South Staffs Regiment

An Officer In The South Staffs Regiment

An Officer In The South Staffs Regiment

Battalion Unknown

Clay R Pte : Obituary
Gould A J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Jones C L/Cpl : Photo
Keeble C E Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Maxim H G Pte 202571 : Short Record Of Service
Read W S Sergt MM : Photo
Thomas W F P Captain MC : Photo
Webb A H Sergt MM : Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Archer-Shee G Lt : Photo and Short Record Of Service
Attwood W Pte 7210 : Obituary
Barber W D Captain : Group Photo
Bean C R C Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Bonner S Lt Col DSO : Photo and Group Photo
Bower H R S Lt : Obituary
Buckle A C Major : Group Photo
Burke H J Lt : Photo , Photo and Short Record Of Service
Caryll F P J Lt : Short Record Of Service
Crousaz C F Lt : Photo
Cufflin S H C Pte 16060 : Obituary
Curry W H Captain DSO : Photo
De Trafford H J Captain : Photo
Dunlop J S S Captain : Photo
Dutton D E Pte 16701 : Obituary
Evans C W Lt : Group Photo
Evans L S Pte 8071 : Photo
Farrington C H Pte 8406 : Obituary
Foster W A P Lt : Obituary and Group Photo
Freeth J E Sergt DCM : Newspaper Photo
Green C H Major : Photo and Group Photo
Hart R Lt Gen Sir VC KCB : Group Photo
Hindsley E Lt : Photo
Hodges S J Pte 40887 : Obituary
Holmes F L Lt : Photo , Photo , Photo and Group Photo
Iles J O Lt : Photo
Karker S Cpl 10396 : Photo
Kilby A F G Captain VC MC : Photo and Photo
Lancaster D W Lt : Photo
Limbery C R Captain MC : Photo and Group Photo
Loder-Symonds J F Major : Photo and Group Photo
MacGeorge H W Lt : Group Photo
Moor-Radford L C Lt : Photo and Group Photo
Morgan R W Captain : Group Photo
Morris C M Lt : Group Photo
Olliff-Lee W N 2nd Lt : Photo
Olive V G Lt : Group Photo
Ovens R M Lt Col CMG : Group Photo
Philcox C E Lt MC : Photo
Pullen R S Lt : Obituary
Ransford C G Captain : Group Photo
Ratcliffe W H 2nd Lt : Photo
Richardson R J R Lt : Photo
Twiss D C Lt : Group Photo
Savage-Armstrong F S N Lt Col DSO : Obituary
Vallentin J F Captain VC : Photo and Group Photo
Welchman S C Major : Group Photo
White F H Major : Group Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Bartlett G R Pte 24964 : Obituary
Benson W R G 2nd Lt : Photo
Burton T Cpl 17477 : Obituary
Chapman H A Pte 23538 : Short Record Of Service
Douglas B F S Lt : Photo
Fitzpatrick D T F Lt : Photo
Goodall C W 2nd Lt : Photo
Hamblett P Pte 20213 : Obituary
Hatton H W S Captain : Photo
Judd E Sergt 6469 : Photo
Keys J J Pte 12265 : Photo
King C W 2nd Lt : Photo
Manford W Pte DCM 9472 : Photo
Mann G H Sergt MM 235374 : Photo
Martin W J Pte 329096 : Obituary
McKee J A 2nd Lt : Photo
Parker G E A Lt : Photo
Parr B C Major attd from Ox & Bucks LI : Photo
Perrin G D Lt : Newspaper Photo
Powell H M Captain : Photo
Reeves A E Pte 7486 : Photo
Reynolds J F Pte 18795 : Photo and Obituary
Roberts W E Pte 16072 : Obituary
Robinson F R Lt : Photo and Obituary
Routledge P C L Lt Col : Photo
Scott B J H 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith H Pte 9433 : Photo Of Grave
Smith J L/Cpl DCM : Newspaper Photo
Smith S H 2nd Lt : Photo
Stonor H C 2nd Lt The Hon : Photo
Thomas C H Captain : Photo
Thorp W H Pte 30920 : Obituary
Trevarthen A F V A 2nd Lt : Photo
Wade A E Cpl 7012 : Obituary
Wansbrough W E Captain : Photo
Williams D M Lt : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Butler W A 2nd Lt : Obituary
Gramshaw H 2nd Lt : Photo
MacFie C W 2nd Lt : Photo
Naylor E L Lt : Photo
Stevens L B 2nd Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)

