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Lord Kitchener Inspecting The Public Schools Brigade On Epsom Downs

Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

Read The History Of The Royal Fusilers Unversity And Public Schools Brigade Online

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Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 20th Battalion (3rd Public Schools)

Andrews E R L Pte 9684 : Photo
Barrow E I Pte : Obituary
Bennett C H Col DSO : Photo
Bower F W Captain : Obituary
Brown A J Pte 47623 : Photo
Brownridge F W Pte 4421 : Obituary
Budge H E U L/Cpl 4584 : Obituary
Bulbeck H E Lt : Photo
Cane L D Captain : Obituary
Cass E C Sergt 4610 : Obituary
Cornblatt S Pte 63332 : Photo
Evans N L Sergt 4802 : Obituary
Field R G Pte 9352 : Photo
Fisher S A Pte 4823 : Obituary
Fox S Pte 4833 : Obituary
Garner A Pte 4850 : Obituary
Grant R Pte : Obituary
Hartley W S Pte PS/4937 : Obituary
Heath B Pte 8044 : Photo
Heinemann J W Captain : Photo and Obituary
Hoole L A L/Cpl 5043 : Obituary
Jones I M Pte 5137 : Photo
Lisbona N Pte 5212 : Photo
Mawdsley T Pte 5290 : Photo
Mintorn R H N Pte 2993 : Photo
Ponsford J W P Sergt PS8002 : Obituary
Power R C Pte 5486 : Photo
Rawson S M Lt : Photo
Rayner W V L/Cpl 5504 : Photo
Robinson H J Pte 63971 : Photo
Ross H D Pte 8688 : Photo
Smethurst W K Pte 5646 : Obituary
Tattersall G W Pte 3297 : Photo
Taunton B G Sergt 5769 : Photo
Toller E N Captain : Photo
Walker A E Lt : Photo
Wright E T Captain : Photo


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