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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 17th Battalion (Empire)

Agate P J Pte GS/25228 : Short Record Of Service
Allan G A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Arrol C A Pte 28 : Photo
Attwood R G Lt : Group Photo
Barber E J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Beauford F S Lt : Group Photo
Beaumont P Captain : Group Photo
Bennett R H Pte 559 : Photo
Bentley A F J Pte 61686 : Photo
Benzecry S Lt : Photo
Blakesley G F Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Bott J A Lt : Group Photo
Boughton S H Pte 77834 : Photo and Obituary
Bradman W R Pte : Obituary
Bryan E Pte G/297 : Obituary
Burridge J J Pte 69570 : Short Record Of Service
Champ T A Pte 791 : Photo
Cronbach R C L Lt : Group Photo
Cunningham J F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dudley W D Captain : Group Photo
Duffy W P Pte : Short Record Of Service
Duke R Pte 74817 : Obituary
Dumbell L S L/Cpl 107 : Photo
Etheridge H D 2nd Lt MC MM : Photo
Farquharson D Captain : Group Photo
Fell F H Pte 2231 : Short Record Of Service
Flint P W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fraser R H B Pte 68717 : Photo
Gaddum R C S 2nd Lt : Photo
Garrett W A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Goldsack J G W Pte 6658 : Obituary
Grant W G Major : Group Photo
Hole S J M Lt : Group Photo
Hugill E A Captain : Photo
Jackson A A Pte G/52584 : Short Record Of Service
Johnson T F W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Kibblewhite H J T Coy Qtr Mst Sergt 658 : Short Record Of Service
Leslie-Melville C de L Captain : Group Photo
Lucas J 2nd Lt : Photo
Mackenzie E G Captain : Group Photo
Osborne H C B Captain : Group Photo
Pacey F B Pte 439 : Photo
Parsons L E Lt : Group Photo
Pollak O D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ponton H F Pte PS/6593 : Short Record Of Service
Richmond E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ricketts R J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Roper E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rosenberg D L/Cpl 51060 : Photo
Shairp W V Cpl E/285 : Photo
Skinner C B Captain : Group Photo
Smiley H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Somerset A C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stone W N Captain VC : Photo and Photo
Turner H Major DSO : Group Photo
Walker-Leigh C A Major : Group Photo
Wells W A Pte 1706 : Photo
Wessel F Lt : Group Photo
White E T L/Cpl 1233 : Photo
Whybrow T W Pte E/1775 : Photo
Williams-Ellis B C Lt : Group Photo
Winnington-Barnes A E Captain : Group Photo
Wootton S 2nd Lt : Group Photo


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