Cameron Highlanders

An Officer In The Cameron Highlanders

An Officer In The Cameron Highlanders

Battalion Unknown

Allan R Pte 8666 : Short Record Of Service
Austin F Coy Sergt Maj S/50283 : Short Record Of Service
Budge J Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Busby W G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cameron Brevet Lt Col : Photo
Coventry C J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Drummond J W 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dudgeon R M Capain & Adjt attd 9th R Scots : Group Photo
Fergusson D H L Lt : Photo
Heywood W Pte : Photo
MacKenzie G B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Mackenzie J D Cpl DCM : Photo
MacIntosh A Captain attd 9th R Scots : Group Photo
MacPhail J F Sergt : Photo
McLachlan J D Lt Col : Photo
McPhee A D Captain MC : Photo
Nicholson J C Pte : Photo
Scalby J Pte : Obituary
Sloman W Pte : Photo
Smith J W Pte 44726 : Obituary
Warrand H W Captain : Group Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Allan A C Lt Col : Group Photo
Barron J O Pte S/23580 : Photo and Obituary
Bolt R L/Cpl 6444 : Photo
Brodie D E Captain : Photo
Brodie E J Captain : Photo
Brown D M Lt : Photo
Burns W K 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Burt A Pte DCM 6343 : Photo
Butterfield R H Pte 4631 : Photo
Cameron A G Captain : Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Cameron D Major : Group Photo
Cameron H W L Lt : Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Cameron I G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Cameron N C G Lt : Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo , Obituary and Group Photo
Cameron N K 2nd Lt Attd 5th Btn : Group Photo
Cameron W Lt : Photo
Cameron W M Lt : Photo
Cassell J Pte 17821 : Photo
Cavaye R J Captain MBE : Short Record Of Service
Cavaye R M Lt : Short Record Of Service
Craig-Brown E Lt Col DSO : Short Record Of Service
Crawford A P Pte 7049 : Obituary
Drummond W M Staff Captain MC Croix de Guerre : Short Record Of Service
Duff G B Captain : Group Photo
Ewan G M Pte S/22657 : Photo and Obituary
Fraser A Pte 23090 : Obituary
Fraser G I Captain : Group Photo
Gilhooly J Pte 7825 : Photo
Gillespie W L/Cpl S/23206 : Photo
Graeme L O Lt Col : Photo
Grant C R L/Cpl 5995 : Photo
Grant J D Pte 31329 : Obituary
Guthrie T M Pte 17606 : Photo
Harley J F Pte : Photo
Hendry J W L/Cpl S/26742 : Photo
Hogg T Pte 17431 : Photo
Horne A Captain : Photo
Johnstone R F L Lt : Photo
Kennedy J 2nd Lt : Photo
MacDonald R M Lt : Photo and Photo
MacDonell A S 2nd Lt : Photo
MacFarlan F A Col : Group Photo
MacKenzie G T Pte 26831 : Obituary
Mackinnon A H 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
MacKintosh A H Captain : Group Photo
Maclaclan J D Major : Group Photo
Matheson J S M Major : Group Photo
Maxwell H H 2nd Lt : Obituary
McLean H L/Cpl S/22886 : Obituary
McGregor A S Pte 41616 : Photo
Meiklejohn K F Lt : Photo and Photo
Miers D N C C Captain : Photo , Photo , Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Nicholson A D Major : Photo and Group Photo
Nicholson A S Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Orr J A Captain : Group Photo
