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The C.E.F. roll of honour: Members and former members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who died as a result of service in the Great War 1914-1919

List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914


13th Battalion (Royal Highlanders Of Canada)

Ainslie J G Pte 887002 : Obituary
Aitchison A W Lt MC : Photo
Allen W B Cpl 24452 : Photo
Andrews J B Pte 684419 : Photo
Bain J S Lt : Photo
Blain J Pte 63105 : Obituary
Brodie P Pte 46812 : Obituary
Buchanan V C Major : Group Photo
Calvert J C Pte 24702 : Photo
Cameron A G Captain : Group Photo
Carruthers J Pte 24509 : Obituary
Caryer W E S Sergt 24898 : Obituary
Conn G D Pte 24466 : Photo
Dixon T C Pte 24713 : Photo
Drummond G M Captain : Group Photo
Edge F C Cpl 24245 : Obituary
Ellsworth E M Pte 46141 : Obituary
Finlayson R M Pte 1030432 : Photo
Fisher A M Lt : Group Photo
Gordon J Pte 24483 : Obituary
Greenshields M Captain : Photo
Grieve D C Lt : Photo
Hillyer T J S Sergt 46007 : Photo
Hollamby A E Pte 47187 : Photo
Imrie J W Pte 63470 : Photo
Lees G O Captain : Photo
Lindsay S B Lt : Group Photo
Loomis F O W LT Col : Group Photo
Lowe R Pte 24370 : Photo
MacTier W S M Lt : Group Photo
McCleave H A Lt : Photo and Obituary
McCuaig C N Lt : Group Photo
McCuaig D R Major DSO : Photo and Group Photo
McCuaig G E Brig Gen CMG DSO + Bar : Photo and Group Photo
Miller A Pte 2075608 : Obituary
Molson F S Lt : Group Photo
Morrisey T S Captain : Group Photo
Norsworthy E C Major : Photo and Group Photo
Perry K M Captain : Group Photo
Pitblado C B Lt : Group Photo
Powell H R Lt : Photo
Prosser A D Lt : Photo
Quin J E Pte 24640 : Photo and Photo
Selbie R J Lt : Photo
Sellon E M Lt : Group Photo
Sinclair I M R Lt : Group Photo
Stephens F C Lt : Group Photo
Walker H F Captain : Group Photo
Williams H C V Pte 684832 : Photo
Whitehead L W Captain : Group Photo
Wragge A Pte 427405 : Photo
Wright J Sergt 133183 : Obituary


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