Campbell D W A Captain : Obituary
Dunlop K S 2nd Lt : Photo
Edgar J M Captain : Photo and Photo
Fox W H Lt : Photo
Holdsworth G Captain : Photo
Kinnaird F J Captain : Obituary
Lewis G A D 2nd Lt : Photo
Lycett L H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Pollock G H Lt : Photo
Weitzmann C G 2nd Lt : Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)

Abbott E G 2nd Lt : Photo
Allday S O Lt : Photo
Barnett W R 2nd Lt : Photo
Cotterell F H Lt : Photo
Cotterell R V 2nd Lt : Photo
Cozens L Captain : Photo
Dreyfus M 2nd Lt : Photo
Edwards C L/Cpl 8407 : Photo
Green H W Cpl 9185 : Obituary
Lavender F A 2nd Lt : Photo
Millner W Captain : Photo
Smith A A Lt : Photo
Warman C T Cpl 200262 : Obituary
Wilkinson J H W Captain : Obituary

6th Battalion (Service)

Adams G N Captain : Obituary
Ash D V Pte 43543 : Short Record Of Service
Bell E A L/Cpl 242185 : Obituary
Broad E Pte 242620 : Obituary
Bruce R J 2nd Lt : Photo
Cartwright J Pte 2619 : Obituary
Cresswell E A Captain : Photo
Duggan J Sergt Maj DCM : Newspaper Photo
Evans G R 2nd Lt : Obituary
Ellis C T Pte 2904 : Obituary
Field E A Pte 1659 : Obituary
Harley A D Captain : Photo
Lloyd J F S Major : Newspaper Photo
Pearson C H Lt : Photo
Pearson F P Cpl 2884 : Photo
Sankey S J Captain : Photo
Smith G H Lt : Photo
Watson D Pte 37883 : Obituary

7th Battalion (Service)

Aitken J R Pte 45313 : Photo
Barratt T Pte VC : Photo
Bourne A S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Christian E C Captain : Photo
Daukes A H Lt Col : Photo
Griffiths A Sergt 9667 : Obituary
Isle W C Lt : Photo and Photo
Marten H C Captain : Photo
Moore J A Lt : Photo
Parry B Pte 11019 : Obituary
Sanders F L/Cpl 6954 : Photo
Smith H T Pte 23411 : Obituary
Stanway G 2nd Lt : Photo
Taunton C A P 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomson H T Lt : Photo
West G C 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilson H G Pte 201822 : Obituary
Wilson O Pte 30789 : Obituary

8th Battalion (Service)

Bagnall J C Pte 15410 : Obituary
Ball J L/Cpl 43046 : Obituary
Barlow T K Lt : Photo
Birch P Pte 13843 : Obituary
Birdseye D M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Brown A C 2nd Lt : Photo
Clarke J C L/Cpl 12516 : Obituary
Edwards S R Lt : Photo
Elliot G F Lt : Photo
Goode G Pte 13782 : Obituary
Griffiths H H Lt : Obituary
Harris S E Pte S/13699 : Photo
Hawkins G M Pte 18448 : Photo
Page R C 2nd Lt : Newspaper Photo
Raper R G Major : Photo
Stephens J S 2nd Lt : Photo
Worrall L J Pte 14102 : Photo

9th Battalion (Reserve)

Ferguson H M Captain : Photo
Goddard N M 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Wickham B W T Lt MC : Photo

10th Battalion

Callaer H O Sergt 14434 : Obituary
Gordon-Walker C N Lt attd to 8th Manchester Regt : Photo