South Wales Borderers

An Officer In The South Wales Borderers

An Officer In The South Wales Borderers

Battalion Unknown

Amos R W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Andrews H Sergt Major : Group Photo
Bartram S Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Bayley C C P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Bedbrook E A St G Major : Photo
Beeston C N Lt : Group Photo
Carter F Lt & Adjt : Group Photo
Carter W B Lt : Group Photo
Case A Lt & Qtr Mst : Group Photo
Collins W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Crane E Pte : Short Record Of Service
Davies W Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Deane L C W 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ede H S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Ede M C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Eskell R L 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Evans H J 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Evans R G L Captain : Short Record Of Service
Evans S 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Evans T G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Evans W G Captain : Group Photo
Foot G T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Francis L/Cpl DCM : Newspaper Photo
Harris J Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Group Photo
Honan Sergt : Group Photo
James J N A Lt : Group Photo
Jenkins D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Johnson D G Captain DSO : Photo
Jones D J Pte 3499 : Photo
Jones D P 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Jones G B 2nd Lt : Photo
King-Hunter F C Col : Group Photo
Lambert Col Sergt : Group Photo
La Touche H N D 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Levy E Coy Qtr Mst Sergt : Photo
LLoyd E L Lt : Group Photo
Meacock E C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Morgan H R C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Morgan S C Lt : Group Photo
Murray T Captain : Group Photo
Neale T 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Owen J C 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Peel A R Captain : Photo
Rallison Col Sergt : Group Photo
Rattenbury G 2nd Lt : Group Photo
Thomas F B Lt : Group Photo
Wakefield E W Captain : Group Photo
Walton F R Coy Sergt Major : Short Record Of Service
Wood J P Major : Group Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Blackall-Simonds G P Lt : Photo
Breeze J Pte 10505 : Obituary
Coker J C Lt : Photo , Photo and Photo
Cole H Cpl 8669 : Photo
Curgenven W C Captain : Photo
De Freyne A R Captain Lord (Family name French) : Photo and Photo
Edmond A T Pte 11804 : Obituary
Forster-Morris H G F 2nd Lt : Photo
French A Captain Lord : Photo
Garnett-Botfield A C F Lt : Photo
Hayes H F Pte 50136 : Obituary
John I G 2nd Lt : Photo and Obituary
Langlands A 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Levy L Pte 36565 : Photo
Loch A A F Captain DSO : Photo
Looney W K Pte 44629 : Photo
Matthews W F Captain : Photo
Price J P Pte 7812 : Photo
Russell A Pte 42057 : Obituary
Saunders L D 2nd Lt : Photo
Sills C C 2nd Lt : Photo
Skinner H F C 2nd Lt : Photo
Stanton J Pte 7797 : Photo
Taylor E R Captain MC : Photo and Photo
Turner N P J Lt : Photo
Watkins H H 2nd Lt : Photo
Williams L Lt : Photo and Photo
Woodward R Lt : Photo
Yeatman M E Captain : Obituary

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Adams W Pte DCM 13208 : Obituary
Antill A M Pte 18889 : Photo
Beadle E J L/Cpl 44515 : Photo
Behrens R P Lt : Photo and Photo
Bowyer G H 2nd Lt : Photo
Budd W J C Lt : Photo
Burrell P E Lt : Photo
Coker J C Lt : Obituary
Cook F Pte 10356 : Photo
Dalley C Pte : Short Record Of Service
Davies W H Tpr MM 39578 : Photo
Dendy R Captain MC : Photo
Evans H P Lt : Photo
Evans J W Pte 28283 : Photo
Evans P Pte 24938 : Photo
Garnett H G Captain Croix De Guerre : Photo
Goldberg A J L/Cpl 9544 : Photo
Harries J E 2nd Lt : Photo
Hawkins E Cpl : Short Record Of Service
Hughes D Pte 24920 : Obituary
Johnson M T Lt : Photo
Levy H Pte 39584 : Photo
MacGregor C R Lt : Photo
Morgan J W R 2nd Lt : Photo
Morgan O Sergt 10823 : Obituary
Pollock M V 2nd Lt : Photo
Porter J W Pte 41962 : Photo
Raikes G Major DSO : Photo
Robertson G A N Captain : Photo
Rundle C N 2nd Lt : Photo
Saunders W H Cpl 24561 : Obituary
Silk N G Lt : Photo
Spartali M 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Williams J T Cpl 39614 : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Allaway T R Captain MC : Photo
Bullock G F 2nd Lt : Photo
Burmester C M Captain : Photo
Chamberlain J Captain MC : Photo

