Irish Guards

Officer In The Irish Guards

Officer In The Irish Guards

Battalion Unknown

Alexander E A S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Alexander W S P Captain DSO : Group Photo
Antrobus P H Captain : Group Photo
Baldwin O R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baggallay F C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baggallay R R C Lt Col DSO MC : Group Photo
Bambridge A G St C Acting Captain MC : Group Photo
Bambridge G L Lt : Group Photo
Barnewall C A 2nd Lt The Hon : Group Photo
Barry P R 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
Black J Captain MC : Group Photo and Group Photo
Blom A H Captain : Group Photo
Bodenham S L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Boyse A H Acting Major : Group Photo
Bracken H Acting Captain MC : Group Photo
Brady J J B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brookman E J Guardsman : Short Record Of Service
Brooks J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Broughton H J D Major : Group Photo and Group Photo
Browne C L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Browne D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Browne D S Captain MC : Group Photo
Browne F M Major Rev MC : Group Photo
Browne V E C 2nd Lt (Viscount Castlerosse) : Group Photo and Photo
Buller N Lt : Group Photo
Burke F W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Burke G Captain Sir : Group Photo
Butler L Major The Hon : Photo
Byrne R D E L A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cash F Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Chichester A C S Major The Hon : Group Photo and Group Photo
Corry T Comp Sergt Major DCM : Newspaper Photo and Group Photo
Coxon R E Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Crawford G L Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Dalton J W Captain : Group Photo
Dames-Longworth T Lt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Davison G R L Captain : Group Photo
De Salis A D R Lt Count : Group Photo
Dollar J B Lt : Group Photo
Dormer K E Captain : Group Photo
Dowler E H Lt : Group Photo
Duncan J D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Durant N F Lt : Group Photo
Eyre H J B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Faulkner W D Major MC : Group Photo
Fitzclarence C Brig Gen VC : Photo
Fitzclarence E C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fitzgerald D J B Captain : Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Fitzgerald J S N Captain MC : Group Photo
Fitzgerald P H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fleming C F Major : Group Photo
French-Brewster R A Major : Group Photo
Gamble R 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
Gibson T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gordon A F L Lt Col MC : Group Photo
Gough E J F Captain : Photo
Gough G Captain : Group Photo
Graham F F Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Gray-Jamrack A W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Guillet A R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Gunston D W Acting Major MC : Group Photo and Group Photo
Hacket-Pain T E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hall J R Major : Group Photo
Harding C R Lt : Group Photo
Harris A G St P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Harvey J Lt Col DSO : Group Photo
Haydon J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hegarty D J Captain MC : Group Photo
Herbert A 2nd Lt Hon : Photo
Hickle H Captain MC : Group Photo
Hood A L Lt : Group Photo
Hughes-Onslow O Captain : Group Photo
Hutchinson A E 2nd Lt MC : Group Photo
Innes-Ker R E Lt Lord : Photo and Photo
Kane J J Lt : Group Photo
Keenan J B Captain : Group Photo
Kemp R B H Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Kerry Lt Col The Earl of MVO DSO : Group Photo
Kingston Captain The Earl of : Group Photo
Koch De Gooreynd A L W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Langton J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Leidig G J L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lineham C Pte : Obituary
Long-Innes P S Major MC : Group Photo
Lysaght L 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Obituary
MacMahon P S Lt : Group Photo
MacMahon T F Captain MC : Group Photo
Mahony E R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Marshall J N Lt Col VC MC + Bar : Photo
Mathew T Lt MC : Group Photo
Maturin-Baird C E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Maughan T B 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Maxwell H H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McCausland C E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McEnroy P Sergt 2288 : Photo
Moodie D A B Lt MC : Group Photo
Mumford W C Captain : Group Photo
Murphy J J D F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Murphy L D Lt MC : Group Photo
Nash J N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Nugent G Brig Gen : Newspaper Photo
Nugent T E G Lt : Group Photo
Nugent E G Major MC : Group Photo
O’Brien D 2nd Lt The Hon : Group Photo
O’Brien T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
O’Connor J Pte DCM & Bar : Photo
O’Connor M Pte : Short Record Of Service
O’ H Moore C J H Captain MC : Group Photo
Orr J Captain : Group Photo
Paget R S G Lt : Group Photo
Proby D J Col : Group Photo
Pym A R Lt : Group Photo
Rae W G Lt : Group Photo
Reford R B S Captain MC : Group Photo
Repton G W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Reynolds J R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rodgers H Major Rev MC : Group Photo
Ross J F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Satchwell R E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Schweder K E Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Settrington Lt Lord : Group Photo
St C Bambridge A G Captain MC : Group Photo
Stevens W Captain : Group Photo and Group Photo
Stewart J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Tallents T F Major MC : Group Photo and Group Photo
Taylor A E 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Thompson G R Captain MC : Wedding Photo
Tomkins A G 2nd Lt : Group Photo and Photo
Tinckler B J Lt : Group Photo
Tylden-Wright G M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Van Der Noot C E F Lt : Group Photo
Vaughan-Morgan G C Lt : Group Photo
Vesey T E Lt Col The Hon : Group Photo and Group Photo
Walker C A Major : Group Photo
Walker G A S Captain : Group Photo
Watson B B Lt : Group Photo
Webber R S Major : Group Photo
Whiston P H Lt Col :Group Photo
Wood J N 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Woodbridge D S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Zigomala J C Lt MBE : Group Photo , Group Photo and Portrait

