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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 11th Battalion (Service)

Ablitt A H Pte : Photo
Adler S Pte MM 7230 : Photo
Arrowsmith T J Pte 51836 : Obituary
Bailey A C Coy Sergt Major 16816 : Photo
Bailey J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Bailey J A Sergt MM 7521 : Photo
Barker A G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Barnett A T Pte G/7505 : Short Record Of Service
Belchamber E H Pte 63876 : Obituary
Benson S Pte 7249 : Photo
Blakeman-Dawson F C 2nd Lt : Photo
Bober H Pte G/75008 : Photo
Briffitt J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Campbell C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Carter F R G Pte 63878 : Photo
Chesterton A E Pte : Photo
Connell J M Pte 1311 : Short Record Of Service
Davis A E Pte 50353 : Photo
Dore A Pte 5473 : Short Record Of Service
Ede E W Captain MC : Photo
Ferris F W Pte 2034 : Photo
Francis A N Pte 50356 : Photo
Gale A Cpl 7865 : Short Record Of Service
Gale R W Lt : Photo
Green T W Pte 3723 : Short Record Of Service
Haddon V 2nd Lt : Photo
Hands L H Pte B/23339 : Photo
Hoare W J G Captain DSO : Photo
Hollas J H Pte 79680 : Obituary
Holmes E F Cpl 2146 : Obituary
Hudson A C Major : Photo
Hughes S R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Jacob G W Pte 51448 : Short Record Of Service
Julian E J Pte 2085 : Photo
Lindley L F Pte 23372 : Photo
Little N J R Lt : Photo
Meyricke R J F Lt Col : Photo
Miall-Smith R A Lt : Photo
Morton G B Captain MC : Photo
Nield W H E Lt : Photo
Park L Pte 232831 : Photo
Peavot A J L/Cpl 7660 : Obituary
Phillips S Pte : Photo
Pye A Pte 21879 : Photo
Richmond S W Pte 67707 : Photo
Roberts W S Sergt 58365 : Photo
Rockall F R G Pte 50929 : Photo
Sayer R B Lt : Photo
Smith J C Sig 42556 : Obituary
Spencer S C Cpl 7489 : Photo
Thompson R H V Captain : Photo
Yuill J E Pte 14840 : Obituary


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