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Middlesex Regiments Photos

MIDDLESEX REGIMENT 12th Battalion (Service)

Allard W H L/Cpl 3164 : Photo
Atkinson R Pte 13102 : Short Record Of Service
Beall A Pte TF/235048 : Obituary
Booth E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bradford W T Pte G/29038 : Short Obituary
Chawner J L/Cpl 3264 : Obituary
Clinch J H Pte G24412 : Photo
Collingwood T H Pte G/27655 : Photo
Cooper W O Pte 40113 : Photo
Cowland A E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Crawford C J 2nd Lt : Photo
Dames C L L/Cpl G/40116 : Photo
Daniels E Pte G/2568 : Obituary
Decent W E Pte 40022 : Photo
Edmonds H Pte 5014 : Short Record Of Service
Edwards F J Pte VC : Photo
Eyers F V A Pte Short Record Of Service
Fry A O L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Gallichan R J Pte G/40062 : Photo
Gore L J Captain : Photo
Grimsey H S Pte SR/7409 : Obituary
Honeybourne S E Pte G/12473 : Obituary
Howes B Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hudleston H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones R L Pte 40089 : Photo
Marris A B Pte 12406 : Photo
Middleton R E Pte G/40662 : Photo
Podmore H Lt Col DSO attd from Northants Regt : Photo
Ponsonby S L Lt : Photo and Obituary
Pyman R L Lt : Newspaper Photo
Read H C Pte 2986 : War Memorial
Reed H L Pte 202557 : Obituary
Roche C S Captain : Short Record Of Service
Rogers A G 2nd Lt : Photo
Ryder R E Pte VC : Photo and Photo
Sharpley J T Pte G40131 : Photo
Simpson F Pte 3082 : Photo
Solomons A Sergt G/2960 : Photo
Speirs A A D Pte 202109 : Photo
Streeter F Pte G/12705 : Photo
Walsh A M L/Cpl 20383 : Photo
Warman J L Pte 1051 : Photo
Williams W A Sergt G3255 : Photo & Obituary
Woolger R B Pte 2881 : Photo & Obituary


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