Royal Welsh Fusiliers

The London Welsh At Grays Inn Gardens 1915

The 15th Royal Welsh Fusiliers (London Welsh) At Gray’s Inn Gardens 1915

Battalion Unknown

Adams G W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Angell A W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Barchard D M Lt : Group Photo
Barker R B Brig Gen DSO + Bar : Newspaper Photo
Bingham R Lt The Hon : Group Photo and Group Photo
Birch L Pte : Photo
Blanchflower W Pte (POW) : Short Record Of Service
Brandon A E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Brown J Pte : Obituary
Burnett J G Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Carter J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Chandler G A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Clarke H E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Comyns A P Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Coote A C Pte 75119 : Short Record Of Service
Dale W G Pte : Short Record Of Service
Davis G Pte : Newspaper Photo
Doughty-Wylie C H M Lt Col VC CB CMG : Photo
Egerton R Le B 2nd Lt : Photo
Evans G M Lt : Group Photo
Greenaway C F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Grover B J Pte 54008 : Short Record Of Service and Short Record Of Service
Hayes E Pte : Photo
Hembrey H Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Hill H Lt Col MVO DSO : Photo
Hindson R E Lt : Group Photo
Howe J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Hurlbutt P Captain MC : Photo
Jacobs L Pte : Photo
Jardine D Pte : Photo
Jones A V Captain : Photo
Jones E H Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Jones J T Pte : Photo
Jones L C Cpl 243286 : Obituary
Jones W O Pte : Newspaper Photo
Lloyd-Jones J Captain : Photo
Palmer A Cpl 34032 : Photo
Peppe C G H Lt : Group Photo
Poole H C H Lt : Group Photo
Smyth-Osborne J G Captain : Group Photo
Tarry J A Pte : Obituary
Tomlinson E L/Cpl : Photo
Vernon-Jones A Captain : Photo
Williams H O Pte : Photo
Williams J L/Sergt DCM : Photo
Wodehouse E Lt : Group Photo
Wolfyansky H Pte 95396 : Photo
Woodhouse T Pte : Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Ackland-Allen H T Lt : Photo
Adams J B P Lt : Photo
Armstrong G L Pte 18186 : Photo
Barker R V Captain : Photo and Obituary
Barter F Sergt Maj VC : Photo
Boucher B E C Lt : Obituary
Brennan J H Captain : Obituary
Brocklebank R R 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Cadogan H O S Lt Col : Photo
Chance G O S P Lt : Obituary
Cohen L Sergt 54178 : Photo
Dadd E H Captain MC : Photo
Davies J I J Lt : Photo
Davies W A Pte 4225 : Obituary
Dobell C M Lt : Photo
Dooner A E C T Lt : Photo and Photo
Eaton S E Pte 53876 : Obituary
Egerton R le B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Farren W I C Lt : Photo
Fox M A Pte 4634 : Obituary
Gaunt F Pte 19484 : Photo
Gladstone W G C 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Gore G R 2nd Lt : Photo
Hillier W G Pte 9414 : Obituary
Hoskyns E C L Lt : Photo
Iles J O Lt attd from South Staffs Regt : Photo
Johns T F Pte 56659 : Obituary
Jones R Pte : Photo
Jones S Captain : Photo
Lee W Pte : Photo
Lewis T W 2nd Lt : Obituary
Lockley W Pte 8899 : Obituary
Lynch H J 2nd Lt : Photo
Nathan B Pte 235528 : Photo
Ormrod L M Captain MC : Photo , Photo and Obituary
O’Shea M J Pte 5111 : Photo
Rees J T 2nd Lt : Obituary
Richards H G Pte 37674 : Photo
Richardson M S Captain : Photo
Sassoon S Captain MC : Photo
Skaife E O Captain : Photo
Smith G Pte 70399 : Obituary
Snead-Cox G P J 2nd Lt : Photo
Syrett A M 2nd Lt : Photo
Taylor G C V Lt : Photo
Thomas D A 2nd Lt : Photo
Tudor H J Pte 29634 : Photo
Webber J Pte 7611 : Photo
Wood C E Captain : Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Anson T Cpl 7607 : Obituary
Banks A C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bolton W H Pte 9561 : Obituary
Bowles R J Lt : Photo
Childe-Freeman J A Captain MC : Photo
Cohen M Pte 63170 : Photo
Collingwood-Thompson E J V 2nd Lt : Photo , Photo and Obituary
Crosland T A 2nd Lt : Photo
Daly J Pte 55604 : Photo
Dolling C R J R Captain MC : Photo
Fletcher W G 2nd Lt : Photo
Fox H L/Cpl 10424 : Obituary
Harris C Pte 9440 : Photo
Jackson J B 2nd Lt : Obituary
Jones-Vaughan E N Captain : Photo
Kelly R Pte 37550 : Obituary
Lloyd W R 2nd Lt : Photo
Ormrod L M Captain MC : Obituary
Phillips A 2nd Lt : Photo
Phillips R N Captain : Photo and Obituary
Poore R A Lt Col : Photo
Prichard T L Captain : Obituary
Raby W D 2nd Lt : Photo
Rivington T Pte 7197 : Obituary
Robertson H M Captain : Photo
Rook G A Pte : Photo
Salisbury E L/Cpl 7967 : Obituary
Spencer A Pte 38261 : Photo
Stable L L Captain : Photo
Stone E R C 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomas G O Captain : Photo
Thomas J R Pte 40262 : Obituary
Zorian J K Pte 60589 : Obituary

