Northumberland Fusiliers

Soldier In The Northumberland Fusiliers

Soldier In The Northumberland Fusiliers

Battalion Unknown

Airey A L 2nd Lt : Photo
Amer R Pte : Short Record Of Service
Barter H F Sergt : : Short Record Of Service
Bateman G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bates H W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Blow A A Pte 75330 : Short Record Of Service
Bowie R S 2nd Lt : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Cameron T F Acting Major : Short Record Of Service
Carle C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Clark J CSM : Short Record Of Service
Clark W Pte 1281 : Obituary
Cohen A Pte : Photo
Collard F E Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Cook C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Couch J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Cundle T W Lt : Photo
Dawkins H W C Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Day C Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Dickson W J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dixon F W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dobinson H E Pte 6407 : Short Record Of Service
Docker C L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Dorman-Smith E E Lt : Photo
Dunnett J R Lt : Photo
Edwards E G L/Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Fisher H B Lt : Photo
George A Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Gibbons J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Gledstone H R Captain : Photo and Photo
Gordon-Steward C W Major : Photo
Hall W A Sergt : Obituary
Harrington C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Hatchell H M Col DSO : Photo
Hogshaw J H Lt MC : Photo
Hurren F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Lumley W Pte : Photo
Morris J Pte : Photo
Moscovitch S Pte : Photo
Parsons T J Pte 48126 (POW): Short Record Of Service
Palmer W S M Lt Col : Photo
Parkin W G 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Percival A J B Lt Col : Photo and Photo
Platt W Captain DSO : Photo
Sandilands H R Captain : Photo
Schofield J Pte : Photo
Slythe G Pte : Photo
Turitz J Pte : Photo
Watts C Captain : Short Record Of Service

1st Battalion (Regular)

Ashdown J Pte 3788 : Photo
Ballantyne T Pte 7114 : Photo
Banks F E Sergt 9544 : Obituary
Barrett L A Major MC : Photo
Bamberg M Sergt 1480 : Photo
Boyd E F 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo and Obituary
Brewis A P Captain : Photo
Clarke A E Pte 65318 : Photo
Clarke C Pte 9710 : Short Record Of Service
Cogan C T S Lt : Photo
Coles D M Lt : Obituary
Collins R Cpl 9982 : Photo
Crouch J W Comp Qtr Mst Sergt DCM : Newspaper Photo
Cull P S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Davidson A W 2nd Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Dawson J H Pte 20043 : Obituary
Dunn W A Pte 13400 : Obituary
Eastman A Pte 1554 : Photo
Ewins A Pte 17056 : Photo
Finch P G Lt MC : Obituary
Fletcher R S Captain : Obituary
Fox D C 2nd Lt : Photo
Futers N R Lt : Obituary
Goodings J Pte 5579 : Obituary
Grantham E R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Gunner B G Captain : Photo
Holmes W Pte 7873 : Obituary
Jeffries H H Cpl 833 : Short Record Of Service
Kitson J Pte 45463 : Obituary
Lambert J M Captain : Photo
Lawton T P L/Cpl 65282 : Photo
Leather C Lt : Photo
Lloyd M Captain : Photo
MacKenzie A Captain : Photo
Matthews J H Captain : Photo
McClarence J Pte 5165 : Photo
Miller J E H 2nd Lt : Photo
Nicholls H L F Captain : Photo
Partington L Captain Croix de Guerre : Photo
Patterson J H L/Cpl 8976 : Obituary
Rea F M Lt : Photo
Renton R W Pte 36844 : Photo
Robertson R Pte 4205 : Photo
Roddam R C Captain : Photo
Rose S A Lt : Photo
Selby B H Captain : Photo and Obituary
Skinner W H L/Cpl MM 232209 : Photo
Swann T Pte 21460 : Photo
Taylor G J Pte 65363 : Photo
Taylor S Pte : Photo
Thompson C J M Lt : Obituary
Toppin H S Captain : Photo and Photo
Tottie E H Lt : Photo and Photo
Turner A W Pte MM 36970 : Obituary
Van Neck C H Lt : Photo
Vose J E Pte 38769 : Obituary
Watkin F E Captain : Photo
Wilkinson C Coy Sergt Major 4170 : Photo
Willans R St J Lt : Photo
Youll J 2nd Lt VC : Photo , Photo , PhotoPhoto and Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Armstrong C A Lt Col : Photo
Bacon D F C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Burn J Pte 8806 : Photo
Coward W N Sergt 4839 : Short Record Of Service
Crichton T S Lt : Short Record Of Service
Dingle J Lt : Photo
Fallon D Lt MC : Photo
Gilchrist I H L 2nd Lt : Photo
Gott C Pte 15328 : Obituary
Hart A C Captain : Photo
Johnson J Lt VC : Photo
Legard G P Lt : Photo
Levy J Pte : Photo
Merrilees W Pte 3086 : Photo
Molineux G K Captain : Photo , Photo , Photo and Photo
Scrutton H Captain MC : Photo
Seymour-Tuke A H 2nd Lt : Photo
Speight L Sergt 3100 : Obituary
Stibbe M Pte 39396 : Photo
Stone S A Lt : Photo
Stretch H P Pte 201931 : Short Record Of Service
Turner M A F L/Cpl 3532 : Photo
Wreford-Brown C Captain DSO : Photo
Wynn W Pte 17348 : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Coles D M Lt : Photo
Graham H Pte 7931 : Photo
Keatinge E G L Lt : Photo
Lamb E J Captain : Photo
Nunneley C F Lt : Photo
O’Dowd M V 2nd Lt : Photo
Richardson G Pte 1426 : Photo
Rubenstein L Pte 39424 : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)