Pinto H E Sig 41641 : Obituary
Ramsay J G Lt Col : Group Photo
Robertson L Captain : Photo
Ross A S 2nd Lt : Photo
Ross T S 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Sorel-Cameron G C M Major : Group Photo
Simpson A M Pte 14455 : Photo
Smith J G Pte 40281 : Obituary
Smith-Sligo A G R Lt : Photo and Obituary
Steinberg I Pte 40287 : Photo
Stevenson G Cpl 9137 : Obituary
Stewart R N Major : Group Photo
Stewart-Murray J T Major Lord : Group Photo
Stoddart F Pte 40398 : Obituary
Tollerton R Pte VC : Photo
Traill S G Lt : Group Photo and Photo
Tulloch T Pte S/29822 : Photo and Photo
Williamson J B L/Cpl 9379 : Photo
Wilson H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Wilson P J C Lt : Photo
Yeadon A P Major & Qtr Mst : Group Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Aberdeen J Cpl 5391 : Photo
Addison W Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Anderson J R H Lt : Photo
Baird P T C Captain : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Cameron I C Captain : Group Photo
Cochrane C Pte 11101 : Obituary
Collier A L Captain MC : Group Photo
Davidson A B Pte 16166 : Photo
Davidson D G Lt : Group Photo
Drew J S Lt : Group Photo
Duncan L Captain : Short Record Of Service
Dunsmure H A H Lt : Photo
Fairweather J W C Captain : Group Photo
Finlayson G L/Cpl S/16719 : Photo
Fowler A A Captain : Photo
Fraser P W N Captain DSO : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Gorie T S Lt : Group Photo
Graeme L O Major : Group Photo
Grant D 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Grant I C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hay F P K Pte 8199 : Photo
Henderson R A C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Irvine A Pte 8531 : Photo
Lampson A C Lt : Group Photo
Laughton F E Captain MC : Group Photo
Letters R Major MC : Group Photo
Lumsden H T Captain : Group Photo
MacDonald D Captain & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
MacDonald P F Lt : Group Photo
MacDuff A Captain : Photo and Obituary
MacFadyen N D 2nd Lt : Photo
Macpherson A D Brig Gen CMG DSO : Photo and Group Photo
MacRury J A Pte 30630 : Photo
Maxwell W J Lt : Group Photo
McColl R L Lt : Group Photo
McCowan W H Captain : Group Photo
McDuff A Lt : Group Photo
McIntosh R R Lt : Photo and Obituary
McKerrell A de S Col : Group Photo
Methuen H C Lt : Group Photo
Mitford P Captain : Group Photo
Nicolson W D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Noble R M Lt : Group Photo
Ross H D Captain MC : Group Photo
Scott J Lt : Group Photo
Shearer T S Lt : Group Photo
Smeaton J F Pte S/16984 : Photo
Stewart R N Lt Col MC : Group Photo
Stoddart R T W Lt : Group Photo
Thomson N Y G Lt : Group Photo
Trotter R B Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Whiteford P Sergt 6965 : Photo
Young G M Sergt Maj DCM : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Collison G Lt : Photo
Gibson J G Lt : Obituary
MacDonald R I Captain The Hon : Obituary
MacKay W Pte : Photo
McGhee T A 2nd Lt : Photo
Middleton A S 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Sandys J Pte 15603 : Photo
Swanson C Pte : Photo
Warrand H M Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)

