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Lord Kitchener Inspecting The Public Schools Brigade On Epsom Downs

Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 21st Battalion (4th Public Schools)

Acton N F Pte PS/6645 Comm Worcestershire Regiment 26/9/16
Allen W P Pte PS/2413 Comm Machine Gun Corps 4/9/16
Allison G Pte PS/7111 Died Of Wounds 1/8/16
Allwood J Pte PS/6880 Comm Machine Gun Corps 4/8/16
Armstrong J J Pte PS/7112 Killed In Action 1/7/16
Ashton C W Pte PS/7113 Comm 3rd East Surrey Regiment 25/9/16
Aspinall E C Pte PS/7114 Discharged 12/9/16
Aston J E Pte PS/7115 Killed In Action 17/2/17
Atherton J L/Sergt PS/2417 Comm 11th Loyal North Lancs Regiment 6/7/16
Atkinson C S Pte PS/7117 Comm Royal Flying Corps 25/9/16
Bailey J E Pte PS/3988 Discharged 14/11/16
Baird W Pte PS/2459 Comm 5th Middlesex Regiment 25/9/16
Baker H Pte PS/3990 Comm 21st Lancers 6/7/16
Ball H J Pte PS/2419 Comm Royal Flying Corps 4/8/16
Balden W R Pte PS/2460 Comm Royal Flying Corps 4/9/16
Barlow W Pte PS/3996 Comm 3rd Lancashire Fusiliers 25/9/16
Barker E B Pte PS/6625 Died Of Wounds 23/2/17
Barnes W E Pte PS/2445 Comm 19th Notts And Derby Regiment 5/8/16
Barnes B G Pte PS/6259 Comm Notts And Derby Regiment 5/8/16
Bassano E A Pte PS/7095 Comm 13th Notts And Derby Regiment 4/8/16
Bassingthwaighte C P Pte PS/6888 Comm 9th Norfolk Regiment 4/9/16
Bates F Pte PS/3978 Comm 19th Manchester Regiment 25/9/16
Battersby D Pte PS/4001 Comm 3rd Cheshire Regiment 25/9/16
Beck J F Pte PS/2461 Comm Machine Gun Corps 4/9/16
Beckett H A Pte PS/6926 Comm 11th Devonshire Regiment 6/7/16
Bell W Pte PS/8755 Disch 17/4/16
Bell W A Sergt PS/2483 Comm 12th Border Regiment 6/7/16
Bellamy J H Pte PS/2484 Comm 3rd County Of London Yeomanry 6/7/16
Bennet J C L/Cpl PS/2421 Comm Royal Irish Fusiliers 4/8/16
Birtill F E Pte PS/3977 Comm 4th Notts And Derby Regiment 6/7/16
Blake G A Pte PS/2485 Comm 11th Royal Fusiliers 25/9/16
Blanch J A Pte PS/6889 Comm Suffolk Regiment 25/9/16
Bloomer J H W L/Cpl PS/2487 Comm 3rd Lincolnshire Regiment 25/9/16
Blenkhorn F B Pte PS/4496 Disch 6/1/19
Bonham W D Pte PS/2463 Comm 10th Norfolk Regiment 4/8/16
Bolt G B Pte PS/6261 Comm 3rd South Wales Borderers 25/9/16
Bowes A A Pte PS/3981 Comm 27th Manchester Regiment 4/8/16
Bowes R Pte PS/2488 Comm 18th Royal Welsh Fusiliers 4/8/16
Bowker T Pte PS/3985 Comm Machine Gun Corps 25/9/16
Bowmer V Pte PS/6262 Comm 13th Notts And Derby Regiment 4/8/16
Brackenridge W Pte PS/8245 Comm Machine Gun Corps 27/5/16
Brady J Pte PS/8167 Comm Durham Light Infantry 26/9/16
Braidford F G Pte PS/2428 Comm 4th Durham Light Infantry 4/8/16
Braidford P L/Cpl PS/2469 Comm 3rd Durham Light Infantry 6/7/16
Brampton D N Pte PS/6634 Comm Middlesex Regiment 7/1/16
Brandon G Pte PS/2429 Comm Royal Engineers 13/8/16
Bridge J E Pte PS/6929 Killed In Action 26/9/16
Bull R B Sergt Major : Photo
Burgess W E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dalton R Pte : Photo
Fenn H F Lt Col DSO : Photo
Hoult L P CSM PS/2812 Comm Hampshire Regiment 1/6/16
Hurry C Pte : Photo
Madgett W S L/Cpl 7090 : Photo
Neilson N C Cpl 3027 : Photo
Pearce-Gould R Captain : Photo
Sanderson R Pte 4224 : Photo
Stuart-Wortley J Lt Col : Photo


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