Allcock E L/Cpl MM : Photo
Allen R Captain : Photo
Allport M L/Sergt DCM : Photo
Anderson W 2nd Lt : Photo
Beattie F G L/Cpl 2703 : Photo
Benson J M Captain : Photo
Bowman C Pte MM : Photo
Brown J B 2nd Lt : Photo
Bull H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Bunbury W J Captain : Obituary
Charlton T T CSM : Photo
Cheeseright L S Lt MC : Photo
Chevreau de Montlehr L R 2nd Lt : Photo
Clark J G 2nd Lt : Photo
Clarke F B 2nd Lt : Photo
Clarricoates A L/Cpl 200483 : Obituary
Cockburn J W Lt : Photo
Collingwood T L/Cpl MM : Photo
Curry B Pte MM : Photo
Daniels L/Cpl MM : Photo
Davies G 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Davison C M 2nd Lt : Photo
Daykin J Pte MM : Photo
Dobson E L Captain : Photo
Donnelley W Pte 2248 : Obituary
Essex W B F Captain : Photo
Farwell J E 2nd Lt :Photo
Fewster G D RSM : Photo
Findley H E 2nd Lt : Photo
Finlayson A Captain : Photo
Forster D Pte MM : Photo
Futers S R Pte MM : Photo
Gauld A L/Cpl MM : Photo
Gibson B D Lt Col DSO Croix de Guerre : Photo
Goodbody J N Captain MC : Photo
Greaney J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Greathead C R Pte 1850 : Photo
Gregory J V Captain MC : Photo
Gregory T W Captain : Photo
Harrison H H Lt : Photo
Heron W Pte MM : Photo
Hicks W B Captain MC : Photo
Holme J J Lt : Photo
Hope-Wallace J Lt : Photo
Hopper M L/Cpl MM : Photo
Hunter H L/Cpl MM : Photo
Ives F J Lt : Photo
Jamieson J A L/Cpl 2936 : Photo
Joicey C M Captain : Photo
Jones W S Lt : Photo
Keen J W Cpl MM Cpl : Photo
Kelly J Sergt DCM : Photo
King Captain MC : Photo
Kipling W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Knott J J Pte MM : Photo
Lawson A N 2nd Lt : Photo
Lacy-Thompson T A Captain DSO MC : Photo
Leschinsky M Pte 235101 : Photo
Lund T C Lt : Photo
MacAdam T T Pte 201042 : Obituary
Marsden J W 2nd Lt : Photo
Marshall A 2nd Lt : Photo
Maxfield W J 2nd Lt : Photo
McIntyre J A 2nd Lt : Photo
McLean W L 2nd Lt : Photo
McVey J Lt : Photo
Meisel H Pte : Photo
Morris A E 2nd Lt : Photo
Mowie W CSM : Photo
Napier J C Lt : Photo
Nicholson W H Lt : Photo
Nixon E C Reg Qtr Mst Sergt : Photo
North A J Captain MC : Photo
O’Brien M L/Cpl Croix de Guerre : Photo
Osborne G CSM MC : Photo
Parkin F L/Cpl MM : Photo
Pearson W E Lt : Photo
Peddie F G 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Peters A W Sergt MM : Photo
Phillips H Pte : Photo
Pickering A A 2nd Lt : Photo
Proud B F Pte MM : Photo
Rayner R G Captain : Photo
Rees H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Robb J R Lt Col : Photo
Robb W Lt Col MC : Photo
Robinson W CSM : Photo
Robson J S J Captain MC : Photo
Robson W H Pte MM : Photo
Royle A H 2nd Lt : Photo
Scott J W L/Cpl MM : Photo
Sharp C G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Siddeley S Lt MC : Photo
Simpson W Pte 1320 : Photo
Smallwood R H Lt : Photo
Somerville R J Captain : Photo
Stewart H 2nd Lt : Photo
Sugden H Pte 75673 : Photo
Templeton H M L/Cpl 46884 : Obituary
Thomas L G Captain MC : Photo
Tibbs T 2nd Lt : Photo
Tolkien C 2nd Lt : Photo
Tully H R 2nd Lt : Photo
Turitz J Pte 8889 : Photo
Turner D T Captain : Photo
Wind E CSM MSM : Photo
Wright E F M 2nd Lt : Photo
Young D Lt : Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)

