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Casualty List From The Graphic Newspaper 9th September 1914

Officer Casualties



The following report of casualties was issued by the Press Bureau last night. It consists solely of officers :

Died of Wounds, Previously Reported Wounded
BLACKER, Lieut. C. F., Connaught Rangers.

Died of Wounds
ROUND, Lieut, A, F. H, Essex Bert.

HOLT, and Lieut. H W., Royal Engineers.


HOPKINS, Major E. J,, R.E., should read HOPKINS, Major N. J., R.E.
MACEWAN, Lt.-Col. M. L., 16th Lancers, should read MACEWEN, Lt,-Col. M. L., 16th Lancers.


Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital
ROSE, Lieut. D. D., R.F.A.

King Edward VII.'s Hospital
CECIL, Lieut. V. A. G., Hampshire Regt.
COMPTON, Major C. W., Somerset Light Infantry.
CORYTON, Lieut. J. T., Rifle Brigade.
DE MOLEYNS, Capt. R. P. A., Rifle Brigade.
DURAND, Lieut. A. A, M., R.F.A.
GILLILAND, Lieut. W. M. M. R. Inniskilling Fusiliers
HALL, Capt. E. R. A. King's Liverpool Regt.
HUNT, Capt. F. W.. 19th Lancers, Indian Army.
LEACROFT, Lieut. R. J. R., Somerset Light Infantry.
LIESCHING, 2nd Lieut. W. H., Royal Irish Fusiliers.
McCONAGHY Capt. W., R.A.M.C.
MORRISON, Lieut. W. K., R.A.M.C.
PAIN, Lieut. M. W. H Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt
ROBERTSON, 2nd Lieut. W. M., Lincolnshire Regt.
SALT, 2nd Lieut. W. A., East Lancashire Regt.
STOKES, Lieut.. H. F., Royal Irish Fusiliers.
WILLIAMS, Capt. H .S., Dorsetshire Regt.

Princess Henry of Battenberg's Hospital

HICKS, Major F. R., Hampshire Regt.
MACLACHLAN, Capt. K. D. M., Seaforth Highlanders.

The following reports of casualties to officers have been received from unofficial sources :

Reported Unofficially as Killed
GARSTIN, 2nd Lieut. C., 9th Lancers.

Reported Unofficially as Killed, Previously Reported Officially as Missing
CAMPBELL, Lieut. C. A., Cheshire Regt.

Reported Unofficially as Wounded and Prisoners of War, Previously Reported Officially as Missing
DYER, Capt. A. J. L., Cheshire Regt.
ELLIOTT, Lieut. W. G. R., Cheshire Regt.
JACKSON, Capt. E. A., Cheshire Regt.
JOLIFFE. Capt. C. E. Cheshire Regt.
MASSY, Capt. B. E., Cheshire Regt.

Reported Unofficially to be Prisoners of War, Previously Reported Officially as Missing.
CARTWRIGHT, Lieut. H. A., Middlesex Regt.
CHETWYND-STAPYLTON, Major B. H., Cheshire RegL
FAIRWEATHER. 2nd Lieut. L., Cheshire Regt.
JACOBS, 2nd Lieut. G. S., Cheshire Regt.
MATTERSON. Lieut. C. A. K., Cheshire Regt.
RANDALL. Lieut. H. C.. Cheshire Regt.
TAHOURDIN Capt. V. R., Cheshire Regt.

Reported Unofficially to be Prisoners of War.
HORNE, 2nd Lieut. W. G., 19th HUSSARS.
McMICKING, 2nd Lt. G. T. G. Cambridgeshire Regt.(T.F.).
TWEELIE, Major G. S., Royal Scots.

Reported Unofficially to be a Prisoner of War, Previously Reported Officially as Wounded.
GRAHAM-TOLEP, Lieut. L. J., Middlesex Regt.


Major Duff, one of the missing Gordon Highlanders
officers, is a son of the late Sir R. Duff; former M.P. for Banffshire.

Lieutenant the Hon. A. A. Fraser. also missing, is the eldest son of Lord Saltoun,

and Lieutenant M. V. Hay is a large proprietor near Aberdeen.
He joined the Gordon Highlanders as an interpreter on the outbreak of war.

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