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Royal Scots 1914-1919: Vols 1 & 2

Manchester Scottish: The Story of the 15th Battalion, Royal Scots, 1914-1918

McCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots

Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919: The Royal Scots (Lothian Regt)


16th Battalion (Service)(2nd Edinburgh)

Alexander S M Cpl 25300 : Short Record Of Service
Ainslie J Sergt 19700 : Photo
Anderson D T Lt : Short Record Of Service
Armit N Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Armstrong R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baird W A Pte 25182 : Photo
Barclay R S 2nd Lt : Photo
Blair J Lt : Group Photo
Bland F Pt 18799 : Photo
Bone H Pte 18800 : Short Record Of Service
Bryce R C Pte 270894 : Photo
Bryce S M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Calderhead J M S Cpl 19432 : Photo
Coles L Lt : Group Photo
Craik J G Pte 42527 : Obituary
Dallas J D Lt : Short Record Of Service
Davie J M Captain MC : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Drew J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Duncan G M Lt : Short Record Of Service
Fairweather P Pte 21200 : Photo
Fowler J Captain : Group Photo
Flett A D Lt : Photo
Gear H Pte 270937 : Photo
Gifford W R Pte 40086 : Photo
Grainger-Stewart T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gray H Lt : Group Photo
Hardie T A Pte 34731 : Short Obituary
Hendry J Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Higgins M T Pte 18766 : Photo
Husband R H Lt : Group Photo
Jack D T L/Cpl 24949 : Photo
Julian H C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Keppie R J Cpl 270933 : Photo
Kitton L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lauder R D Major : Group Photo
Lawson D Sergt 21202 : Photo
Letton W H Sergt 19540 : Obituary
Lodge R C Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Mackintosh J M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Maclachlan A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Martin R F Lt : Group Photo
Mather F Pte 50668 : Photo
McLean A F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McLean J L/Cpl 18855 : Photo
McLennan J R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McCrae G Col : Photo and Group Photo
McKenzie J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McMurray 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Millar T M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Moir J W Lt : Group Photo
Morison D Pte 18869 : Photo
Munro 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Pattie H Pte 51313 : Photo
Rawson H C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Riddall J G Pte 25267 : Obituary
Robertson J W L/Cpl 301786 : Obituary
Robertson W B Captain : Group Photo
Ross P Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Russell R G Pte 19632 : Obituary
Sandison J H M Captain : Group Photo
Scott F H Sergt 18907 : Photo
Stewart J W Lt MC : Photo , Group Photo and Obituary
Strachan D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stevenson J G P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Sutherland D M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Tod T R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Waddie J N Pte MM 40427 : Photo & Obituary
Walker N M L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Warden H L Major : Group Photo
Warr A E Captain : Group Photo
Webb G Pte 41231 : Obituary
Whyte A Lt : Group Photo
Wood C W 2nd Lt : Group Photo


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