Bainbridge T L Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Barnett M Cpl : Photo
Bowers G P F 2nd Lt : Short Record Of Service
Duncan J H Pte 2445 : Obituary
Green D F Captain : Photo
Lawson F H Captain : Photo and Photo
Livingstone R D Pte 61301 : Photo
Melrose T N 2nd Lt : Photo
Nash F O C Major : Photo
Nattress W Cpl 1966 : Photo
Nettleship T 2nd Lt : Obituary
Noble C Pte 1856 : Photo
North N M Captain MC : Photo and Photo
Riddell J F Brig Gen : Photo
Roscher M L Pte 44906 : Obituary
Steel R K Lt : Photo
Stones S 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Tulloch D K Pte 2458 : Photo
Welch R M Pte 6669 : Photo
Young J H 2nd Lt : Photo

6th Battalion (Territorial)

Allen J C Pte 2602 : Obituary
Bezer R Pte 3387 : Obituary
Bowden E R Lt : Photo
Charlewood W H Captain : Photo
Crocker F C Sergt 1865 : Photo
Firth J Pte 285101 : Photo
Franks L E Pte 2150 : Photo
Golphin J R Pte 2304 : Photo
Gottlieb E Pte 285024 : Photo
Guy R L Lt : Photo
Hall A Lt : Photo
Hunter G E Captain : Photo
Hunter H T Captain : Photo
Leech A W Lt MC : Newspaper Photo
Mortimer E 2nd Lt : Photo
Seal W Pte 7606 : Photo
Shaw J H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Skeggs W Pte 66427 : Photo
Smith E L Pte 227 : Photo
Temperley A R Pte 2153 : Photo
Temperley H K Lt : Photo

7th Battalion (Territorial)

Ball G F Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Bryant R C A Pte 7182 : Photo
Charlton H V Lt : Photo
Coulthard A Pte 1948 : Obituary
Cuthbertson T L/Cpl 1535 : Photo
Davis G C Lt : Photo
Davis W J Captain : Photo
Donkin S T Lt : Photo
Graham F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Gutherson R Pte 6187 : Obituary
Long F Pte : Short Record Of Service
McCreath A B Captain : Photo
Potter H E Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Robinson J 2nd Lt : Photo
Scott J A Lt : Photo
Smail F W Lt : Photo
Straker A G 2nd Lt : Photo

