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Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

Read The History Of The 23rd Royal Fusiliers (1st Sportsmans) Online

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 23rd Battalion (1st Sportsman's)

Albany W Cpl 115 MM : Photo
Balbirnie J V E 2nd Lt : Photo
Barker E B L/Cpl 6625 : Photo
Barry K Pte SPTS/4774 : Obituary
Barton M D Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Bealey 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Beck S Cpl 3817 : Photo
Blackwell J H Pte G/20696 : Short Record Of Service
Bolton W S Sergt 622 : Photo and Obituary
Burnie J G Pte PS/2474 : Obituary
Church Captain : Group Photo
Clarke F W Pte 96 : Photo
Cross 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cummings Inst Sergt : Photo
De Vere Stacpoole Lt : Group Photo
Dewar D D Pte 767 : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Erwood F L Pte 4514 : Photo
Evans J T L/Cpl 7736 : Photo
Fleming H C Ote 2316 : Photo
Fossey A Pte 8947 : Obituary
Foy 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gibbons Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Hayes V 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Hilder M L Captain MC : Photo
Hillcoat 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hirst J E H Pte 10664 : Photo
Holmes Captain : Group Photo
Inglis Lt & Adjt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Inwood W S L/Cpl 2066 : Photo
Littman S Pte 1647 : Photo
Pirie 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Powell Captain : Group Photo
MacPherson J C B Pte 998 : Photo
Maitland Col Vis : Group Photo and Photo
Murray-Thompson 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Prangley N C L/Cpl 23332 : Photo
Ravenhill H H L/Cpl 2026 : Photo
Richardson 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Richey Major DSO : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Sadgrove L S Pte G/87275 : Photo
Sanderson R L/Cpl G/68456 : Photo
Seymour H A L/Cpl 3379 : Photo
Shotton J S Pte SPTS/123 : Photo
Suckling Lt : Group Photo
Taylor H A 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Whitlock A E Sergt 902 : Photo
Willett E A Pte 1015 : Photo
Williams Lt : Group Photo
Winter 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Winter E A Lt Col DSO MC : Photo
Witham D H L/Cpl 4712 : Photo
Yorke B 2nd Lt The Hon : Group Photo


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