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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 8th September 1914

Officer Casualties



The fourth list of casualties, received from the General Headquarters of
the Expeditionary Force on September 4th, was issued last night as follows.
It consists solely of officers :—

Officers Killed,

ANSELL, Col. G. K., 5th Dragoon Guards.
CAWLEY, Major J. S., 20th Hussars.
DAVY, Major W. H. C., Middlesex Regt.
DUNCOMBE SHAFTO, Capt. A., D.S.O., Royal Scots.
GIBBONS, 2nd Lieut, C. B., Royal Irish Regt,
HILL, 2nd Lieut. H. M., 5th Dragoon Guards.
KNOWLES., Capt. J. E., Middlesex Regt.
LUMSDEN, Capt. C. R., Gordon Highlanders.
MELLOR., Capt. W., Royal Irish Regt,
RICHMOND, Lieut. L., Gordon Highlanders.


ABELL, Major W. H., Middlesex Regt.
ALLAN, Major P. S., Gordon Highlanders,.
COX, Lt.-Col. St. J. A., Royal Irish Regt,
DORMAN-SMITH, 2nd. Lieut. E. E., Northumberland Fus.
DRUCE, Lieut. G. C. Middlesex Regt.
GALLAHER, Lieut. A., 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards.
GLASS, Capt. H. E. L., Middlesex Regt„
GORDON, Cap. A. R. G., Royal Irish Regt.
GRAHAM-TOLER, Lieut. L. J„, Middlesex. Regt.
GRENFELL, Capt. F. O., 9th Lancers.
HARTER, Lieut. J. F., Royal Fusiliers.
HENSTOCK, 2nd Lieut K. P., Middlesex Regt.
HICKMAN, Lieut. Sir A. E., 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon G.
HILL-WHITSON, Capt, E., Royal Scots.
LAIDLAY, Lieut. J. W., Royal Scots.
LECKIE, Capt. M., Royal Army Medical Corps
McMICKING, Lt.Col. H, Royal Scots.
MORRISON, Capt. R. P., Royal Scots.
NASH-WORTHAM, Capt. B. C. D, 9th Lancers.
OVANS, Lieut. H. L., Northumberland Fusiliers.
PERRY, Capt. H. M., Royal Army Medical Corps.
PORTER, Capt. J. G.. 9th Lancers.
SANDERSON. Lieut. O. B., 4th (Royal Irish). Dragoon G.
SETTLE, Lieut. R. H.19th. Hussars,
SLOANE-STANLEY, Lieut. L. F., Middlesex. Regt.
STEVENS, Capt. R. W. M., Royal Irish Rifles.
STIVEN, Lieut. R. W. S.. Royal Scots Fusiliers.
TOOGOOD. Major C.. D.S.O., Lincolnshire Regt.
TOPPIN, Capt. H. S., Northumberland Fusiliers.


ALLISTONE, Lieut. A. B. W., Middlesex Regt.
ANDERSON, Lieut. A. E. B., Royal Irish Regt.
BELL, Capt. F., Gordon Highlanders.
BUTLER, Major Hon. L. J. P., Irish Guards.
BURN. 2nd Lieut. H. L. P., Gordon Highlanders.
CARTWRIGHT, Lieut. H. A., Middlesex Regt.
DUFF, Major A. A., Gordon Highlanders.
ELLIOTT, Capt. G. A., Royal Irish Regt.
FRENCH, Lieut. C. F. T. O'B., Royal Irish Regt.
FITZGERALD, Capt. J. S., Royal Irish Regt.
FORBES, Capt, Hon F. G. A., Royal Irish Regt.
FRASER, Lieut. Hon. A. A., Gordon Highlanders.
FRAZER, Lieut. A. D., Royal Irish Regt.
GEORGE, Capt. I. B., Royal Irish Regt,
GORDON, Col. W. E., V.C., A.D.C.. Gordon Highlanders.
GRAHAM-WATSON, Lieut.. A. F., Royal Scots.
GRAHAM, Capt. J. H., Royal Army Medical Corps.
GRAVES. Lieut. C. G., Royal Scots.
HAMILTON, 2nd Lieut. I. B. M., Gordon Highlanders.
HAY, Lieut. M. V.. Gordon Highlanders.
HOULDSWORTH, 2nd Lieut. J. H., Gordon High.
HUNTER-BLAIR, 2nd Lieut. D. W., Gordon Highlanders.
LONG, Major H. W., Royal Army Medical Corps.
LYON, Lieut. A. P. F., Gordon Highlanders.
MAGRATH, 2nd Lieut. C. G., Royal Irish Regt.
NEISH, Lt.-Col. F. H., Gordon Highlanders.
NEISH, Capt. W., Gordon Highlanders.
PANTER-DOWNES, Brevet Major E. M., R. Irish Regt.
PEEK, Lieut. R. G., 9th Lancers.
PHILLIPS. Lieut. R. E. G., Royal Irish Regt.
PICTON-WARLOW. Capt. I., Gordon Highlanders.
ROBERTSON. 2nd Lieut. R.. D., Gordon Highlanders.
ROSE, Capt. T. A., Royal Scots Fusiliers.
ROSS, Lieut. R. C., Royal Scots.
ROY, Capt. K. J., Middlesex Regt.
RUSHTON. Lieut. E. R., Middlesex Regt.
ST. LEGER. Major S. E., Royal Irish Regt.
SCARISBRICK, Lieut. C. E., Royal Scots.
SHINE. 2nd Lieut. J. D.. Royal Irish Regt.
SIMPSON, Major C. J., Gordon Highlanders.
STEWART, 2nd Lieut, A. D. L., Gordon Highlanders.
TAYLOR. Lieut C. T., 18th Hussars.
TROTTER. Lieut. J. K.. Gordon Highlanders.
USHER. Lieut. C.M, Gordon Highlanders.
WILKINSON. Lieut. J. R. M.. Middlesex Regt.
YOUNG, Capt. J. E., Royal Scot's Fusiliers.

The names of the following missing officers were incorrectly given in previous lists :—
EDMUNDS, Capt. C. T., Royal Army Medical Corps.
MORRITT, Lieut. W. G., East Surrey Regt.

Great regret will be caused among all connected with the Gordon Highlanders by
the news that Colonel William Engleson Gordon. V.C., is one of the missing.
He served in Chitral and Tirah, including the charge at Dargai,
and won the V.C. at Krugersdorp in the Transvaal, saving the guns.
He was at the depot at Aberdeen a year or two ago , and in command
of the 75th at Plymouth early this year.

Captain Duncombe-Shafto, of the Royal Scots Lothian Regiment. killed in action,
was one of two sons of a Durham Councillor, both of whom served in the Boer War.

A non-commissioned officer of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment who has
returned home after exciting experiences at Mons and elsewhere, says that
Captain E. V. Jenkins. D.S.O., who is reported missing, was attacked by
sunstroke when retiring, and was left at a house in care of Belgians.

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