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The C.E.F. roll of honour: Members and former members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who died as a result of service in the Great War 1914-1919

List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914


16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish)

Amos C B L/Cpl 28951 : Photo
Andrew F R Pte 51041 : Photo
Ashcroft L E Lt : Photo
Bell-Irving R O Major DSO MC : Photo
Benham D K Pte 28958 : Obituary
Blacklay F P Pte 21065 : Obituary
Brock J R L/Sergt 28957 : Photo
Browne A E Lt : Photo
Campbell A Pte 29426 : Obituary
Campbell D G Captain : Photo
Carrol P J Pte 29430 : Photo
Carter R S Lt : Photo
Carter S Pte 29200 : Obituary
Denny R E B Pte 28612 : Photo
Fleming H M Captain : Photo
Fyall A Pte 81289 : Photo
Fyson O Pte 29546 : Obituary
Geddes J Captain : Photo
Gilliat E N Major MC : Photo
Hamilton R P Pte 29555 : Obituary
Hammill N Pte 77938 : Obituary
Hayward A C Pte 51231 : Photo
Heath G C Cpl 29524 : Photo
Hill C H Pte 28739 : Photo
Hill L B Pte 28744 : Photo
Howard R Lt : Photo
Johnston J H Pte 29230 : Photo
Jones T A Pte 130231 : Photo
Kelman G Lt : Photo
Leisk G Pte 420634 : Photo
MacKenzie G A G Lt : Photo
Merritt C M Captain : Photo
Metcalf W H L/Cpl VC MM : Photo
Milne W J Pte VC : Photo
Olliff W Pte 51370 : Photo
Owen W P Pte 28886 : Photo
Peck C W Lt Col VC : Photo
Raport M D Pte : Photo
Richardson J Piper VC : Photo
Rietchel E O Captain MC : Photo
Sachs R T S Lt : Portrait
Simmons B E Pte : Photo
Souter J G Lt MM : Obituary
Tupper V G Captain MC : Photo and Photo
Wadland H L Pte 1000440 : Obituary
Walker G W Pte 29031 : Photo
Williamson J F Pte 693107 : Photo
Young J F B Pte 420360 : Photo


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