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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 7th September 1914





PRESS BUREAU, Saturday Night.
The folowing admissions of wounded officers and men to home hospitals from the
Expeditionary Force are reported : Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley,
under date August 28th.

ELLIOTT, Lieut. R. H., R.F.A.

Other Ranks.
Allen, 10888 Pte. A., Royal Fusiliers;
Andrews, 10108 Pte. J., 20th Hussars.
Bailey, 6847 Pte. W. G., Wilts. Regt.;
Ball, 6877 Pte. W., S. Lancs. Regt.;
Ball, 22733 Sapper W., R.E. ;
Banks, 6313 Sgt. J., Highland L.I. ;
Barnes, 8823 Pte. T., 20th Hussars ;
Bedwell, 7230 Bandsman G., Loyal N. Lancs. Regt. ;
Bishop, 31288 Driver W., R.F.A. ;
Brewer, 5108 Pte. H. D., Loyal N. Lancs. Regt.
Brisco, 8404 L.Cpl. A., S. Lancs. Regt.;
Buchan, 879 Pte. J. Gordon High.
Carter, 6708 Pte. E. B., S. Lancs. Regt;
Chambers, 84602 Driver W., R.F.A.;
Care, 7420 Pie. J., Cheshire. Regt.;
Clollett, 7646 Pte. E. G., Wilts. Regt.
Dixon,7860 Sgt. J., S. Lancs. Regt..
Edwards, 9428 Drummer C., Lincs. Regt.
Felix, 4119 Coy.Q.M.Sgt. A., Lincs. Regt. ;
Ferrie, 7204 Pte. J., R. Scots Fusiliers;
Finch, 9544 Pte. G. M., S. Lancs. Regt.;
Fishwick, 6643 Pte. C., S. Lancs. Regt. :
Flodd, 11333 Pte. L., R. Dublin Fusiliers;
Fryers, 32419 Gunner C., R.F.A.
Goodeve, 8334 Pte. H., Manchester Regt. ;
Goodenough, 7538 Pte. C., R. Berks. Regt. ;
Grant, 9332 L.Cpl. G. G., Lincs. Regt
Groves, 29347 Gunner T., R.F.A.
Harvey, 7389 Pte S., Cheshire. Regt.;
Henry, 6351 Sgt. J. P., R.F.A.;
Hillyard, 58911 Gunner H., R.F.A. ;
Hines, 9876 Pte. J., E. Surrey Regt.
Joily, 32312 Cpl. L. A., R.F.A.;
Jones, 15011 Pte. F., Royal Fusiliers.
Kidd, 8310 Pte.. S., 20th Hussars ;
Kimpton, 10617 Pte. G,, Worcestershire Regt.
Leeks, 69203 Driver W., R.F.A.;
Loe, 59164 Gunner G., R.F.A.
Mailer, 64943 Driver W., R.F.A. ;
Marsh, 3533 Sgt. J., R.F.A.;
Michie, 1113. Pte. W., Gordon High.;
Mills, 64375 Bombardier V., R.F.A.
Osborne, 7942 Pte. A., S. Lancs Regt.
Pratt, 10140 Pte. B. C., R. Irish Regt.
Raeburn, 9979 Pte. G., R. Fusiliers;
Reeves, 4889 Pte. B., 20th Hussars;
Reid. 7227 Cpl. P. J., S. Lancs. Regt.;
Ryland, 3614 Cpl. J.. 15th Hussars.
Samuels. 6449 Sgt. R.. Northumberland Fusiliers ;
Scott, 58399 Gunner J., R.F.A. ;
Shapp, 5162 Gunner J. H., R.F.A. ;
Simpson. 43387 Bombardier W. T., R.F.A. ;
Smith. 7493 Pte. H. A. T.. Wilts. Regt. ;
Stanton, 7811 Pte. C., S. Lancs. Regt.;
Stephens, 37476 Driver J. H, R.F.A.
Taylor, 7117 J.. Loyal N. Lanes. Regt. ;
Taylor, 1221 Pte. J., Gordon High. ;
Taylor, 7493 Driver A. C., R.F.A.;
Thody, 8814 Pte. T., Northumberland Fusiliers.
Walker, 4183 Pte. J., R. Scots. Fusiliers;
Walsh, 14372 Pte. A., Middlesex Regt. ;
Whistle 69201 Gunner H.,R.F.A. ;
Wildig, 69315 Gunner L., R.F.A.;
Williams, 6209 Pte. H., Wilts. Regt.. ;
Winstone, 77592 Gunner A. J., R.F.A. ;
Worley, 9344 Pte. C., S. Lancs. Regt. ;
Wray, 41584 Driver E., R.F.A.
York, 4784 Pte. R., 15th Hussars.

Shorncliffe Military Hospital, under date the 29th of August.

Davey, 8002 Pte. W. C. D. of Cornwall's L.I.
Fowler. 7156 Pte. G., D. of Cornwall's L.I.
Horsneli, 7377 Pte. W. B., 5th Lancers.
Robinson. 8405 Pte. C.. D. of Cornwall's L.I.
Shorter. 3547 Pte. H. W., 5th Dragoon Guards.
Taylor, 8483 Pte. I., D. of Cornwall's L.I. ;
Townsend, 464 Pte.. A. and S. Highlanders.
Warlock, 5175 Sgt. E., 4th Dragoon Guards.

Information has been received by his relations that Captain Charles Ramsay Lumsden,
of the Gordon Highlanders. has been killed in action.
He was one of five brothers serving in the Army, and was with
the Gordons in the South African War.

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