Welsh Regiment



An Officer In The Welsh Regiment

An Officer In The Welsh Regiment

Battalion Unknown

Abrahams S Pte : Photo
Ackerley E Pte : Photo
Allan I D Captain MC : Short Record Of Service
Beaven W G Captain MC : Photo
Bench Col Sergt : Newspaper Photo
Bevis W Bandsman : Short Record Of Service
Bidwell F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Booth A Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Bourne Cpl : Newspaper Photo
Christie J Sergt : Short Record Of Service
Deacon F H Pte : Short Record Of Service
Ealey J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Eldridge A Cpl 27093 : Short Record Of Service
Evans S T Pte : Short Record Of Service
Fawcett R J Pte DCM : Photo
Fensome J Pte : Short Record Of Service
Flavill H Sergt MM : Short Record Of Service
Grove W J Pte : Photo
Hamaui V Pte : Photo
Harries E B Lt MC : Photo
Howells W Pte 55221 : Photo
Isherwood F Pte : Photo
Jackson Sergt : Photo
Jones F A Lt Col CMG DSO : Photo
Jones K L Lt MC : Photo
Lambert H Sergt : Photo
Lerwell T Pte 15954 : Photo
Mooney J H Pte 49664 : Photo
Moreton G Pte 47362 : Short Record Of Service
Myles E Captain VC DSO : Photo , Photo and Photo
Philips I Pte : Photo
Phillips C Captain MC : Photo
Reed R Pte : Photo
Rees J D Lt MC : Photo
Samuels J Pte : Photo
Wavell A J B Major MC : Photo
Widlake A S Cpl DCM 2822 : Photo
Williams G Captain : Photo

1st Battalion (Regular)

Callaghan J L/Cpl 36103 : Obituary
Claridge T Pte 10798 : Short Record Of Service
Coker C J Lt : Photo
Corbet G F F Lt : Photo
David J S L/Cpl 30737 : Photo and Obituary
Dundas C H Lt : Photo
Evan-Jones H G Lt : Photo
Gwyer C P Captain : Photo
Harris J F Pte 14902 : Obituary
Jones B G D Lt MC : Photo
Lloyd G A Captain : Photo and Photo
Monk G P de B Captain : Photo
Nicholls W C Pte 19427 : Obituary
Phillips L Captain : Photo
Pope R T B Lt : Photo
Warren-Davis H W Lt : Photo and Photo
Westby E H H Captain : Photo
Williams F Pte 9709 : Photo
Williams T Pte 9596 : Obituary
Williams T J Pte 11050 : Photo

2nd Battalion (Regular)

Abrahams T Sergt 10815 : Photo
Adams W J Pte 11117 : Short Record Of Service
Arnott E E 2nd Lt : Photo
Barrington W Pte : Short Record Of Service
Bentley A Pte 10990 : Photo
Betts J W 2nd Lt : Photo
Bowlting A L/Cpl 39600 : Short Record Of Service
Bradock J M L/Cpl 53521 : Obituary
Corder H G A Lt : Photo
Cornelius C V P Lt : Obituary
Cownie J B Coy QM Sergt 7711 : Photo
Davies H C Captain : Photo and Obituary
Dickinson W V Col : Photo
Ferrar W H Captain : Photo and Photo
Fitzpatrick G R Captain : Photo and Photo
Fuller W L/Cpl VC : Photo
Haggard M Captain : Photo
Herd H F Captain : Photo
Jenkins S R Lt : Photo
Kerrich J H Major : Photo
Mahoney W Pte 12317 : Obituary
Miles A C V 2nd Lt : Photo
Morris W A T Sergt DCM 14582 : Photo
Partridge G D Lt : Photo
Pinkard F Pte 22919 : Obituary
Pond W W Pte 47731 : Obituary
Reeves H C 2nd Lt : Photo
Rubenstein N Pte : Photo
Turnbull J O Captain : Photo
Smith E R Sergt 9183 : Photo
Snipper A Pte 53658 : Photo
Williams P L/Cpl 11274 : Photo

3rd Battalion (Reserve)