Brecknockshire Battalion

Best F H Lt : Photo and Obituary
Best S W Lt : Photo
Green E Pte 2308 : Obituary
Hughes P Coy Sergt Maj 30 : Obituary
Powell-Jones P M Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Service)

Addams-Williams D A 2nd Lt : Photo
Austin T C Mc D Captain : Photo and Obituary
Blaxland J B Captain : Photo and Obituary
Budgett E G Pte 13455 : Obituary
Cook G Pte 24865 : Photo
Cooper L G 2nd Lt : Photo
Cooper T W Pte 12629 : Photo
Evans F F 2nd Lt : Photo
Fairweather J Captain : Photo
Farrow J Captain : Photo
Fox J Pte 12765 : Obituary
Fynn J H Pte VC : Photo
Gateley A W Pte 27659 : Obituary
Gillespie F M Lt Col : Photo
Lucas C M 2nd Lt : Photo
Miller J H Lt : Photo
Morgan-Owen J G 2nd Lt : Photo
Napier W L Major Sir : Photo

5th Battalion (Service)(Pioneers)

Livesay G A B Lt : Photo
McNelis J Pte 39859 : Photo
Price G M Pte 39816 : Obituary
Woolf M Pte 42488 : Photo

6th Battalion (Service)(Pioneers)

Guy B F Dvr 19049 : Obituary
Heath A G Pte 42408 : Photo
Hillier S N 2nd Lt : Photo
Parry-Davies D C 2nd Lt : Photo
Thomas J W Pte 29828 : Obituary
Viney L Pte 39217 : Obituary

7th Battalion (Service)

Gotelee G H Lt : Newspaper Photo
Harford J H Lt : Photo
Mills E E Captain MC : Obituary
Royle J B Major : Photo

8th Battalion (Service)

Kent H 2nd Lt : Photo
Llewellyn H A Lt : Photo
Rose S Pte 64053 : Photo

9th Battalion (Reserve)

Evans R 2nd Lt : Photo

10th Battalion (Service)(1st Gwent)

Hunt W Pte 229977 : Photo
Lowe A Lt : Photo
Orford E J Captain MC DCM : Photo
Munckton E J Cpl 21439 : Obituary
Poole G C Pte 39946 : Obituary
Read J Pte 40259 : Photo
Seager W H Lt : Photo
Smith E H Cpl 40287 : Photo and Obituary
Williams J H CSM VC DCM MM + Bar : Photo

11th Battalion (Service)(2nd Gwent)

Blackwell A Sergt 18628 : Obituary
Blackwell J E Pte 22540 : Obituary
Cullimore S Captain : Obituary
Davies S Pte 42131 : Obituary
Dring W Pte 45998 : Photo
Earp J A Pte 44404 : Photo
Hamer T P Lt : Photo
Jenkins C F B Captain : Photo
Lewis C V Lt : Photo
Miller-Hallett S A 2nd Lt : Photo
Rea W J Sergt 18822 : Photo
Rees I Sergt VC : Photo and Photo
Salt T F C 2nd Lt : Photo and Photo
Shields W Pte 22535 : Obituary

12th Battalion (Service)(3rd Gwent)

Edwards J E Lt : Obituary
Moss G P 2nd Lt : Obituary
Price G W B Lt : Obituary
Thomas R I V C 2nd Lt : Photo
Wilson W Pte 45603 : Obituary