
King, 9882 Pte. L. W., 1st Gloster Regt.
Manning, 10465 Pte. G., 2nd W. Riding Regt.
Nelson, 7762 Sgt. W., 2nd R. Inniskilling Fus.
Owen, 8782 Pte. G., 1st Gloster Regt. ;
Overton, 969506 Pte. S. D., 1st Gloster Regt.
Purden, 28349 Gunner A., R.F.A. ;
Prichardson, 9643 Bandsman A.. K.O.R. Lancaster Regt.
Pack, 8250 Pte. A., Connaught. Rangers;
Pickering, 9130 Pte. A., Northumberland Fus.
Ridge, 1190 Pte. E., 15th Hussars;
Roach. 25357 Sgt. J., R,F.A.;
Roy. 7488 Pte. D., 2nd A. and S. High. ;
Ryder, 554 Pte. H. W., 1st R. Warwickshire Regt.
Short, 8893 L.Cpl., 2nd K.O.. Yorks. L.I.
Southwell 11005 Rifleman A., K.R. Rifles ;
Stone 10238 Cpl. D., 1st Bedford: Regt. ;
Sandalls, 7445 Pte. W., 1st R Berks. Regt.
Scott. 10262 Pte. H. W. Riding Regt.
Tristan, 211 Pte, 19th Hussars ;
Thorpe. 63339 Driver F., R.F.A. ;
Turner, 15838 Gunner A.. R.F.A. ;
Thomas. 73214. Gunner C., R.F.A. ;
Thomas, 7943 Cpl. J., R.E. ;
Talbin. 450 Pte. W. 2nd Manchester Regt.
Thompson, 10101 Pte. R., 2nd R. Irish Regt.
Warren. 10612 L.Cpl. G.. 2nd K.O. Yorks. L.I. ;
Wetherall, 66286 Bandsman. R.F.A.;
Windon, 8264 Pte. J., 1st D. Of Cornwall's L.I.
Wall. 7664 Pte. E. R. Irish Regt.
Williams 56535 Gunner G.. R.F.A.
Young, 9403 Pte. J. Lancashire Fus.

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