Allan W B L/Cpl 1849 : Photo
Allison T Captain : Group Photo and Obituary
Angus C Sergt : Group Photo
Baillie I H Captain : Photo
Bain A Sergt : Group Photo
Barber N Sergt : Group Photo
Bartholomew B J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baxter A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Beaton M Lt Col : Group Photo , Group Photo , Group Photo and Photo
Birrie A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Black J D M Lt : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Blake C K Coy Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Bookless J D Lt : Photo
Bruce J Sergt : Group Photo
Bruce P Sergt : Group Photo
Calder A G Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Calder W Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cameron D Sergt : Group Photo
Cameron N Sergt : Group Photo
Campbell C Captain : Group Photo
Campbell E Lt Col VD : Photo
Campbell J Captain : Group Photo
Campbell J Major : Group Photo
Campbell S Sergt : Group Photo
Cameron D Coy Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Cameron D Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Cameron K K Sergt : Group Photo
Cameron W G Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Cattanach W E Lt : Group Photo
Chalmers J Sergt : Group Photo
Chalmers T Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cheyne J T Pte 1120 : Photo
Chisholm R D Sergt 39 : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Clarke P Drummer : Group Photo
Clift J Lt : Group Photo
Cooper A W H Lt : Group Photo and Short Record Of Service
Corner A J Pte 1416 : Photo
Cronan E Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Dalgleish A L/Sergt : Group Photo
Davidson J Pte 1890 : Photo
Davidson R Sergt : Group Photo
Dow A Lt : Photo
Duff G B Captain : Group Photo
Falconer A CSM : Group Photo
Falconer G Sergt : Group Photo
Fletcher A M Captain : Group Photo
Fletcher J M Lt : Group Photo
Forbes C Sergt : Group Photo
Fox E Sergt : Group Photo
Fraser CSM : Group Photo
Fraser A Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Fraser A Sergt : Group Photo
Fraser H Major : Group Photo
Gardner W Sergt : Group Photo
Geddie G A 2nd Lt : Photo
Gibson M Coy Qtr Sergt : Group Photo
Gordon A Sergt : Group Photo
Gordon E Reg Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Graham E Sergt : Group Photo
Grant N Sergt : Group Photo
Grant W Sergt : Group Photo
Hannan A Sergt : Group Photo
Hercher C Sergt : Group Photo
Hislop W Sergt : Group Photo
Hughes A W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hunter C H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Innes M Lt : Group Photo
Jarman R Staff Sergt Inst : Group Photo
Johnson G M Lt : Group Photo
Kitson L Sergt : Group Photo
Laughton Lt : Group Photo
Lawson H Sergt : Group Photo
Lockie J Major & Qtr Mst : Group Photo and Group Photo
Low H B Lt : Group Photo
Lubbock C L/Sergt : Group Photo
Keates H Reg Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Kelly F Lt : Group Photo
Kemble H W Lt Col : Group Photo
Kemp R Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
MacArthur N Captain & Adj : Group Photo
MacBain P Sergt : Group Photo
MacBean J Sergt DCM : Group Photo
MacCallum A Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald A Reg Sergt Maj : Group Photo
MacDonald A CSM : Group Photo
MacDonald D L/Cpl 1772 : Photo
MacDonald D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald K Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald N Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald R Major : Obituary
MacDonald T Sergt : Group Photo
MacGregor R Sergt : Group Photo
MacIntosh W G Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
MacIver D J 2nd Lt : Photo
MacKenzie D Sergt : Group Photo
MacKay I Lt : Group Photo
MacKay K Sergt : Group Photo
MacKay W Lt : Group Photo
MacKenzie A Sergt : Group Photo
MacKenzie A R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacKenzie D F Captain : Photo , Photo and Group Photo
MacKenzie H Sergt : Group Photo
MacKenzie N B Captain : Group Photo
Mackinnon D D Pte 1111 : Photo
MacKintosh A Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
MacKintosh A G Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
MacKintosh H A Lt : Group Photo
MacKintosh J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacLaren Lt : Group Photo
MacLaren J F Captain : Photo
MacLaren F Sergt : Group Photo
MacLeod L Sergt : Group Photo
MacMillan D Sergt : Group Photo
MacPherson D Sergt : Group Photo
MacPherson J Captain : Photo and Group Photo
MacPherson J D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacRae A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacRae A Sergt : Group Photo
Macvinish J Sergt : Group Photo
Martin J Sergt : Group Photo
Matheson CSM : Group Photo
Matheson J Sergt : Group Photo
Matheson J Drum Major : Group Photo
McBean A H Captain : Group Photo
McDonald J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McErlich R Captain : Photo
McGillivray C F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McPhail D J Pte : Photo
McKay H Captain MC : Photo
Melven D C L/Cpl 2165 : Photo
Melville D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Milne F L/Sergt : Group Photo
Morrison H Captain : Group Photo
Morrison M Sergt : Group Photo
Muirhead G Sergt : Group Photo
Munro A Sergt : Group Photo
Nelson I T Lt : Group Photo
Nelson J T Captain : Group Photo
Nicholson A Sergt : Group Photo
Nicolson J C Pte 2558 : Photo
Ormiston E Sergt : Group Photo
Paterson A F 2nd Lt : Photo
Paterson D L/Cpl 645 : Photo
Polson T Coy Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Powell A T 2nd Lt : Photo
Price J RSM : Group Photo
Reid J Sergt : Group Photo
Robertson F C Sergt : Group Photo
Robertson J Sergt : Group Photo
Roemmele M Lt : Group Photo
Ross A Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Ross H D Major : Photo
Ross J S Pipe Major : Group Photo
Ross R Sergt : Group Photo
Ross W Sergt : Group Photo
Scott W J coy Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Shaw W J Lt : Group Photo
Smith A Pte 1997 : Photo
Smith D Sergt : Group Photo
Smith J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stanley A Sergt : Group Photo
Sutherland A Lt : Group Photo
Thompson Lt : Group Photo
Thorne E Sergt : Group Photo
Tulloch H L/Cpl 1644 : Photo
Urquhart A Lt : Photo
Urquhart D L/Cpl 23939 : Obituary
Walker T Sergt : Group Photo
White H M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wormald J L/Sergt : Group Photo

