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A Soldier In The Seaforth Highlanders

Seaforth Highlanders WW1 Photos


Cuidich 'n Righ: Queen's Own Highlanders,Seaforth and Camerons

Soldiers Died in the Great War: Seaforth Highlanders

The Spirit of the Troops is Excellent: The 6th (Morayshire) Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders in the Great War 1914 - 1919

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Agar R P 2nd Lt : Photo
Alison G N Captain : Photo and Photo
Allan J Acting Cpl S/7799 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson Sergt DCM MM : Group Photo
Anderson N H Pte S/9152 : Photo and Obituary
Anderson T Cpl : Photo
Anderson W Pte 154638 : Short Record Of Service
Arbuthnot K W Major : Photo
Austin A Pte S/13684 : Short Record Of Service
Baddon G R Pte 642482 : Short Record Of Service
Baikie G L/Cpl : Photo
Barron J Pte 24303 : Photo
Blackwood M H 2nd Lt : Photo
Boyd W N L Lt : Photo
Bradford E R Lt Col Sir : Photo , Photo , Photo and Photo
Brotherton 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brown 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bruce D Lt Col The Hon : Photo and Photo
Burness A R Lt : Newspaper Photo
Cameron A I D 2nd Lt : Photo
Campion E Major : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Carden D A Major : Photo and Obituary
Cargill D C 2nd Lt MC : Obituary
Chadwick 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cheyne W Pte 13372 : Photo
Cochrane W K Lt : Short Record Of Service
Coles Sergt MM : Group Photo
Cooper Lt : Group Photo
Cormack D Pte : Photo
Cropper Sergt : Group Photo
Davidson D Pte 40156 : Obituary
Deeley W J Pte 909 : Obituary
Dunbar Sergt : Group Photo
Dunnett J Pte : Photo
Dunton RSM MC : Group Photo
Etherson Sergt MM : Group Photo
Faithfull F W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Feilden G J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Fenoulhet 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
Ferguson W B Pte 25779 : Obituary
Forbes H W Pte S/17590 : Photo and Obituary
Forbes R A Pte 25547 : Obituary
Forbes-Robertson K Captain : Photo
Fraser CQMS MM : Group Photo
Gamble H V Lt : Photo
Gentles W N L/Cpl S/14649 : Photo
Georgeson H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Giers Acting Captain : Group Photo
Gilles Sergt : Group Photo
Glass J F 2nd Lt : Photo
Gray Sergt : Group Photo
Gray P M Pte 241491 : Photo
Grove P C 2nd Lt : Photo
Hart Sergt : Group Photo
Henry W A Pte S/16157 : Photo
Hepburn M A 2nd Lt : Photo
Hepburn W D Captain : Photo
Hepplewhite Sergt : Group Photo
Horner Sergt : Group Photo
Hossack CSM MM : Group Photo
Hunter J A L/Cpl 982 : Photo
Inkster P J Pte S/18971 : Photo
Jameson H R V 2nd Lt : Photo
Jeffers W Pte 2127 : Obituary
Kestin 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kirk J Rev MC : Group Photo
Laing R Major MC : Group Photo
Latta R W C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Latto Sergt : Group Photo
Lawson J L 2nd Lt : Photo
Lindsay Sergt : Group Photo
Love Sergt MM : Group Photo
Lovegrove 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Macaulay B W 2nd Lt : Photo
MacCormack 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacCready Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald W F 2nd Lt MC : Photo
MacGregor M Pte : Photo
Macguire Sergt : Group Photo
Macguire Sergt MM : Group Photo
Mack W Sergt (Krutzman) 9389 : Photo
MacKay CSM DCM : Group Photo
MacKay W Piper : Photo
MacKenzie Sergt : Group Photo
Mackenzie 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacKenzie A K 2nd Lt : Photo
MacKenzie K B Captain : Photo
MacKintosh D Lt VC : Obituary
Mackintosh-Walker 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
MacLachlan K D M Captain : Photo
MacLean Sergt : Group Photo
MacLeod D Piper : Photo
MacMillan R A C 2nd Lt : Photo
MacPhee Sergt : Group Photo
Macpherson Lt : Group Photo
MacRae 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacSwan A Pte 6247 : Photo
Main J Pte 85 : Obituary
Manson T Pte : Photo
McKenzie W Sergt 8876 : Photo
Maciver Sergt : Group Photo
Matheson Sergt : Group Photo
Methven D G Captain : Photo
Monteith W A R 2nd Lt : Photo
Moore Sergt : Group Photo
Monteith 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Mowat C D Pte S/10814 : Photo
Muir Sergt : Group Photo
Munro Sergt : Group Photo
Munro C Pte S/40768 : Photo
Munro D Lt Qtr Mst : Photo and Group Photo
Munro H Lt : Photo
Munro H C S Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Norbury Lt : Group Photo
Orr J A A Lt : Obituary
Paterson Captain : Group Photo
Paterson J W L/Cpl S/21773 : Photo
Perkins Sergt : Group Photo
Pitoiset M Interpreter : Group Photo
Rae 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rankine Sergt : Group Photo
Robson Sergt : Group Photo
Rose Sergt : Group Photo
Rose H P 2nd Lt : Photo
Rosie G Cpl : Photo
Ross W Sergt : Photo
Scott W Pte 265973 : Obituary
Selby-Lowndes 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Shaw Sergt : Group Photo
Sinclair R L/Cpl S/16029 : Photo
Sinclair T Pte : Photo
Smellie 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
Smith 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Smith Sergt : Group Photo
Smythe 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Spencer H M Captain : Newspaper Photo
Stewart W G Pte 23302 : Obituary
Stirling E E Captain : Photo
Stirling W A Captain : Photo
Sutherland Sergt : Group Photo
Sutthery D W Lt : Group Photo
Swanson D A M Pte : Photo
Tait G Pte 10448 : Obituary
Tarratt 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Trimmer CSM : Group Photo
Warrand D Captain : Photo
Williamson A Pte S/7482 : Photo
Williamson G Pte 265480 : Obituary
Williamson J C Pte S/7481 : Photo
Wilson Sergt : Group Photo
Wright Sergt : Group Photo


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