8th Battalion (Service)

Anderson E Sergt 46152 : Obituary
Buckley F G Captain MC : Photo
Carlisle F M Captain MC : Photo
Carter H G 2nd Lt : Photo
Coats L A 2nd Lt : Photo
Cormack W Pte 12753 : Obituary
Daniel W L/Cpl 11225 : Obituary
Denard J Sergt 3172 : Obituary
Fishbourne C E Lt Col : Photo
Grey P R 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
James A H Lt Col DSO : Newspaper Photo
MacNab J 2nd Lt : Photo
McKenna H Pte 8260 : Photo
Mackenzie J Lt : Photo
Passy De L W Major : Photo
Raw R G Captain : Photo
Robertson D F 2nd Lt : Photo
Selby P J Pte 4541 : Photo
Williams E E Major DSO : Photo

9th Battalion (Service)

Allen H J Pte 47664 : Obituary
Burrows L R 2nd Lt : Photo
Caulfield J Pte 6707 : Obituary
Dallas R V L Captain MC+Bar : Photo
Dashwood C B L Captain : Photo
Davies G Captain : Photo
Hewson W J Lt : Photo
Jones J Pte 69570 : Photo
Kay R M Pte 12188 : Obituary
Lockey T K L/Cpl 34642 : Obituary
Maddams C F L/Cpl 60001 : Obituary
Patten M G Captain MC : Photo and Obituary
Robertson W F Captain : Photo
Robinson P D Captain : Photo
Wreford-Brown O E Captain : Photo

10th Battalion (Service)

Bernstein F Cpl 11/7452 : Photo
Brown A G Lt : Photo
Joicey S J D Captain The Hon : Photo
Savage C F Lt : Obituary
Wood W Pte VC : Photo and Photo At Investiture

11th Battalion (Service)

Arthur H Lt : Photo
Bunker C J Pte 31773 : Photo
Charlton N E 2nd Lt : Photo
Cowan R M W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Harding J S Lt : Photo
Henri F Captain : Photo
Layton C W J Pte 3163 : Obituary
Lyone A M Lt MC : Photo
Merrilees S Pte 10228 : Photo

12th Battalion (Service)

Armstrong S J 2nd Lt : Photo
Barnett V B Lt : Photo
Borrell L 2nd Lt : Obituary
Byron W Coy Sergt Maj 5528 : Obituary
Dodd W Pte 12259 : Photo
Dodds C B 2nd Lt : Photo
Howkins G A 2nd Lt : Photo
Knott R L Lt : Photo
Ridley T 2nd Lt : Photo
Westin A G L/Cpl 7227 : Photo

13th Battalion (Service)

Agnew G Captain : Newspaper Photo
Allen W M Lt : Photo
Barr W 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Bigham W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Brownlow W H C Captain : Photo
Coyne S T Sig 15626 : Obituary
Fleming J Sig 10655 : Obituary
Godber H G Captain : Photo
Gunn C Coy Sergt Major 17609 : Obituary
Haggart R A Pte 9179 : Obituary
Hutchinson W S Captain MC + Bar : Photo
Hutton J H Pte 69771 : Photo
Lethbridge W H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Milne E S 2nd Lt : Photo
Mulachy F D Pte 19180 : Photo
Nicholson B G M Lt : Photo
Rapoport P Pte 69326 : Photo
Schafer T S H 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Shaw R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Swindlehurst A Pte 22319 : Photo
Todd G Pte 22073 : Obituary

14th Battalion (Pioneers)

Bostock A T Captain : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Daley M Pte 5846 : Photo
Dean P T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Dickinson A F Lt : Photo
Green W S Pte 65516 : Obituary
Hindle E Pte 15039 : Photo
Lewis A Pte 10381 : Photo

15th Battalion (Reserve)

Nichol A T 2nd Lt : Photo

16th Battalion (Newcastle Commercials)

