Gloucestershire Regiment

Soldiers In The Gloucestershire Regiment

Soldiers In The Gloucestershire Regiment

Battalion Unknown

A’Court E E Pte 28455 : Record Of Service
Baker W Captain MC : Photo
Burges D Lt Col VC : Photo
Bush H G de L Lt MC : Photo and Obituary
Dean J Pte : Newspaper Photo
Dolphin A Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Dudbridge L Captain MC + Bar : Photo
Green G F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Herbert E R Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Hopkins C Comp Sergt Major DCM 5794 : Newspaper Photo
Huggins E H Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Morgan W W Lt MC : Photo
Pollock S G Lt : Photo
Ridgway H R J W 2nd Lt : Photo
Shipway W G Lt MC : Photo
Sibly T M Captain : Photo
Smith M Cpl : Photo
Stallard J A Pte 44568 : Photo
Stephens G 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Terrell F W Lt : Photo
Vicary A C Captain MC : Photo
Walker G A Lt : Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Back H A Lt : Photo
Baynes N W F Major : Photo
Blyth R C P Captain : Photo
Brown L C Lt : Obituary
Caunter J A L Captain : Photo
Clairmonte G E 2nd Lt : Photo
Cleaver S Pte 7722 : Obituary
Danckwerts R W Lt : Photo and Obituary
Davis E J Pte MM 10179 : Obituary
De Trafford R F Lt : Newspaper Photo
Foster H K 2nd Lt : Photo
Freeman A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Gardner R M S Major : Photo
Gosling G Lt MC : Photo
Harman C R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Harrowell H E Pte 285063 : Short Record Of Service
Herbert M C N Lt : Photo
Hippisley H E 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Holme A C Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Hopkins W Pte 34147 : Photo
McLeod A A Captain : PhotoPhoto and Photo
Priestley C L Captain : Photo
Richmond H C Captain : Photo
Rising R E Captain DSO : Photo
Russell H R Lt : Photo
Shipway G M Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Temple W A M Captain : Photo
Templer C F L Captain : Photo
Vaisey G M 2nd Lt : Photo
Wakeley J E S 2nd Lt : Photo
Wiggin D H Lt : Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Aplin E D Lt : Photo
Brenan B E 2nd Lt : Photo
Conner R Major : Obituary
Goodman H Pte : Photo
Harrison H M Lt : Photo
Lewbitz A L/Cpl : Photo
McLean W D Cpl : Obituary

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Duncan S Captain : Photo and Obituary
Hickling E R E Lt : Photo
Lambert E M Staff Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Sellman E N N Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial) (City Of Bristol)

Abbott S A Cpl 1722 : Photo
Beadell A G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bird P Lt : Group Photo
Booker C W H Pte 241370 : Obituary
Butler J B Lt Col : Group Photo
Clark H W Pte 202633 : Obituary
Clark W S Major : Group Photo
Cook F Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Cristall E Lt : Group Photo
Denton H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Down R H Lt : Photo
Gardner A J Captain : Group Photo
Harrison C T H Captain : Group Photo
Hunt E W Pte 4104 : Photo
Lee H E Captain : Group Photo
Lowe R Captain : Group Photo
Matthews E M Lt : Group Photo
Peters G 2nd Lt : Photo
Shipway W G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Stevenson A C Lt : Group Photo
Rummins H Lt & Adjt : Group Photo
Taylor F T Pte 202873 : Obituary
Thomas H V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Turner G A Lt : Group Photo
Veale D Captain : Group Photo
Ward F W Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Whitwill T N Captain : Group Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)

Arkell F J Lt : Photo
Arnot C 2nd Lt : Photo
Bamberger W E W 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Brotheridge G H Pte 51665 : Obituary
Bruton B V Captain : Photo
Causon S A Pte 2473 : Photo
Corry F W L/Cpl 39214 : Photo
Dodgshon A J C Lt : Obituary
Durrant D G 2nd Lt : Photo
Guise H G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Gurney K G 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones O A Pte 38509 formerly SWB : Photo
Palk L Pte 240740 : Photo
Puckridge C V N 2nd Lt : Photo
Saunders W Pte 44465 : Obituary
Searle P L/Cpl 29034 : Obituary
Stubbs W Pte 267160 : Photo
Tubbs S B Captain : Photo
Warner E P Pte 36357 : Photo
White A J Sergt 39197 : Photo
Wilson C H Pte 44489 : Obituary
Worthington R F Captain : Photo

