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The C.E.F. roll of honour: Members and former members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who died as a result of service in the Great War 1914-1919

List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914


5th Battalion (Western Canada Cavalry)

Adam W A Sergt A/440636 : Short Record Of Service
Addison G Pte 81003 : Obituary
Allen R A S Captain : Photo
Anderson S J Captain DSO : Newspaper Photo
Bannister C H Pte 441353 : Photo
Baty R Pte 13061 : Photo
Betts G W G Pte 2780 : Photo
Bird H G Pte 21571 : Obituary
Buckley G Pte 1009012 : Obituary
Cameron A Pte 12693 : Obituary
Clark E Pte 13619 : Obituary
Crozier-Smith H Pte 442483 : Photo
Eby A R Pte 13627 : Photo
Edmondston A R B Pte 13490 : Photo
Ford H F Pte 12982 : Photo
Fryer N M Pte 13740 : Obituary
Gerry A J Pte 13632 : Photo
Hamilton W C Pte 13639 : Photo
Hazel J T Pte 12019 : Photo
Hocking W J Pte 13506 : Photo
Hood S C L/Cpl 21847 : Photo
Hopwood C H Cpl 40179 : Photo
Hulbert H J Pte 13507 : Photo
Hughes P B Pte 466817 : Photo
Huxham W S Captain : Photo
Innes-Hopkins J R Captain : Photo
Jackson E C Captain DSO : DSO Citation
Kearney T J Sig 460342 : Obituary
Laurence T H K Pte 13517 : Photo
MacKay A H R Captain MC : Obituary
Muir J Sergt 21636 : Photo
Newell R A A Pte 440491 : Photo
Nicholl C B Lt : Photo
Paton F W Lt : Obituary
Robertson W K Pte 81751 : Photo
Rutherford C S Lt VC : Photo
Smith J C Captain : Photo
Stewart W H Pte 24058 : Photo
Tenaille D J Major : Photo
Zengel R L Sergt VC MM : Photo


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