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Ashbrook A Sergt : Photo
Brown J 2nd Lt : Obituary
Bryans H Pte : Photo
French R M J Captain : Photo
James W I Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)(Denbigshire)

Beynon W C 2nd Lt : Obituary
Croom-Johnson B Lt : Photo
France-Hayhurst F C Lt Col : Photo
Howe C A Captain : Obituary
Jones E Cpl 200591 : Obituary
Maycock H G Sergt 235367 : Obituary
Minshall T C W Captain : Photo
Rosenberg L Pte 42346 : Photo
Shaw B L 2nd Lt : Photo
Snipper I Pte 9592 : Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)(Flintshire)

Anthony J Captain : Short Record Of Service
Bate T Lt : Photo and Obituary
Bowen-Rees R E Lt MC : Short Record Of Service
Hughes W Pte 1151 : Photo
James R Pte 2177 : Photo
Manley A Pte 242760 : Obituary
Nichols C Captain : Obituary
Philips B E Lt Col : Photo
Synnott F P 2nd Lt : Photo

6th Battalion (Territorial)(Caernarvonshire & Anglesey)

Davies A C Captain : Photo
Gilmore S Pte 268622 : Obituary
Hughes W J Pte 3156 : Photo
Manley D H G Captain : Photo
Pritchard I Pte 2217 : Photo
Wheeler A H Major : Photo
Williams A L 2nd Lt : Photo

7th Battalion (Territorial)(Merioneth & Montgomery)

Beadon B H E Captain : Photo
Beanland J W Lt : Photo
Brown H J Lt : Photo
Buckley M E 2nd Lt : Photo
Burdett T G D Captain MC : Photo
Fletcher H W Lt : Photo
Grant A E P 2nd Lt : Short Obituary
Hailstone G R Captain : Photo
Harries E G Captain : Photo
Hughes J E Pte 70608 : Obituary
Jones R H 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones W G Lt : Photo
Lloyd-Jones E W Captain : Photo
Silcock B B 2nd Lt : Photo
Williams W H 2nd Lt : Obituary

8th Battalion (Service)

Allies A E Lt : Photo
Birch H 2nd Lt : Photo
Dunn P M Captain : Photo
Herington P G 2nd Lt : Photo
Hickman A K Lt : Photo
Kell R Pte 57031 : Obituary
Lloyd W Captain : Obituary
Powell S Captain : Photo
Price F G Coy Sergt Major 9288 : Photo
Throckmorton R C B Lt Col : Photo

9th Battalion (Service)

Acton C A Captain : Obituary
Alltree C D Lt : Obituary
Arnold F M Lt : Obituary
Chapman J Pte MM 53999 :Short Record Of Service
Croman A B Pte 52295 : Obituary
Dennis A E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Evans S J Pte 16331 : Photo
Harris N L Captain MC : Photo
Hoyle B W E Captain : Photo and Obituary
Kingsbury R T Pte 31997 : Photo
Lawes C G Lt : Photo
Owen V E Lt : Photo
Phillips E Pte 73622 : Photo
Rosenberg S Pte 47156 : Photo
Ruck-Keene R E Lt : Photo
Tierney J Pte 73661 : Obituary
Williams R J 2nd Lt Photo

10th Battalion (Service)

Binny S S Lt Col DSO : Photo
Curran H 2nd Lt : Photo
Cutbush B M Captain : Short Record Of Service
Davies J Cpl VC : Photo & Photo At Investiture
Ellis T F Cpl 15266 : Photo
Freeman E Major : Photo
Hill A Pte VC : Photo and Photo
Holland E Pte 23436 : Photo
Humphreys A Cpl 57017 : Obituary
Jackson D W G Captain : Photo
Jones R L/Cpl 15160 : Photo
Lyons W T Captain : Photo
Segal N Pte 35358 : Photo
Vernon L P Lt MC : Photo
Walker J A Captain : Photo
Williams L R 2nd Lt : Obituary

11th Battalion (Service)

Spooner R A Captain : Photo
Wilding-Jones H W Lt : Photo and Obituary
Williams I J Pte 13924 : Obituary
Williamson A T Pte 14787 : Obituary