5th Battalion (Service)

Armstrong J Pte 11748 : Obituary
Austin W D Pte 203356 : Photo and Obituary
Batchelor J A Pte S/21015 : Photo and Obituary
Black J G Lt : Short Record Of Service
Blacklaw D T L/Cpl 20540 : Obituary
Boulton C H E Lt : Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Bromfield-Williams J 2nd Lt : Photo
Budge A S Pte 10666 : Photo
Cameron D W Col CMG : Photo
Cameron N K Captain : Photo
Cameron T W 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Coats T 2nd Lt : Photo
Dewar I D Captain : Photo
Dickson J R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Drummond D T 2nd Lt : Photo
Duff B P 2nd Lt : Photo
Dunsmure C H T : Photo
Ellice A Captain : Photo
Ewen A P Cpl 200346 : Obituary
Fairbairn W M Pte 22377 : Obituary
Fernie W L/Cpl 15676 : Obituary
Fraser D R Sergt S/11435 : Photo and Obituary
Gardiner G A V Pte 23750 : Photo and Obituary
Giggal H L/Cpl 23805 : Photo
Gourlay W N Captain : Photo
Grant W St C Captain MC : Photo
Hamilton J H Pte S/22658 : Photo
Harris S Pte : Photo
Hay J M Sergt S/10135 : Photo
Larkins R D Pte 40895 : Obituary
MacAuslan J Pte 12132 : Photo
MacGregor R J Sergt : Obituary
MacKay J Pte : Photo
MacKay W Pte : Photo
MacLellan M Pte 30692 : Photo
McCulloch R P Pte S/12271 : Photo
McDonnell S Major The Hon GCVO KCB : Photo
McIver K Captain : Photo
McRonald A Pte 40070 : Obituary
McRorie J A R Pte 11591 : Photo
Melville D Captain MC : Photo
Mills D L/Cpl 18215 : Obituary
Milne A R Pte 10630 : Photo
Morrison A Captain : Photo and Obituary
Morrison E M Pte : Photo
Ogilvie-Grant J Captain Earl of Seafield : Photo
Phemister W Pte : Photo
Pollock J D Cpl VC : Photo
Rogers P F Pte S/12176 : Photo
Shand P L A Sig 5736 : Photo
Smith D Pte 27530 : Obituary
Smith F Pte S/12860 : Photo
Stewart S L/Cpl 22395 : Obituary
Thomson A J R Cpl 14539 : Photo
Watson W D L/Sergt S/10874 : Photo and Obituary

6th Battalion (Service)

