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The C.E.F. roll of honour: Members and former members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who died as a result of service in the Great War 1914-1919

List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force 1914


Canadian Army Medical Corps

Adam G Cpl MM 1201 : Short Record Of Service
Albert D Pte : Photo
Allan W Pte 529501 : Short Record Of Service
Badgerow G W Lt Col CMG : Short Record Of Service
Barrette P J Pte 527039 : Photo Of Grave Site
Bell H W Captain : Short Record Of Service
Bell J H M Major : Short Record Of Service
Bernstein W S Pte 527148 : Photo
Blackwood J A Pte 782320 : Photo
Blanchard R J Lt Col : Short Record Of Service
Bond J H R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Bridges J W Lt Col CBE : Short Record Of Service
Browne J Pte 532362 : Obituary
Campbell T Captain : Short Record Of Service
Caldwell J Reg Sergt Maj 50531 : Photo Of Grave
Croll A Lt Col : Short Record Of Service
Davidson A M Captain : Short Record Of Service
Desmeules J E Pte 32/792 : Photo
Duval G L J Major : Photo
Ellis J H Pte 33326 : Photo
Freedman J Pte : Photo
Goldsmith B Pte 1995 : Photo Of Original Grave Marker
Gibson G H Captain : Group Photo
Haines E H Sergt 2265 : Photo
Hall C E R Pte 50486 : Photo
Hill E G Pte 528863 : Obituary
Holzberg S Pte 34480 : Photo
Howell P V G Pte 82356 : Photo
Hughes W J Pte 532267 : Photo
Johnston J L Captain : Photo Of Grave
Lawson A Pte : Photo
Lewis (Lapidoth R ) J Pte 32809 : Photo
Lightstone G Pte 02571 : Photo
Lindsay J Pte 524947 : Obituary
MacDonnell S J Pte 536017 : Photo
Ormerod H Pte : Photo
Scott J D Pte 5911 : Photo
Scrimger F A C Captain VC : Photo
Stall M Sergt 33268 : Photo
Travis H Cpl : Photo
Troughton F Pte 406836 : Obituary
Waxman M Pte 34179 : Photo


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