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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 9th Battalion (Service)

Abrahams D Pte 69352 : Photo
Adams J L/Cpl MM 60529 : Short Record Of Service
Allan-Black H M Pte : Photo
Almond J E Pte : Photo
Aronson M Pte 17446 : Photo
Baron O Pte 4554 : Photo
Becker W Pte 62069 : Photo
Berman L Pte 4868 : Photo
Bird C E 2nd Lt : Obituary
Brown S Pte MM : Short Record Of Service
Bungey G E 2nd Lt : Photo
Burdett C P B Lt : Photo
Cazalet G L Captain DSO : Photo
Chadder W T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Clarke A Pte 49604 : Photo
Clegg C T Pte 23294 : Photo
Cook A B K 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Coxhead M E Major : Photo
Cross S Pte 15447 : Photo
Denton E J Sig : Short Record Of Service
Ecclestone E Pte 23249 : Photo
Elliott R L/Cpl G/10319 : Short Obituary and Short Record Of Service
Elsey H Staff Sergt 296 : Photo
Emberson F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Gavaron J Pte 60540 : Short Record Of Service
Gibbs W E Pte 69389 : Obituary
Goldstone L Pte MM 69387 : Obituary
Green H M Captain : Photo
Hersee C P A 2nd Lt : Photo
Kempster A Pte 2438 : Short Record Of Service
Knight A G Lt : Photo
Lawford H M B Captain : Photo and Photo
Levi H 2nd Lt : Photo
Mallard H Pte 5334 : Obituary
Masters G Lt : Photo
Middleton J Pte 26360 : Photo
Morris C R M Pte 4826 : Photo
Mudge A H Pte 48733 : Photo
Myers (Smith) L Pte 4084 : Photo
Neeves I S Pte 20175 : Photo
Newman W G Pte 26325 : Photo
Pattinson H L Captain : Photo
Phillipps R E Captain The Hon MC : Photo and Photo
Phillips S Pte 7385 : Photo
Pole G Pte 2076 : Photo
Rundle S H Pte B23287 : Photo
Russell G W H Pte 20311 : Photo
Sanders G J Sergt 2066 : Photo
Shaw E B Pte 10472 : Photo
Simpson T C L/Cpl 1375 : Photo
Slade J H B Pte 20079 : Photo
Smith T W E Pte 10456 : Obituary
Smith W W 2nd Lt : Photo
Stevens A R I Lt : Photo
Sullivan D D Pte MM 67053 : Photo
Sweetnam S J Pte 7962 : Photo
Tarry W T Pte G/62893 : Photo
Tripptree R Pte 3464 : Obituary
Tucker W Pte 10185 : Photo
Veresmith E H Lt : Photo
Walker J P Pte PS/10052 : Photo
Wakefield L F L/Cpl 4652 : Photo
Woodcock W S Pte 78227 : Photo
Worthington A Pte 51926 : Photo


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