Klean M G 2nd Lt : Photo
Levy J L/Cpl 16/169 : Photo
Pattinson R B Pte 16/8485 : Photo
Peyton M F 2nd Lt : Photo
Popple G M 2nd Lt : Photo
Robertson J Pte 16/313 : Obituary
Rosenthal G Pte 4062 : Photo

17th Battalion (North Eastern Railway Pioneers)

Brooks F Pte 1122 : Photo
Gould J M Pte 1135 : Obituary
Mack R Pte 17/324 : Photo

18th Battalion (1st Tyneside Pioneers)

Dodds W M Captain : Photo
Keenlyside T E Lt : Photo
Rogers L N Captain : Photo

19th Battalion (2nd Tyneside Pioneers)

Burdess T Pte 1790 : Photo
Noyes T R A H Captain : Photo
Williams B J 2nd Lt : Photo

20th Battalion (1st Tyneside Scottish)

Davidson R C Lt : Photo
Friend J 2nd Lt : Photo
Horne D D Captain : Photo
Jeffreys A Captain : Photo
Lakeman J P 2nd Lt : Photo
Nixon W Captain : Photo
Smith J A 2nd Lt MC : Obituary

21st Battalion (2nd Tyneside Scottish)

Charlton J M Captain : Photo
Easton A J Pte 571 : Photo
Furse W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Hoard H H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones H J Pte 32162 : Photo
Smith N M 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Telford H R Captain : Photo
Ward T Lt : Photo

22nd Battalion (3rd Tyneside Scottish)

Brounger W H P 2nd Lt : Photo
Calkin J E 2nd Lt : Photo
Cripps H G Rfn 46123 (Formerly R/23998 KRRC) : Short Record Of Service
Forster J Pte 291093 : Obituary
Forster J P Captain : Newspaper Photo
Freedman M Pte 203869 : Photo
Fryer J W 2nd Lt : Photo
Haggarty J J 2nd Lt : Photo
Holmwood F A J Pte 36005 : Obituary
Whitlock T O 2nd Lt : Photo

23rd Battalion (4th Tyneside Scottish)

Bolton H A Captain : Photo
Crisp R J Pte 24457 : Obituary
Fifer R Pte 59057 : Photo
Freeman J R Lt : Photo
Hammond K L C 2nd Lt : Photo
King S Lt : Photo
Todd J G Captain : Photo
Westwick L H Pte 59008 : Obituary
Williams L 2nd Lt : Photo

24th Battalion (1st Tyneside Irish)

Armstrong J Sergt : Group Photo
Barry N CSM : Group Photo
Blott T W Lt : Photo
Brady B C Lt : Group Photo
Butler P Sergt : Group Photo
Byrne L F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Caldwell W Sergt : Group Photo
Cannon A Sergt : Group Photo
Carney W Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Carroll P Sergt : Group Photo
Connolly J Sergt : Group Photo
Cox S Sergt : Group Photo
Cumesky C Sergt : Group Photo
Daizell J M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Dawson D M Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Donald R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Donnelly J L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Donnelly L P Sergt : Group Photo
Downey F J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Enett R I CSM : Group Photo
Farina T G Lt : Group Photo
Finneran T Sergt : Group Photo
Fitzgerald H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Goodall C M Lt : Group Photo
Grailey J RSM : Group Photo
Grossmann V D 2nd Lt : Photo
Hardy G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Harlow G F A/Staff Sergt : Group Photo
Horrox H M 2nd Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Hunt W Sergt : Group Photo
Isaac N F CSM : Group Photo
Jamieson J Sergt 24/1205 : Group Photo
Jardine S A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Kelly J Sergt : Group Photo
Leighton J L/Sergt : Group Photo
Lewis H L 2nd Lt : Photo
Loverock R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Mackie R Sergt : Group Photo
Massiter W Sergt : Group Photo
Mate C J Lt : Group Photo
McCartney R Sergt : Group Photo
McConville H Sergt : Group Photo
McDonnell J Sergt : Group Photo
McElhone M Sergt : Group Photo
McKenna P Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
McKenzie K Captain : Group Photo
McKeon J Sergt : Group Photo
McLoughlin J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McShane D Sergt 24/619 : Group Photo
Meredith-Howard L Lt Col : Photo and Group Photo
Miller C L/Sergt : Group Photo
O’Hare J Sergt : Group Photo
Patterson H A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Pringle J H Captain : Group Photo
Prior J M Major : Group Photo and Group Photo
Prudhoe J Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Riches S E Sergt : Group Photo
Robinson C Sergt : Group Photo
Rogers A E Lt : Group Photo
Rowell W Sergt : Group Photo
Rusk R Sergt : Group Photo
Rusne P Sergt : Group Photo
Short W A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Skinnen F Sergt : Group Photo
Smith J R Sergt : Group Photo
Stephenson T Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Sutcliffe H R C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Swinburn G Captain : Group Photo
Thew T Sergt : Group Photo
Thompson T W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wallace C Captain : Group Photo
Wedderburn J R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Welton J J G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wilkinson H 2nd Lt : Group Photo

