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A Soldier In The Seaforth Highlanders

Seaforth Highlanders WW1 Photos


Cuidich 'n Righ: Queen's Own Highlanders,Seaforth and Camerons

Soldiers Died in the Great War: Seaforth Highlanders

The Spirit of the Troops is Excellent: The 6th (Morayshire) Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders in the Great War 1914 - 1919

7th Battalion (Service)

Addie T Cpl 8833 : Photo
Alexander E M-M Captain : Short Record Of Service
Anderson F W Pte 204667 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson R Pte 8079 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson W Pte 22705 : Photo
Allan J Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Baikie A Pte S/5071 : Photo
Bain G Pte S/7673 : Photo
Banks C J Pte S/12657 : Photo
Begg R A Lt : Group Photo
Bennett Captain : Group Photo
Bennitt H P Captain : Photo
Besly E F W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bisset A M Pte S/12981 : Photo and Obituary
Black A Pte S/12741 : Photo
Blackstone M Pte S/10770 : Photo
Brash J Captain DSO MC : Photo
Bruce-Lockhart N Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Burn C P M Major : Group Photo
Byrne A Pte S/6241 : Photo
Cameron H Pte S/41341 : Obituary
Collindridge J Pte 8759 : Photo
Cormack W Pte 27957 : Photo
Clyne G L/Cpl : Photo
Douglas K M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Farmer H G Lt : Group Photo
Forrest J W 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Fraser F W I J Captain : Group Photo
Gaisford W T Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Galloway H B Major : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Garden N M Pte 3039 : Photo
Gascoigne C C O Captain DSO : Group Photo
Gibson R Pte 25784 : Photo
Gilmour D 2nd Lt : Photo
Gordon E R A Lt : Group Photo
Grant W H Lt : Group Photo
Gunn D Lt : Photo
Henderson W T Captain MC : Group Photo
Jackson E F Lt MC : Photo
James R M Pte 205352 : Obituary
Jameson I H S Lt : Group Photo
Johnston R J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kerin C S Captain : Photo
Kerr J F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kerr-Clark St R R Captain : Photo
Logan R 2nd Lt : Photo
Lumsden L G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Macaulay H Lt : Photo
MacGregor B Pte 21685 : Obituary
MacKenzie-Grieve C J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacKintosh A W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacLeod J Pte 12652 : Obituary
MacLeod K K Captain : Group Photo
MacLeod M C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacPherson R D M 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Photo
MacWhirter J A Pte 204367 : Photo
McFadyean R L/Cpl S/24769 : Photo
McJannet W R B Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
McLaughlin E A C 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
McLaughlin H G B Lt : Photo and Photo Of Grave
McEwan G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Morrison S A 2nd Lt : Photo
Munro F P S Pte 23083 : Obituary
Munro T M 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Photo
Murray P M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Murray W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Oliphant F M Captain : Group Photo
Olson A C Pte 241498 : Photo
Paterson Lt : Group Photo
Paxton W Pte 13688 : Photo
Peterson P Pte 3/8104 : Photo
Riddell A G Pte 22855 : Obituary
Robb D L/Cpl S/10975 : Photo
Ross J G 2nd Lt : Photo
Sandison J M Pte S/16996 : Photo
Scarth J C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Scott R W T G 2nd Lt : Photo
Shaw J L/Cpl 8673 : Photo
Shaw R D S Captain : Photo and Obituary
Simpson J K Pte : Photo
Stirling A Major : Photo and Group Photo
Stuart J A L/Cpl S/25114 : Obituary
Sturrock L J Pte S/17407 : Photo
Taylor W Pte 25031 : Obituary
Thallon F G Pte 40809 : Obituary
Traill C J Lt : Group Photo
Vaughan C A V 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Webb M H Sergt 41561 : Obituary
Weir W H Pte : Obituary
Wyndham-Green G H Lt : Photo and Group Photo


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