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Photos Of 38th Royal Fusiliers

Royal Fusiliers Officers Casualties Roll Of Honour

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The Royal Fusiliers In The Great War

Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-19: Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

ROYAL FUSILIERS 38th Battalion (Judeans)

Abrahams J L/Cpl : Photo
Abrahams S Lt : Photo
Allonowitz L Pte 773 : Photo
Barnes J Pte : Photo
Bernard A Pte : Photo
Bernstein J Sergt : Photo
Block B Sergt : Photo
Blumenthal J Pte : Photo
Boorman D Cpl J/993 : Photo
Brick B Pte J/1010 : Photo
Burns M Pte J/3856 : Photo
Carmel J RSM 205124 : Photo
Cohen P Pte : Photo
Cross H B Lt : Group Photo
Daltroff E M Lt : Group Photo
Davis I Pte : Photo
Deitz M Pte J/1754 : Photo
Evans Lt : Group Photo
Fligelstone T H Lt MC : Photo
Freiner M Pte J/1590 : Photo
Galinsky M Pte J/1186 : Photo
Gardner M Pte 1019 : Photo
Gillis L L/Cpl J/790 : Photo
Glynn S L/Cpl MM : Photo
Goldberg Pte : Photo
Goldenberg J Pte J/3726 : Photo
Golding A L/Cpl : Photo
Goldston D L/Cpl J/3468 : Photo
Green A Pte : Photo
Greyman S Pte J/901 : Photo
Harris E Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Harris H H Captain : Group Photo
Hyams G S Captain : Group Photo
Hyman C A/Sergt : Photo
Isaacs H M Pte : Photo
Jabotinsky V Lt : Photo
Jaffe I Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Julian Captain : Group Photo
Kapshut K Pte : Photo
Karo M CSM 192 : Photo
Kempner S A Cpl 3313 : Photo
Levene J Pte : Photo
Levin L Pte : Photo
Levine A Pte : Photo
Levy C Pte : Photo
Levy J Pte J/1289 : Photo
Levy L Pte : Photo
Marks R Pte J/2588 : Photo
Matthews S Pte : Photo
Matz P Pte : Photo
Morris H Lt : Group Photo
Myers I Pte : Photo
Neill Captain : Group Photo
Nevill J H Lt : Group Photo
Patterson J H Lt Col DSO : Group Photo and Group Photo
Rich Pte : Photo
Ripley Captain : Group Photo
Sarna E Pte : Photo
Saxton L H L/Cpl : Photo
Scareff L Cpl : Photo
Seramber C Pte J/322 : Photo
Shapiro S Pte J/263 : Photo
Shorts A Pte : Photo
Singer J Pte : Photo
Slomovitch S Pte J/4419 : Photo
Smythe Lt : Group Photo
Solomons H Pte : Photo
Solomons J Pte : Photo
Sugarman S Sergt : Photo
Sultag P Pte : Photo
Symonds M Lt : Group Photo
Tytz J Pte : Photo
Vilofsky B Sig J/2259 : Photo
Weinberg W Pte J/1042 : Photo
Weitzenfeld M Pte : Photo
Wolfensohn H Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Wolffe B Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Zucker H Pte : Photo


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