Canadian Expeditionary Force

A Group Of Canadian Soldiers

A Group Of Canadian Soldiers

Battalion Unknown

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

Lord Strathcona’s Horse

Canadian Light Horse

Royal Canadian Dragoons

Royal Canadian Regiment

1st Battalion (Western Ontario Battalion)

2nd Battalion (Eastern Ontario Regiment)

3rd Battalion (Toronto Regiment)

4th Battalion (Central Ontario)

5th Battalion (Western Canada Cavalry)

6th Battalion (Fort Garry Horse)

7th Battalion (1st British Columbia Regiment)

8th Battalion (The Black Devils/90th Winnipeg Rifles)

9th Battalion

10th Battalion (10th Canadians)

11th Battalion

12th Battalion

13th Battalion (Royal Highlanders Of Canada)

14th Battalion (Royal Montreal Regiment)

15th Battalion (48th Highlanders Of Canada)

16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish)

17th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders/Seaforth Highlanders of Canada)

18th Battalion (Western Ontario)

19th Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment)

20th Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment)

21st Battalion (Eastern Ontario)

22nd Battalion (French Canadian)

23rd Battalion (Montreal Battalion)

24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles)

25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles)

26th Battalion (New Brunswick Battalion)

27th Battalion (City Of Winnipeg Regiment)

28th Battalion (North West Battalion)

29th Battalion (Vancouver Battalion/Tobin’s Tigers)

30th Battalion (British Columbia)

31st Battalion (Alberta Regiment)

32nd Battalion (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)

33rd Battalion

34th Battalion (Overseas Battalion)

35th Battalion

36th Battalion

37th Battalion (Canadian Overseas Battalion)

38th Battalion (Royal Ottawa Battalion)

39th Battalion

40th Battalion (Nova Scotia)

41st Battalion (French Canadian)

42nd Battalion (Royal Highlanders Of Canada)

43rd Battalion (Cameron Highlanders Of Canada)

44th Battalion (New Brunswick Regiment)

45th Battalion (Manitoba)

46th Battalion (South Saskatchewan)

47th Battalion (British Columbia)

48th Battalion (British Columbia)

49th Battalion (Edmonton Regiment)

50th Battalion (Calgary)

51st Battalion (Edmonton)

52nd Battalion (New Ontario)

53rd Battalion (North Saskatchewan Regiment)

54th Battalion (Kootenay Battalion)

55th Battalion (New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island)

56th Battalion (The Calgary Highlanders)

57th Battalion (Canadien Francais)

58th Battalion (The Royal Regiment Of Canada)

59th Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment)

60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada)

61st Battalion (Winnipeg)

62nd Battalion (British Columbia)

63rd Battalion (Edmonton)

64th Battalion (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)

65th Battalion (The North Saskatchewan Regiment)

66th Battalion (Edmonton Guards)

67th Battalion (Western Scots)

68th Battalion (Regina)

69th Battalion (Canadien-Francais)

70th Battalion

71st Battalion

72nd Battalion (Seaforth Highlanders Of Canada)

73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders Of Scotland)

74th Battalion (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)

75th Battalion (Mississauga)

76th Battalion (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment)

77th Battalion (Ottawa)

78th Battalion (Winnipeg Grenadiers)

79th Battalion (Manitoba)

80th Battalion

81st Battalion

82nd Battalion

83rd Battalion (The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada)

85th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders)

86th Battalion (The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry)

87th Battalion (Canadian Grenadier Guards)

88th Battalion (Victoria Fusiliers)

89th Battalion (Alberta)

90th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles)

91st Battalion (Elgin)

92nd Battalion (48th Highlanders of Canada)

94th Battalion (New Ontario)

96th Battalion (Canadian Highlanders)

102nd Battalion (The British Columbia Regiment)

107th Battalion (Winnipeg Battalion)

116th Battalion (Ontario County)

137th Battalion (Calgary)

142nd Battalion (London’s Own)

147th Battalion (Grey)

148th Battalion

172nd Battalion (Rocky Mountain Rangers)

179th Battalion (Cameron Highlanders Of Canada)

1st Canadian Mounted Rifles

2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles

3rd Canadian Mounted Rifles

4th Canadian Mounted Rifles

5th Canadian Mounted Rifles

6th Canadian Mounted Rifles

7th Canadian Mounted Rifles

8th Canadian Mounted Rifles

9th Canadian Mounted Rifles

10th Canadian Mounted Rifles

11th Canadian Mounted Rifles

12th Canadian Mounted Rifles

13th Canadian Mounted Rifles

14th Canadian Mounted Rifles

15th Canadian Mounted Rifles

16th Canadian Mounted Rifles

17th Canadian Mounted Rifles

19th Canadian Mounted Rifles

Canadian Army Chaplains

Canadian Army Medical Corps

Canadian Army Service Corps

Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

Canadian Cavalry Machine Gun Sqn

Canadian Cyclist Corps

Canadian Field Artillery

Canadian Forestry Corps

Canadian Garrison Artillery

Canadian Gas Services Corps

Canadian Horse Artillery

Canadian Labour Corps

Canadian Machine Gun Corps

Canadian Pioneers

Canadian Railway Troops

Royal Canadian Engineers

A Soldier In The Canadian Expeditionary Force

A Soldier In The Canadian Expeditionary Force