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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

The Formation Of The Stockbrokers´┐Ż Battalion

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 10th Battalion (Stockbrokers)

Allen E A F Pte : Photo
Arnell J E Bandsman : Short Record Of Service
Arnold J J Pte 69938 : Obituary
Bambridge F O C Sergt 320 : Photo
Barnes W O 2nd Lt : Photo
Batchelor A C L/Cpl MM 324 : Short Record Of Service
Bateman J Pte 78016 : Obituary
Beauchamp A W Pte STK/326 : Photo
Bennett H H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bevir R 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Bowl A H T Pte 1653 : Photo
Bowles B F Pte 340 : Photo
Bradley S M L/Cpl 914 : Photo
Brown J G Captain MC : Photo
Bye C F Pte STK/923 : Photo
Calder E Pte 44 : Obituary
Campbell R W F Captain : Photo
Chiverton F C Pte 30391 : Short Record Of Service
Clark W Pte 18784 : Short Record Of Service
Clothier W H Pte STK/1302 : Short Record Of Service
Coster K H L/Cpl STK/649 : Photo
Cridland A J Pte 368 : Short Record Of Service
Crook W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Currie R F I L/Cpl STK/947 : Photo
Davis N Pte 68 : Photo and Photo Of Original Grave Marker
Dawson J Pte 66051 : Obituary
Dunn O J Pte 63195 : Short Record Of Service
Eldred A J Sergt : STK/79 : Short Record Of Service
Foster E 2nd Lt : Photo
Gascoyne G F Pte C/78512 : Obituary
Hartford W L H Pte 1354 : Short Record Of Service
Howard H Pte 51540 : Photo
Jones G Pte 722 : Photo
Kirkman A H Coy Sert Maj GS/95618 : Short Record Of Service
Krailsheimer J S Pte 1336 : Photo
Krohn H Pte 62485 : Photo
Lawson C T L/Cpl MM 1038 : Photo
Lewis H Pte 5137 : Photo
Masters J G Pte 52104 : Photo
McIntyre J L 2nd Lt : Obituary
Messenger S Pte STK/468 : Photo
Muffiniades A E Pte DCM STK/466 : Photo
Orford G H Pte 1073 : Photo
Pickard E W Pte 49791 : Photo
Pooley W H Cpl 796 : Short Obituary
Pound K J Pte 799 : Photo
Richards P M 2nd Lt : Photo
Robertson C G L/Cpl VC MM : Photo
Rose A S Pte 216 : Photo
Rosenberg L Pte 5200 : Photo
Smith R V L/Cpl STK/1116: Photo
Stevenson C Pte STK/1124 : Photo
Twyman P G 2nd Lt : Photo
Whyte C D Pte STK/279 : Photo
Wilkinson C E G Sergt 1226 : Photo
Willey A C Pte 1912 : Short Obituary
Winter G C Sergt 1530 :Photo
Woods F J Pte STK/1159 : Photo


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