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List Of NCOs And Men In German Hands
From The Graphic Newspaper 29th September 1914

BRITISH PRISONERS OF WAR. The Army Council have received, through the courtesy of
Mr. John A. F. Aspinall and Mr. Egerton Stewart-Brown,
of Liverpool, who have just returned to England after being detained in Germany,
information that the following are prisoners
of war and interned at Munsterlager, in the province of Hanover :

Badcock, 5234 Pte. E. A. 4th (R. Irish) Dragoon G.
Cargill, 8032 Pte. D., Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders ;
Clarke, 7485 L.-Cpl. F., R. Scots Fusiliers. ;
Coleman, 10255 L.-Cpl. E. G., R. Scots Fusiliers. ;
Corcoran, 8826 Pte. P., R. Irish. Fus.
Day, 10122 Pte. A. E., R. Fus.
Drury, 10032 Bdsmn. L. E. R. Scots Fus.;
Duncan, 8554 Pte. A., R. Scots Fus.
Edlin, 8422 Sgt. F. R., R. Scots Fus.
Elliott, 9027 Pte. J., R.Scots Fus.
Franklin, 9576 Pte. A. J., R. Scots Fus.
Gidlow, 26584 Bmbdr. J. R., R.H.A. ;
Glossop, 7594 Pte. D., S. Lancs R. ;
Grannell, 7323 Pte.T., S. Lancs R. ;
Gregg, 8054 Pte. A.; R. Scots Fus.
Harrison; 7656 Sgt. W.; S. Lancs R. ;
Hawley, 9988 Pte. J., Cheshire R. ;
Herbert, 8882 Pte: A. R.; R. Scots Fus. ;
Hetherington, 5762 Sgt. S., S. Lancs R. ;
Hudson, 7907 Pte. G., R. Scots Fus.
Ikin,-7635 Pte: G. Cheshire Reg.
Johnston, 5310 Clr.-Sgt. A., R. Scots Fus. ;
Johnston, 9513 Bdsmn. P., R. Scots Fus.
Lewis, 8853 Pte. A., R. Scots Fus. ;
Lonie, 6519 Pte. T., R. Scots Fus.
McMillan, 7730 Pte. D., R. Scots Fus.;
Meecham, 7295 Pte..A.; R. Scots Fus.
Parker, 6479 Sgt. W. J., S. Lanes R.
Peters, 8410 Sgt. F. Cheshire R.
Quail, 8597 Bdsmn. A., R. Scots Fus.
Ross, 7405 Pte. A.; S. Lancs R.
Slucock, 7812 Pte. J. H., S.. Lancs R.
Smith, 6874 L.-Sgt. A., 18th Hussars;
Stanton, 8768 Pte. E., S. Lancs Reg.
Thompson, 9015 Pte. A., R. Scots Fus.;
Thornton, 8555 Pte. J., R. Scots Fus.
Vickers, 8280 Pte. R., Cheshire R.
Walton, 10048 Pte. C., Cheshire R. ;
Wilson, 7265 Pte. J., R. Scots Fus.

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