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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 8th Battalion (Service)

Allaway A R Pte G/51326 : Short Record Of Service
Allen A S Lt : Photo
Allison S Pte 20167 : Obituary
Amos H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Annesley A C Lt Col DSO : Photo
Apps S L/Cpl 14584 : Short Record Of Service
Baker C G L/Cpl 24226 : Photo
Barrow H 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Bender J L/Cpl 16316 : Photo and Photo Of Original Grave Marker
Berry A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Birch S J Pte G16618 : Photo
Blackwell W G Lt : Photo
Blake W Pte 12447 : Photo
Boughton F W Pte 29013 : Obituary
Bradley-Smith D K Pte 10077 : Photo
Brown W P Pte 25345 : Photo
Chell H Lt : Obituary
Crumpton J J Pte 60659 : Photo
Downs F Sergt 7753 : Photo
Dudley R L/Cpl 10788 : Obituary
Elliott-Cooper N B Lt Col VC DSO MC : Photo
Fenton F L/Cpl 55304 : Photo
Forster W Pte 10497 : Photo
Forsyth G A 2nd Lt : Photo
Fry W B Pte 3620 : Obituary
Gaminara E E Pte 35198 : Photo
Gardner A J Pte 60681 : Photo
Glaister S Pte 7085 : Photo
Goldman J Pte : Photo
Hewitt R D Pte 3786 : Photo Of Memorial
Hicks W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Higinbottom G Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Hutton S F Pte Rev 10224 : Photo
Jansen F C T Pte 10757 : Photo
Levene I Pte : Photo
Liddle S H L/Cpl 516 : Obituary
Ling F W Captain : Photo
Mason A E K Captain : Photo
Maude G H F Lt : Photo
May F S Pte 10353 : Photo
Mead R J 2nd Lt : Photo
Miles L P 2nd Lt : Photo
Moir C P Pte 54809 : Photo
Moreton F B Sergt 51421 : Photo
Morom A A Cpl 47475 : Photo
Radcliffe T B L/Cpl 10942 : Photo
Roberts J Pte : Photo
Robertson-Walker A M M Captain : Photo and Photo
Simpson C M L/Cpl 7827 : Photo
Stoten A Pte 142 : Obituary
Stott B Pte 6235 : Short Obituary
Wearne I Pte 2215 : Photo
Whale A Pte 4555 : Short Obituary
Withall J 2nd Lt : Photo


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