6th Battalion (Territorial)

Berry A V Pte 267360 : Obituary
Bird E W Captain : Photo
Bullen G B L/Cpl 2898 : Photo
Byrt D R L/Cpl 265869 : Photo
Castle C H H Captain : Photo
Davies J H Sergt 285189 : Obituary
Eason E S Pte 4856 : Obituary
Horn O F Cpl 285150 : Photo
Kilburn J W L/Cpl 2984 : Photo
Nott H P Captain : Photo
Nott L C Captain MC : Photo
Nott T W Lt Col DSO : Photo
Pears N 2nd Lt : Obituary
Pendlebury C L Lt MC : Photo
Rosenberg (Rosen) L Pte 3552 : Photo
Sanders C C Pte 3355 : Photo
Taylor N Pte 16988 : Obituary
Titley R G Captain : Photo
Westacott D Pte 15529 : Obituary

7th Battalion (Service)

Bowen H Pte 24447 : Obituary
Coles T E L/Cpl 2331 : Obituary
Ferguson G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Forrest E A A Lt : Photo
Hallett A Pte 25771 : Short Record Of Service
Maine J L Cpl 10399 : Obituary
Ruck J E Major : Photo and Photo & Obituary
Scamell R F Captain : Photo
Simmonds R Pte 11183 : Photo
Squire S C Lt : Photo
Tresidder C T Captain : Photo
Young J C Pte 11180 : Photo
Younghusband A H F Lt Col DSO attd from Beds Regt : Photo

8th Battalion (Service)

Byers R H K Captain : Photo
Camp H W Cpl 11713 : Short Record Of Service
Cartwright A Pte 44627 : Photo
Cooke W T Pte 11936 : Obituary
Giles W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hastings N H B Captain : Photo
Hewetson C H Major : Photo
Hosken A N Sig 44537 : Obituary
Humphrey J H 2nd Lt : Obituary
James M A Captain VC : Photo
Marshall A E Pte 25618 : Photo
Mason W J Captain : Photo
Mott A L Pte 16349 : Photo
Parsons J J Pte 20660 : Obituary
Pattison R J J Pte 37186 : Obituary
Price E H Pte 30260 : Obituary

9th Battlaion (Service)

Hutchings R A Pte : Short Record Of Service

10th Battalion (Service)

Carnegy F A Lt : Photo
Gibbs I R Captain : Photo
Gostlow A L/Cpl 15771 : Photo
Hanks R H Pte 17419 : Photo
Hunter W B Sergt MM 16539 : Photo
Maybrey A J 2nd Lt : Photo
Patten A Pte 19404 : Obituary
Pay J L/Cpl 12138 : Photo
Randall H V Pte 36728 : Photo

11th Battalion (Reserve)

Drake P A 2nd Lt : Photo
Preston J A S Lt : Obituary

12th Battalion

Duckham M Pte 260433 : Obituary
Harris H J R Pte 35726 : Photo
Ireland J B Lt : Photo
Kirby B B Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Leicester D N 2nd Lt : Photo
Painter H S 2nd Lt : Photo
Richards N F K 2nd Lt : Photo
Robinson E A Captain : Photo
Simpson L Pte 36064 : Photo

13th Battalion (Forest Of Dean)

Barrow G Cpl 35313 : Obituary
Bullock A E Pte 18299 : Photo
Eaton H 2nd Lt : Photo
Hierons J H Pte 35363 : Photo
Jones H Captain MC : Photo
Miles A O 2nd Lt : Photo
Richardson W H Pte 18078 : Obituary

14th Battalion (West Of England)

Anson W G Pte 265915 : Obituary
Crowley R E Cpl 20783 : Obituary
Dewdney C M F Captain : Photo
Mason I Pte 32122 : Photo
Mayo A C Pte 32995 : Obituary
Parsons H F 2nd Lt VC : Photo
Vines W Pte 20921 : Obituary

18th Battalion

Bowen W J Pte 266360 : Short Record Of Service
Parry A E Pte 34836 : Obituary
Whiteman G M C L/Cpl 53628 : Photo & Obituary