Lincolnshire Regiment

Soldier Lincolnshire Regiment

Soldier Lincolnshire Regiment

Battalion Unknown

Akenhead D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Baines A E C Captain : Photo
Bird A H 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brown A E L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cannell F S Lt : Group Photo
Downes G G Lt : Group Photo and Photo
Drinkwater G A Pte 44861 : Short Record Of Service
Elderfield W F Pte 42838 : Short Record Of Service
Elkington W E W Major : Group Photo
Elven F H Pte 47606 : Short Record Of Service
Foster J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hemsley A S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hendin H P 2nd Lt MC : MC Citation
Hewart G M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hornsby R L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ingle R G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones T L Pte : Short Record Of Service
Levine B Pte 50057 : Photo
Lill L J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Lynden-Webber Lt : Group Photo
Overton T D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Norton A E Major : Group Photo
Packer E J Pte 202691 : Short Record Of Service
Peake K J W Lt : Photo
Phelps M P Lt Col : Group Photo
Phypers W Lt : Short Record Of Service
Rose Captain : Photo
Sargent H Lt : Group Photo
Snell A P Lt : Group Photo
Swann H N Captain : Photo
Toogood C Major DSO : Photo
Wallis W K Lt : Photo
Williams-Freeman A P Major : Photo
Winslow-Woollett H Lt : Group Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Abbott H Pte 241548 : Short Record Of Service
Barley J Pte 8147 : Photo
Barnes E 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bemrose H Cpl DCM 9388 : Obituary
Boxer H E R Lt Col DSO : Photo
Bransbury V D B Lt : Photo and Obituary
Brock P D 2nd Lt : Obituary
Buller L M Lt : Obituary
Carter A E Pte 44287 : Obituary
Chafer H J Sergt 5342 : Obituary
Cohen P L/Cpl (King) : Photo
Collingwood T W Pte 42867 : Obituary
Drake R E Captain : Photo
Fosdyke A H Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Franklin J Pte 7986 : Photo
Gorton L J 2nd Lt : Photo
Grantham E M Captain : Photo
Harris J W Lt : Obituary
Hills L C 2nd Lt : Photo
Hilton F 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Holmes C C Lt : Photo
Hoskyns H C W Major DSO : Photo and Photo
King R N Captain : Photo , Photo and Photo
Laister G Pte 15738 : Obituary
Ley M A Lt : Photo and Photo
Marshall P S T Pte 7905 : Obituary
Mitchell A G Pte 7272 : Short Record Of Service
Pond B Pte 7112 : Obituary
Prangley C D 2nd Lt : Photo
Rose F C Captain : Group Photo
Rushton W H Captain : Photo
Steeley G W Pte 241251 : Obituary
Walker J E Sergt 15655 : Obituary
Webber C H 2nd Lt : Photo
West G Pte 13792 : Photo
Wickham J D D Captain : Newspaper Photo
Wyatt A T E Captain : Obituary

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Austee J 2nd Lt : Photo
Bloomer A G Lt : Photo
Bowers P C Pte 9664 : Photo
Brooks L Lt : Photo
Brown R L/Cpl DCM 201531 : Obituary
Bush A J 2nd Lt : Photo , Obituary and Obituary
Clifford H G Lt : Photo
Cornwell H L/Sergt 40264 : Short Record Of Service
Dawson H E Captain : Obituary
Digby W H Pte 40401 : Short Record Of Service
Eld A W Lt : Photo
Gilbert C Pte 1744 : Obituary
Grantham R A F 2nd Lt : Photo
Howley J J Major DSO : Photo
Huntington N J S Lt : Photo
Ingersoll J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Levi H L/Cpl 7960 : Photo
McAndrew G B Lt Col : Photo
Peake C G W Captain : Photo
Plummer A A Pte 8652 : Obituary
Rooms M Pte 51881 : Photo
Shearman H H Captain : Photo
Spicer C W Lt : Photo
Vessey C Sergt 8939 : Photo And Obituary
Wellesley C G V Captain : Newspaper Photo
Wylie A W Lt : Photo

3rd Battaion

Donaldson-Selby V 2nd Lt : Photo
Elliott F Lt : Photo
Lish J R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Owen E H Lt : Photo
Shankster S 2nd Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)