25th Battalion (2nd Tyneside Irish)

Bainbridge J Captain : Group Photo
Barkworth C Captain & Adjt : Group Photo
Baxter A W Pte 59185 : Obituary
Beattie-Brown W Captain : Obituary
Beresford Lt Col : Group Photo
Broom P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Brown J Pte 31710 : Short Record Of Service
Bryan T L/Cpl VC : Photo
Cawson G Lt : Group Photo
Charlesworth W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Cooper R Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
De Ridder S Lt : Group Photo
Dunn J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Edmond-Jenkins W H Major : Photo
Foley J Captain : Photo and Group Photo
Goldberg A Pte : Photo
Harker J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hately J Lt : Group Photo
Hopps L Lt : Group Photo
Hopps W L 2nd Lt : Photo
Hutchinson P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jenkins H Major : Group Photo
Jones E Major : Group Photo
Kirkup J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Maguire L Lt : Group Photo
Maitland A 2nd Lt : Group Photo
McKellan C Lt : Group Photo
McLeod W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Murphy J Lt : Group Photo
Murray P Captain : Group Photo
Nichol W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Nicholson R Lt : Group Photo
Pantin S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Paul J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Pollard H Captain : Group Photo
Probert A J 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo Of Memorial
Ritchie R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Robertson R R 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Rowell C Captain : Group Photo
Sheehan J Captain : Group Photo
Slack W R Lt : Group Photo
Slight W Pte 44213 : Photo
Taylor J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Tickler P Captain : Group Photo
Williams I Captain : Group Photo
Wright J Lt : Group Photo

26th Battalion (3rd Tyneside Irish)

Downend J M Captain : Photo
Hunter N A 2nd Lt : Photo
Hussey-Walsh V J Lt Col : Photo
Kinnaird D 2nd Lt : Obituary
Kossick L Pte 36325 : Photo
Laughton G V W Lt MC : Photo
Leckenby H 2nd Lt : Photo
McDonnell T J 2nd Lt : Photo
Mortimer S Pte 13627 : Obituary
Richardson M E Lt Col DSO : Photo

27th Battalion (4th Tyneside Irish)

Dodds J R Pte 46113 : Photo
Goldberg A Pte : Photo
Gratton-Esmonde L Lt Col : Photo
Leather E A Major : Photo
Lumley F W 2nd Lt : Photo
Perry C Pte 47907 : Obituary
Quin L W W Captain MC : Photo
Racionzier H F Pte 42375 : Photo
Steward G R V Lt Col DSO : Photo
Sykes E Pte VC : Photo and Photo

29th Battalion (Reserve) (Tyneside Scottish)

Cawson J Pte 804 : Obituary

30th Battalion (Reserve)

Barclay H F Lt Col : Photo

32nd Battalion (Reserve)

Smith J R G 2nd Lt : Photo

36th Battalion (Territorial)

Beckley E W 2nd Lt : Short Obituary
MacMillan J R Sergt 62520 : Short Record Of Service