1st Battalion

Ahern W Pte 6045 : Photo
Alexander H R L Lt : Photo
Allgood H G L/Cpl 5600 : Obituary
Bailie T M D Major : Photo
Bain A L Lt : Photo and Obituary
Baldwin H R Lt : Photo
Berners H H Captain : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Biggins R Pte 2375 : Obituary
Blacker-Douglass R St J Lt MC : Photo and Photo
Blake V C Captain : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Boland P J Pte 3358 : Obituary
Bracken S Pte 4596 : Obituary
Brennock W Pte 3258 : Obituary
Breslin A Pte 3103 : Photo
Brooke G Lt : Photo , Obituary and Obituary
Budd E Captain MC + 2 Bars : Photo
Burne M Pte 4237 : Obituary
Campbell J Pte 4121 : Obituary
Carberry T Pte 2742 : Obituary
Carroll T Pte 4449 : Photo
Carver L H L 2nd Lt : Obituary
Christy S E F Lt : Photo
Coke L S Lt : Obituary
Collins M Pte 5979 : Obituary
Cooper W V L/Cpl DCM 10161 : Photo
Core L S Lt : Obituary
Crichton H F Major : Photo and Photo
Croft V Guardsman 8600 : Short Record Of Service
Elliott J Cpl 3623 : Photo
Eyre H J Lt : Photo
Gerrard S Pte 3522 : Obituary
Gore-Langton M V Captain MC : Photo
Gough E J F Captain : Photo
Greer J K M Lt MC : Photo
Guernsey H G F Captain Lord : Photo , Photo and Photo
Guthrie J N Captain : Photo
Hamilton A J Captain Lord : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Hanton J C Pte 5141 : Photo
Hargreaves L R Captain MC : Group Photo and Photo Of Memorial
Hay A V Captain Lord : Photo and Photo
Herbert-Stepney H A Major : Photo and Photo
Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis J F Brig Gen The Hon DSO : Photo
Hope W E Lt : Photo
Keating H S Lt : Photo
Keating J Cpl 6505 : Obituary
Lee F H N Lt : Photo
Lee L C L 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Lord E C G 2nd Lt : Photo
Madden G H C Lt Col : Photo
Mahoney J Pte 4786 : Obituary
Mathieson K R Lt : Photo
McColgan R Pte 2437 : Obituary
Morris G H Lt Col The Hon : Photo , Photo and Photo
Mulholland A E S Captain The Hon : Photo
Musgrave T Lt : Photo
Mylne E G Captain : Photo
Nash J H Lt : Photo
O’Farrell H A 2nd Lt : Photo
O’Leary M L/Cpl VC : Photo
Pusch F L Lt DSO : Photo , Photo , Photo and Obituary
Reardon J S Pte : Photo
Stafford-King-Harman E C Captain : Photo
Stewart J M 2nd Lt : Photo
Stoney T S V 2nd Lt : Photo , Obituary and Photo & Obituary
Strickland J N F Cpl 4988 : Obituary
Tisdall C R Captain MC : Photo
Walker T K Lt : Photo
Woodroffe N L Lt : Photo
Woodroffe R Sergt 3268 : Obituary
Young G E S Major : Photo , Photo and Group Photo

2nd Battalion

Blackwood J Cpl 8021 : Photo
Boyd W A W L/Sergt 6453 : Obituary
Brew C H Lt : Obituary
Cahill M Pte 6494 : Obituary
Cary-Elwes W Lt : Photo and Photo
Cassidy B M 2nd Lt : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Clifford W F J 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Clyne J Pte 8043 : Photo
Dame J W 2nd Lt : Photo
Fitzgerald M R Lt : POW Infomation
Gordon J Pte 6996 : Obituary
Greer E B Lt Col MC : Photo
Harmsworth H A V Captain The Hon MC : Photo
Heard R H W Lt MC : Photo
Hine G V B 2nd Lt : Photo
Hyne C G H C Lt : Photo
Law T P 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Manning B O’D 2nd Lt : POW Infomation
Marion-Crawford H 2nd Lt : Photo
McEvoy E P Pte 11208 : Obituary
Moyney J L/Sergt VC : Photo
Mullen A C Pte 7117 : Obituary
Parsons D C Captain : Photo and Photo
Purcell C F Lt : Photo , Photo , Photo and Obituary
Pym C J Lt : Photo
Rainey W J Cpl 9482 : Photo
Rea W G 2nd Lt : POW Infomation
Smyth R R Pte 10501 : Photo
Synge F P H Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Vaughan K C 2nd Lt : Photo
Walters G Y L Lt : Photo
Watson W H Pte 8083 : Obituary
Wilson T B 2nd Lt : Photo
Woodcock T Cpl VC 8387 : PhotoPhoto and Obituary
Wynter C D Captain : Photo

3rd Battalion

Boyd J Pte 2641 : Obituary
Settrington C H Lt Lord : POW Infomation

4th Battalion

Carroll O Pte 3907 : Photo