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Royal Scots 1914-1919: Vols 1 & 2

Manchester Scottish: The Story of the 15th Battalion, Royal Scots, 1914-1918

McCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots

Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-1919: The Royal Scots (Lothian Regt)


13th Battalion (Service)

Adam A Pte 41124 : Short Record Of Service
Alcorn J Pte 376624 : Photo
Balmain K F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Barnett G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Beck Major : Group Photo
Blint M Pte 32707 : Photo
Bothwell W Pte 18312 : Obituary
Bourchier E B O 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brown D D 2nd Lt : Photo
Bruce B D Captain : Group Photo
Brydone T Captain : Short Record Of Service
Buchanan F C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Buchanan K G Captain : Group Photo
Bull A M H 2nd Lt: Group Photo
Burt T D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Campbell A Piper 15446 : Obituary
Cattanach J A J Captain : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Christie R J M Lt : Group Photo
Cole E J Sergt 40014 : Photo
Collins L D K 2nd Lt : Photo
Considine A E Lt : Group Photo
Crabbe J 2nd Lt : Photo
Craig A C Lt MC : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Craig A H Major DSO MC : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Cromb D R 2nd Lt : Photo
Crowden H G Lt : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Davies G V F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Douglas C K M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Dunlop W C C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Dunn G E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Dunshire R Pte VC : Photo
Easton W Pte 33398 : Photo
Elder J Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Faithfull-Davies G V Lt : Photo
Ferguson I A G Captain : Photo
Forbes D 2nd Lt : Photo
Francis C T Captain : Photo
Gellatly R 2nd Lt : Photo
Glover J H Captain : Group Photo
Goodwillie J Pte 45933 : Obituary
Guthrie C W 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Halcrow M Captain : Group Photo
Hay Lt : Group Photo
Henderson M A Pte : Photo
James F H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jardine J M M Pte 16642 : Photo
Johnston H B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kerr G S Pte 251109 : Photo
Kincaid J B Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Linton A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Loudon R Lt : Photo
Mackenzie T G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Mackie E G Lt : Group Photo
Mackie W M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacLean M L/Cpl 40019 : Obituary
Maclear H Lt Col DSO : Photo
MacMillan A P Pte 16973 : Obituary
MacMullen Lt : Group Photo
MacPherson G D Major : Photo and Group Photo
Matthews B C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McDonald H B Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
McDonald J Cpl 15171 : Obituary
McFarlane R A Lt : Group Photo
McGinty W Pte 16982 : Obituary
M'Leod A Pte : Obituary
McNicol M Pte 375476 : Photo
Mills G H Pte 23128 Photo
Mitchell J T R Lt Col DSO : Photo and Obituary
Mitchell J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Munro C B Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Murray W J Pte 48465 : Obituary
Pendall W A Pte 13657 : Obituary
Penney I C Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Rae J S L/Cpl 40097 : Obituary
Raymond E H B Major : Group Photo
Richardson E V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Robertson G S Captain : Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Scott H M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Shaw J D Lt : Photo and Obituary
Smith T 2nd Lt : Photo
Sneddon J Pte 18547 : Photo
Tomlinson T M Lt : Group Photo
Tulloch J Pte 40041 : Photo and Obituary
Underwood H J Lt : Group Photo
Wallerstein Brig Gen : Group Photo
Wilson T G Cpl 23004 : Photo and Obituary
Yule C W Captain : Photo and Group Photo


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