Anderson R R Lt MC : Group Photo
Allan A Pte 25460 : Photo
Antrobus C H Captain : Photo and Photo
Appleyard C S Cpl S/21936 : Short Record Of Service
Arnot T G Pte 12332 : Photo and Obituary
Austin P Lt MC : Group Photo
Bain R R C Pte 15989 : Obituary
Begbie A V 2nd Lt : Photo
Biggar K 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Blackburn A K L/Cpl DCM MM 13175 : Obituary
Blades D P 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Brown A Pte 11727 : Obituary
Cameron A G D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cameron E S 2nd Lt : Photo
Cameron R D Lt : Obituary
Cameron S S Lt MC : Group Photo
Campbell A A Lt Sir : Photo
Carmichael A G 2nd Lt : Photo
Cran J P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Davey G A C Major : Group Photo
Deans H S Lt : Group Photo
Douglas-Hamilton A F Lt Col VC : Photo and Photo of Original Grave Marker
Dickson G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Drummond R K Captain MC + Bar : Photo
Durham W H Pte 27463 : Photo
Edmiston A H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fairman C H Lt : Group Photo
Ferguson J Pte 25813 : Photo
Forbes D Lt : Group Photo
Fraser A I S Pte 14832 : Photo
Fraser P S Captain : Group Photo
Gibb E J G Lt MC : Group Photo
Grindall H Captain MC : Group Photo
Jarvie R G Sniper 23262 : Photo
Jenkins J L C Captain MC : Group Photo
Ledingham T M Pte 32083 : Obituary
MacCunn F J Captain : Photo
MacDonald A R Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald R G Lt : Group Photo
MacIntyre H Pte 27109 : Obituary
MacKay I Major : Photo , Photo and Photo
MacLean R Major : Group Photo
MacLean M Lt : Group Photo
MacLeod N Lt Col CMG DSO : Photo and Group Photo
MacMaster D C D Lt : Photo
McDougall E G Captain : Photo
McKie J Lt : Group Photo
McKie W T Captain MC : Group Photo
Mill J D Pte 14750 : Photo
Milne H W Captain : Photo
Moffat M G F Captain & Adj MC : Group Photo
Newton C 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Orr T Captain MC : Group Photo
Prentice P F Lt : Group Photo
Ritchie D M Pte 12473 : Obituary
Robertson A Piper 41092 : Obituary
Scollay W Pte S/31327 : Photo
Smith A B Lt : Group Photo
Smith H Pte 40962 : Obituary
Souter F A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stewart R D Lt : Group Photo
Stewart J R Sig 25887 : Obituary
Summers J Pte 26190 : Obituary
Tait R Pte 1946 : Obituary
Tetford J G Lt : Group Photo
Thomas E G Lt : Group Photo
Thomson J P Lt : Photo
Wallace J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wishart D Lt : Group Photo
Wylie R D Captain : Photo

7th Battalion (Service)

Anderson R R Lt MC : Group Photo
Arnott R Pte 15260 : Obituary
Barron J Major : Photo
Bateman Captain MC : Group Photo
Bookless J T Lt MC : Photo
Borland W B Pte 14013 : Obituary
Boyd T C Captain : Photo
Burns A M Cpl S/13423 : Photo
Cameron Lt : Group Photo
Cameron F B Lt : Obituary
Cameron H E K Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cameron R A Sergt 13145 : Photo
Cameron W M Sergt 13383 : Obituary
Chapman Captain & Adj MC : Group Photo
Chisholm R Captain : Short Record Of Service
Cowie J J L/Cpl S/13806 : Photo
Cunningham Major DSO : Group Photo
Davis T Pte 16025 : Obituary
Denholm T S 2nd Lt : Photo
Dickson R J Sergt S/13783 : Photo
Findlay Captain MC : Group Photo
Fraser A Pte 16566 : Photo
Gatheral J Sergt S/13279 : Photo
Grant D P C L/Cpl S/22804 : Photo
Hamilton Captain : Group Photo
Hardman Lt : Group Photo
Johnston Captain : Group Photo
Kirkland W H Captain : Photo
Letham C J L/Cpl S/16776 : Photo
Lumsden Lt MC : Group Photo
MacCulloch I H Sergt 13691 : Photo
MacDonald Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald M D 2nd Lt : Photo
MacKay Lt : Group Photo
MacKerchar R J Pte S/40004 : Photo
MacLeay G C 2nd Lt : Photo
MacLeod N Lt Col CMG DSO : Group Photo
Marsh Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Martin Lt DSO : Group Photo
Mauchlin Lt MC : Group Photo
McCracken Lt MC : Group Photo
McNiven Lt : Group Photo
McRae Captain : Group Photo
Millar I A Sergt 13785 : Photo
Morton G R 2nd Lt MC : Photo and Photo
Murchison Lt : Group Photo
Nisbet C Pte : Photo
Ritchie T W Drummer 13670 : Obituary
Rollo Captain : Group Photo
Sandilands J W Brig Gen CB CMG DSO : Photo
Semple R W B 2nd Lt : Photo
Stewart J H Pte 220276 : Obituary
Stewart W G Captain MC : Group Photo
Stuart D A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Stuart W G S Captain MC : Obituary
Urquhart H Pte 23966 : Obituary
Van Wely T J Pte S/18803 : Photo
Watt B H 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary

