Connaught Rangers

An Officer In The Connaught Rangers

An Officer In The Connaught Rangers

Battalion Unknown

Cope F W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Devine J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Foley M R Pte : Short Record Of Service

1st Battalion (Regular)

Abbott G D Lt : Photo
Armstrong-Lushington-Tulloch G de M Lt : Photo and Photo and Obituary
Aveling L N Lt : Photo
Callaghan G F Major MC : Short Record Of Service
D’Arcy J Captain : Short Record Of Service
Greer D A Lt : Photo
Iliff H W Bandsman : Short Record Of Service
Iliff F W Sergt MSM : Short Record Of Service
Lynch F W Lt : Photo
MacDowel B G Lt : Photo
Thomas R I Lt : Photo
Turner C A C 2nd Lt : Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Abercrombie A W Lt Col : Photo and Photo
Benison R B 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Blacker C F Lt : Photo and Obituary
Cooke H H A Captain : Photo
De Stacpoole R A Lt : Photo and Obituary
Farrell P Pte 7116 : Photo
Fenton G R Lt : Photo
Fraser J Lt : Photo
Hack C E Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Henderson R M H Lt : Obituary
Leader F W M Captain : Photo and Photo
Lentaigne V A 2nd Lt : Photo
Mallins C J O 2nd Lt : PhotoPhoto and Photo
Montgomery A 2nd Lt : Photo
Pakenham W H L/Cpl 7765 : Photo
Reid J Pte 7963 : Obituary
Roche W W Captain : Photo
Saker F H Captain : Photo
Sarsfield W S Major : Photo
Thompson G Captain attd 13th London Regt : Photo
Barker W G S Lt : Photo
Wickham A T C Lt : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Bethell F H Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bodkin J J Captain : Short Record Of Service
Campbell M I M Major MC : Photo
Goodfellow E A F 2nd Lt : Photo
Horton W Cpl 5247 : Photo
Kavanagh J J Captain MC : Photo
Levy B M Sergt 9793 : Photo
Summerscales C 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Wallis D B 2nd Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Extra Reserve)

Atwell R E Lt : Obituary
Battersby A W Lt : Photo
Belemore R A Captain : Photo
Griffin W G Pte 5684 : Short Obituary
Hughes C J Captain : Photo
O’Connell D C 2nd Lt : Photo
Stone H W D 2nd Lt : Photo

5th Battalion (Service)

Ball C E Pte 1514 : Short Record Of Service
Bennett G R 2nd Lt : Photo
Blake A J W Lt : Photo
Burke J E 2nd Lt : Photo
Carmody E Cpl 5112 : Photo
Criddle A C Pte 5102 : Obituary
Gallagher M Pte 3761 : Obituary
Law S Pte 5655 : Photo
Mackeown J H Lt : Obituary
McCabe J Pte 3432 : Obituary
Richards H H L 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary

6th Battalion (Service)

Beatty E E Lt : Photo
Cummins F K Captain : Photo
Garvey I H Captain MC : Photo
Gwynn S Lt : Newspaper Photo
Haire G Lt : Photo
Hughes T Pte VC : Drawing Of Investiture
MacDonnell J O’C de C Lt : Photo
MacSherry D J 2nd Lt : Photo
Miles H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Parke W H Captain : Photo
Russell A H E Captain : Photo
Sheridan H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Stritch G S Captain : Photo