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The C.E.F. roll of honour: Members and former members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who died as a result of service in the Great War 1914-1919

List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914


7th Battalion (1st British Columbia Regiment)

Anderson H G Lt : Obituary
Ashcroft R Pte 2020745 : Photo Of Grave Site
Ashton W Lt : Group Photo
Bain C Pte 463406 : Short Record Of Service
Banon H O Pte : Photo
Barton J R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Barton W T Lt : Group Photo
Bate N H Lt : Photo
Bell A R Pte 77438 : Photo
Bellew E D Lt : Group Photo
Bertrand L J Lt MC : Photo
Bevan G F Pte 16861 : Obituary
Birkett H W Pte 442024 : Obituary
Boggs H Lt : Photo
Bromley H A Lt : Photo
Brothers O F Lt : Group Photo
Brown D S Cpl 77802 : Obituary
Burgess W Pte 77850 : Obituary
Byng-Hall P Major DSO : Group Photo
Campbell K M Cpl 17101 : Photo
Carpmael L H Pte 429255 : Photo
Carter R G Pte 16637 : Obituary
Cave B L/Sergt 17102 : Obituary
Cathcart A G Pte 2223368 : Photo
Collisson C H Sergt 16846 : Photo
Corser W Pte 2204511 : Obituary
Cowling W S Pte 16990 : Photo
Davidson W J Pte 78004 : Photo
Edmund-Jenkins W H Captain : Group Photo
Elliott G W Pte 16885 : Photo
Forshaw T G Lt : Group Photo
Fowler W H Pte 21600 : Photo
Fraser N W G Pte 16764 : School Photo
French J S Pte 428608 : Photo
Gardner S D Col CMG MC : Photo
George A Pte 21145 : Photo
Godwin R Pte 2020275 : Obituary
Gunn R R Sergt 429242 : Photo
Haines L E Captain : Group Photo
Harris C L Captain : Photo
Hart-McHarg W F R Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Hodgson Lt : Group Photo
Holmes C C Lt : Group Photo
Holmes W D Captain : Photo
Hornby L G Lt : Group Photo
Jessop N A Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Kelly D Pte 154934 : Obituary
Leslie G H Lt : Group Photo
Lister A L/Cpl 446367 : Photo
Lloyd H E Pte 17139 : Photo
Locke T Captain : Group Photo
Longdon H Pte 77217 : Photo
McLeman R W Pte 760513 : Photo
Millard A E Pte 42852 : Obituary
Moberley G Major : Group Photo
Morgan G H L/Cpl 430346 : Photo
Mowat P Sig : Photo
O'Rourke M J Pte VC : Photo and Group Photo
Powell T G Pte 428771 : Obituary
Rigley P Major : Group Photo
Rowland P H J M Pte 16689 : Photo
Sivell A G Pte 16936 : Photo
Slater W T Pte 443941 : Obituary
Smith E G Cpl 429642 : Obituary
Smith H E Pte 2029775 : Photo
Steeves R F Lt : Group Photo
Strath G Pte 116565 : Obituary
White T H Pte 645643 : Obituary
Worsey T A Lt : Photo
Wrightson A Lt MC : Photo


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