12th Battalion (Reserve)

Davies D E Lt : Photo
Holme B L Lt : Photo

13th Battalion (Service)(1st North Wales)

Anthony D B Lt : Group Photo
Armstrong W Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Ayer L S Lt : Group Photo
Bell O J Major : Group Photo
Brash E 2nd Lt : Obituary
Broatch F C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Campbell R O Captain : Group Photo
Davies D Pte 19376 : Photo
Davies W L 2nd Lt : Obituary
Ellis W O F 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Fairchild C E L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Flower O S Lt Col : Photo
Grandfield W H Pte 17594 : Photo
Harding W A L/Cpl 26978 : Short Record Of Service
Hardwick F W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Hardwick J R Captain : Group Photo
Harris F U J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jenkins O 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones A V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones F V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones G M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones J G Lt : Group Photo
Jones S 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones-Bateman F Captain : Photo
Leah E F L/Cpl 18023 : Photo
Lloyd F S Captain : Group Photo
Lock J L Captain : Group Photo
Melson E Pte 44769 : Photo
Morris C F nd Lt : Group Photo
Napthall J S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Parry W D Lt : Group Photo
Owen T S 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomas F Q Lt : Group Photo
Thomas O V 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Willes C E Lt Col : Group Photo
Williams R M 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Wynne-Eyton C E Major : Group Photo

14th Battalion (Service)

Barrett A S H 2nd Lt : Photo
Harrison B 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones W L/Cpl 241150 : Obituary
Miller R D H M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Nicholls-Jones T C Lt : Photo
Taberner P L/Cpl 20772 : Photo
Venmore J F Lt : Photo
Weale H L/Cpl VC : Photo
Williams G S L S Lt : Photo
Williams H P Captain : Photo
Wynne-Edwards R M Lt : Group Photo

15th Battalion (1st London Welsh)

Bowes R Captain MC : Obituary
Emery F Pte 37298 : Photo
Hinds W P Lt : Photo
Parkington S A Pte 22193 : Photo
Solomon N C Pte 34057 : Photo
Stepto C P Pte 27424 : Obituary
Thomas C O A Sergt : Short Record Of Service

16th Battalion (Service)

Barnes J L/Cpl 19417 : Photo
Beckett H Pte MM : Short Record Of Service
Cowdery W Pte 61479 : Obituary
Davies J W Lt : Photo
Davies M R Pte 58397 : Photo
Eaton J B Pte 23177 : Photo
Evans D B Cpl 18795 : Obituary
Hams F J Pte 235341 : Photo
Heatly C F 2nd Lt : Photo
Holgate W L L/Cpl 18983 : Photo
Holland T W 2nd Lt : Photo
Hughes E O Pte 265780 : Short Obituary
John W Pte 55464 : Photo
Mann R L 2nd Lt : Photo
Pinkard W Pte 23120 : Obituary
Pyper R W Pte 37187 : Photo
Roberts W Pte 18393 : Obituary
Scoular W Sergt 21621 : Obituary
Thomas C L/Cpl 18519 : Obituary
Thomas T 2nd Lt : Photo
Wheeler J Pte 18166 : Photo
Williams W J 2nd Lt MC : Photo

17th Battalion (2nd North Wales)

Evans D O Lt : Photo
Heaton H S 2nd Lt : Photo
Hooper W R Pte 70471 : Photo
Hughes W M Pte 73581 : Obituary
Kelly W L/Cpl 25704 : Photo and Obituary
McTiernan J M Pte 46493 : Photo
Styles A H Lt : Photo
Weare G H Pte 45253 : Obituary
Williams G 2nd Lt : Photo
Williams R L Captain : Obituary

18th Battalion (Reserve)(2nd London Welsh)

Bendle E J L/Cpl 44515 : Photo

19th Battalion (Service)

Edwards J A Pte 45704 : Photo
Ellis R T H 2nd Lt : Photo
Ferguson E J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Rees E G 2nd Lt : Obituary
Wheatcroft H Pte 73676 : Obituary

20th Battalion

Pritchard R P Pte 39105 : Obituary

23rd Battalion (Territorial)

Lloyd W C Captain : Photo

24th Battalion

Bradley W F Pte 57785 : Obituary
Coster-Edwards J F Captain : Obituary
Coups H Pte 57795 : Photo
Edwards J I J Lt : Obituary
Robinson J T Captain : Photo

25th Battalion (Montgomery & Welsh Horse Yeomanry)

Collins J L/Cpl VC : Photo and Photo
Elliott G K Lt : Photo
Ellis R A Captain : Photo
Fitzhugh G Captain : Obituary
Keyzor H L A 2nd Lt : Photo
Sinclair J L Pte 57757 : Photo
Tobias L M Captain : Photo

26th Battalion (Service)

Rosenberg S Drummer : Photo