8th Battalion (Reserve)

Anderson D Sergt : Group Photo
Anderson J W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Anderson P BSM : Group Photo
Anderson T Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Ballard V Sergt : Group Photo
Barry T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Black A Sergt : Group Photo
Blues W Com Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Bradshaw J Sergt : Group Photo
Bremner R Sergt : Group Photo
Briggs V Sergt : Group Photo
Burn-Murdoch H Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Caldwell J H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cameron E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cameron L C R D J Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Cameron R H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Campbell A Sergt : Group Photo
Campbell-Orde A J Major Sir : Group Photo and Group Photo
Cassie W Sergt : Group Photo
Clark S R Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Colledge F W Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Crawford J 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Dickie R 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Donaldson A C Captain : Photo
Eustace Sergt Inst : Group Photo
Fisher W Sergt : Group Photo
Forbes D 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Forbes M Sergt : Group Photo
Forbes-Gordon A D Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Foulis J B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Foulton A Sergt : Group Photo
Fraser J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gardner A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Goudie H B 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Gow A Captain : Group Photo
Grant J W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gunn G Col : Photo , Group Photo , Group Photo and Group Photo
Hammond R Sergt : Group Photo
Hart J Sergt : Group Photo
Hathorn G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hay A Com Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Hempseed T Sergt : Group Photo
Henderson A Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Horne C Sergt : Group Photo
Hume T Sergt : Group Photo
Hunter A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jamieson J Sergt : Group Photo
Jerratt L S R Sergt : Group Photo
Johnston A Sergt : Group Photo
Kay J Sergt : Group Photo
Laing L S W Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Lamb J 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Little J Sergt : Group Photo
Lockhart T Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Logan J Sergt : Group Photo
Lorimer J B Captain : Group Photo , Group Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Lovelock A R Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Lowe W J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Luke J A 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacAulay A 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Macaween J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald A Sergt : Group Photo
MacDonald A J Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacDonald A R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacDonald D 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacDougall E G Captain : Group Photo
MacGinnes L S W Sergt : Group Photo
MacGregor D C 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacGregor R 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacIver K Captain : Group Photo
MacKay C W D 2nd Lt : Photo
MacKay J Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
MacKay J W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacKay M S 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
MacKendrick D Sergt : Group Photo
MacKendrick J Sergt : Group Photo
MacKenzie G Sergt : Group Photo
MacKenzie J K 2nd Lt : Group Photo
MacKenzie R Sergt : Group Photo
MacKinnon S C 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacLaughlan P CSM : Group Photo
MacLean A J Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
MacLeod I R Lt : Group Photo
MacLeod J Sergt : Group Photo
MacLeay Sergt : Group Photo
MacMillan J Sergt Piper : Group Photo
MacRae K CSM : Group Photo
McInnes D Col Sergt : Group Photo
Milligan D W 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Milne T 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
More T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Morrison J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Morrison N 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Muir M C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Munro H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Murchison M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Nisbet W Sergt : Group Photo
Pearson R Sergt : Group Photo
Rankin J G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Robertson A Sergt : Group Photo
Russell I G Sergt Maj : Group Photo
Ross W Sergt : Group Photo
Scott F Sergt : Group Photo
Small R Sergt : Group Photo
Spinks R Sergt : Group Photo
Stephen J Sergt : Group Photo
Taylor G Sergt : Group Photo
Temple A Sergt : Group Photo
Thallon A Sergt : Group Photo
Tod A K 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Wallace D H Lt : Group Photo
Wilkinson D S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wilson W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Young A Col Sergt : Group Photo
Young A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Young H A 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo

9th Battalion

Grant-Peterkin Lt Col OBE : Photo

10th (Lovat’s Scouts) Battalion

Addison W Coy QM Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Goudie S H Sergt 225273 : Photo
Henderson G F Captain MC : Short Record Of Service

11th Battalion

Free C T Pte S/49833 : Short Record Of Service
Hunter D Pte : Photo
Verth W C Pte 43445 : Obituary