Allen G T CSM M200090 : Group Photo
Beasley H L/Sergt 200900 : Group Photo
Border H Sergt 200838 : Group Photo
Boulton F W Pte 24515 : Obituary
Brassley W Sergt : Group Photo
Brewin R L/Sergt 200149 : Group Photo
Brick E Sergt 1097 : Group Photo
Brocklebank W Pte 205003 : Obituary
Broughton A M CSM 61 : Group Photo
Cannon P W J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Carruthers W K 2nd Lt : Photo
Catlin A S Pte 200281 : Short Record Of Service
Chappell E Sergt : Group Photo
Clark A H Captain : Group Photo
Clixby E D 2nd Lt : Photo
Cook A J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cox W Sergt : Group Photo
Crowder A E Sergt : Group Photo
Dodwell H Sergt 2398 : Group Photo
Dulley D C C Cpl 2679 : Photo
Earl R M Captain : Group Photo
Edwards G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Eking H T Captain : Group Photo
Ellis R D Captain : Photo
Ellwood C H Lt : Photo
English H F Sergt 200665 : Group Photo
English S A Sergt : Group Photo
Fanthorpe W Sergt 200747 : Group Photo
Fordham J Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Fox G D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fox W A 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Gibbons L Sergt : Group Photo
Godber J J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Goddard A L/Sergt : Group Photo
Goodley H Sergt : Group Photo
Gray C S Captain : Photo
Harrod C L/Sergt : : Group Photo
Harvey C L Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Hicks E T Lt : Group Photo
Hirst S W CSI : Group Photo
Hirst W B 2nd Lt : Photo
Hooper A G Captain : Group Photo
Hopps T CSM : Group Photo
Howard J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Howes H A Major : Group Photo and Group Photo
Howes K F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hughes J Sergt : Group Photo
Hutchinson A Col : Group Photo and Group Photo
Jackson C L/Sergt : Group Photo
Jeal P A Pte 51498 : Obituary
Jenkinson W Sergt : Group Photo
Jessop J W Lt Col : Photo
Johnson G Sergt : Group Photo
Kellam G E Sergt : Group Photo
Knox E G V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Land W Sergt : Group Photo
Larder T C Sergt : Group Photo
Lightfoot H Sergt : Group Photo
Linton A E Sergt : Group Photo
Lord C Sergt : Group Photo
Luff A L/Cpl 201064 : Obituary
Manners A W J M Sergt : Group Photo
Miles B Sergt : Group Photo
Monson C E J Captain : Group Photo
Morley W L/Sergt : Group Photo
Newland H B 2nd Lt : Photo
Phillips W M Captain and Adjt : Group Photo and Group Photo
Pickwell A Sergt : Group Photo
Porter W E Lt : Group Photo
Procter J Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Rooksby A Sergt : Group Photo
Salaman G H Captain : Group Photo
Simpson J CSM : Group Photo
Smith F J CSMI : Group Photo
Spriggs F Sergt : Group Photo
Staniland G 2nd Lt : Photo
Staniland M Captain : Photo
Stephenson E L 2nd Lt : Photo
Stock C L/Sergt : Group Photo
Wade R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Walker J A Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Wood W Sergt : Group Photo
Wood T B 2nd Lt : Photo
Wright H Sergt Major : Group Photo
Wyles A E Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)

Collins E J Pte 242105 : Photo
Cooper W L Pte 242332 : Obituary
De Hoghton V Captain : Photo and Photo
Early E E 2nd Lt : Photo
Hill G L Captain : Photo and Photo
Lamplugh J H V Pte 241766 : Photo
Levi F J 2nd Lt : Photo
Newsum C N Captain : Photo
Pearson R V Pte 242109 : Photo
Pleasance E H Lt : Short Record Of Service
Roberts J T Pte 201380 : Obituary
Robinson H I Major : Photo
Sowter G H J Captain : Photo
Store L Lt : Photo
Street H Captain MC + Bar : Photo
Turner R H Lt : Obituary
Turner W Pte 1204 : Photo
Ward H Major : Obituary

6th Battalion (Service)

Browne P L Captain : Photo
Christmas W Pte 43762 : Photo
Evans A W Sergt VC (Alias Walter Simpson) : Photo Of Investiture
Fenwick A L Captain : Photo and Photo
Fox F Pte 13505 : Photo
Hansen P H Captain VC : Photo
Hewart G M 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Jessup J R Pte 202926 : Obituary
Jones D L Captain : Photo
Lee H Pte 18459 : Obituary
Lee L L/Cpl 9915 : Photo
Lewis J T Captain : Photo and Obituary
Parkin T G 2nd Lt : Photo

7th Battalion (Service)

Bott C S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Brice-Smith J K 2nd Lt : Photo
Burton A H W Captain : Photo
Cowie A W S 2nd Lt : Photo
Drought C F Captain : Photo
Fletcher C H Cpl 12924 : Photo
Gant W Pte 13372 : Obituary
Gwyn R A J 2nd Lt : Photo
Jarvis W S 2nd Lt : Photo
Knowle D Pte 44830 : Obituary
Nevile B P Captain : Photo and Photo
Nightingale F L 2nd Lt : Photo
Tilbury H W Lt : Newspaper Photo
Ouzman A F Sergt 22612 : Obituary
Vurley W Pte 21452 : Photo
Walley G J Captain : Obituary
Whydle B Pte 40128 : Obituary

8th Battalion (Service)

Bosworth A W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bosworth P C W Lt : Obituary
Bowlby G E L Lt : Photo and Obituary
Brims D L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Chapman H C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cordiner R G Captain : Photo and Photo
Crabtree W 2nd Lt : Photo
Dallimore W J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Farr F L/Cpl 14764 : Obituary
Farrar F 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Horne A C Pte 41534 : Photo
Nix G Pte 18645 : Photo
Parkinson J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Perrin A Sergt 15329 : Obituary
Proctor H G Pte 23643 : Obituary

9th Battalion

Battle A N 2nd Lt : Photo
Grahame F G Pte 10005 : Obituary
Hadrill A W Lt : Photo

10th Battalion (Grimsby Chums)

Allsworth T Pte 4358 : Short Record Of Service
Anderson B G Lt MC : Photo
Ashton F W Sergt 94 : Photo
Bannister H W 2nd Lt : Photo
Brabrook G E Pte 42254 : Short Record Of Service
Braisby F Pte 49688 : Photo
Butcher J H Pte 41318 : Photo
Cartwright C R L/Cpl MM 702 : Obituary
Chapman W G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Earnshaw F Pte 1364 : Photo
Hopson J M Pte 1457 : Photo
Knaggs H H Pte 51941 : Photo
Lammiman H L/Cpl 1254 : Obituary
Smith J G Pte 43497 : Obituary
Wilkinson H K Pte 1468 : Photo
Witty R Pte 43440 : Obituary

13th Battalion

Liberty W J Pte : Short Record Of Service