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MIDDLESEX REGIMENT 16th Battalion (Public Schools)

Ackford W T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Alder J J Sergt Maj T.F.10/3770 : Short Record Of Service
Alexander D Pte G/18531 : Photo
Alexandre J W Sergt PS/130 : Photo and Obituary
Allen H Sergt 252 : Obituary
Bagwell E J Pte 2157 : Obituary
Bailey F Pte 9852 : Short Record Of Service
Bedwell T W L/Sergt PW/6629 : Short Record Of Service
Bell H Pte 16358 : Obituary
Bender E G Pte PS/2367 : Short Record Of Service
Buckingham A E J Pte G/42842 : Photo Of Grave
Carter G C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Clarke G L M Sergt MM 955 : Photo
Douglas S Captain : Photo
Draper F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Dutton A Pte 40834 : Short Record Of Service
Emden J Pte 207815 : Photo
Forsyth W M 2nd Lt : Photo
Godwin E W Pte 11473 : Photo
Graham F E L/Cpl 2871 : Obituary
Green A J Pte F/2479 : Short Record Of Service
Grierson J C Pte G/25287 : Photo
Heape J S L/Cpl 447 : Photo
Heath E N Pte 2129 : Photo
Hill E Sergt G/10028 : Short Record Of Service
Hosking H N Cpl 21 : Photo
Ionides P Captain : Photo
Kemp W M 2nd Lt : Photo
McCulloch K L N 2nd Lt : Photo
Monks S C Cpl 1589 : Photo
Newing A J Pte G/40887 attd from R West Kent Regt : Photo
Newman A Cpl 51104 : Photo
Orr J K 2nd Lt : Photo
Puddephat R Pte 2216 : Photo
Pratt F R Pte 34626 : Photo
Purnell A C Captain : Photo
Rieu A I Pte PS/2260 : Photo
Rieu C Sergt PS/2261 : Photo
Rieu H Pte 512 : Photo
Robinson G H Pte 1619 : Photo
Samuel E B 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Sargood H F 2nd Lt : Photo
Shorter R G Pte 22750 : Photo
Shrewsbury A L/Cpl PS/1439 : Photo
Streeter A Pte 22008 : Photo
Swingler W J Pte 205192 : Short Obituary
Tanqueray F B 2nd Lt : Photo
Tennant E H Cpl 1290 : Obituary
Tennant P L L/Cpl 1291 : Obituary
Tramaglia S A Pte 2679 : Photo
Watts T H Captain : Photo
Way G C Major : Photo
Whitby E R Lt : Photo
Wilkinson G J Sergt 1236 : Photo


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