Gorovitch S L/Cpl : Photo
Hayman A G Captain MC : Photo and Photo
Joy G B Lt : Photo and Photo
Larner E W Sergt Major 3241 : Obituary
Lomax G D Lt : Photo
Vincent J T C 2nd Lt : Photo

4th Battalion (Territorial)

Bryant F J M 2nd Lt : Obituary
Dyer T C Pte : Short Record Of Service
James D Pte 200168 : Obituary
Oliver J Pte 200189 : Obituary
Rees B S Pte 204535 : Photo
Rees D J Pte 320243 : Photo
Rees W H S Coy Sergt Major : Photo

5th Battalion (Territorial)

Berry T C H Captain : Photo
Davies A T Captain : Photo
Dowdeswell H S 2nd Lt : Photo
Flynn W Pte 59061 : Obituary
Frankenstein O R 2nd Lt : Photo
Hodges W J Lt : Photo
Jones A W L/Cpl 2352 : Photo
Jones C Sergt Major 9 : Obituary
Jones H Pte 38300 : Obituary
Lewis W H Pte 2019 : Obituary
Morgan E A Lt : Photo
Phillips T G L Captain : Photo
Robathan D P Captain : Photo and Photo
Southey H H Major : Photo
Thomas W J Sergt 240965 : Obituary
Tremellen E T Captain : Photo and Photo

6th Battalion (Glamorgan)

Bucknell H H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Burnie D Lt : Obituary
Cohen D Cpl MM 265897 : Photo
Crichton-Stuart N E Lt Col Lord : Photo
Ellison T T 2nd Lt : Photo
Fisher W H Bandsman 2710 : Photo
Footman C J Pte 2359 : Obituary
Golbie J M Captain : Photo
Gwilyn J Pte 15642 : Photo
Insall G F Pte 55623 : Short Record Of Service
James C Cpl : Newspaper Photo
Kronenberg A Pte 2666 : Photo
Kronenberg N Cpl MM 1920 : Photo and Photo

7th Battalion (Cyclist)

Aaron C Sergt 3085 : Photo
Ellis J J Pte 1892 : Photo
Foot J S Captain : Photo

8th Battalion (Pioneers)

Akerman J Pte 12265 : Obituary
Anderson F L/Cpl 48601 : Photo
Baggs H F Lt : Obituary
Digges La Touche D Captain : Photo
Gwyer C P Captain : Photo
Holmes C Lt : Photo
Jones A E 2nd Lt : Photo
Jones S E 2nd Lt : Photo
Marson J C 2nd Lt : Photo
Starr T A Pte 11380 : Obituary

9th Battalion (Service)

Davies C H 2nd Lt : Photo
Davies J Pte 15761 : Obituary
Davies T E Cpl 203565 : Obituary
Davies W D L/Cpl 52657 : Obituary
Dawkins C J R 2nd Lt : Photo
Ford (Formerly Heuffer) F M Lt : Photo
Gibbs J A Major DSO : Photo
Grainger F Pte : Photo
Herbert T W P Captain : Photo
Hughes-Hughes W M Captain : Photo
Owen W H K Lt : Obituary
Salmon S 2nd Lt : Obituary
Sanofsky S Pte 285047 : Photo
Winstanley H Pte 37588 : Photo

10th Battalion (1st Rhondda)

Avery J F 2nd Lt : Photo
Davies J G Captain : Photo
Jones J B Lt : Obituary
Napier M A Major Attd From Cheshire Regt : Photo
Stanton C Lt : Photo

11th Battalion (Service)

Brownson A R Lt : Obituary
Buggy F Pte : Short Record Of Service
Capel G W Regt Sergt Maj 2382 : Short Record Of Service
Fitzgibbon J Pte 69716 : Photo
Hughes N A Captain : Photo
Lewis H W Pte VC : Photo
Phillips A L/Cpl : Photo
Pope A W H Pte 32719 : Photo
Reid P Cpl 14857 : Obituary
Shibko I Cpl 15500 : Photo
Zeitlin J L/Cpl 14900 : Photo

12th Battalion (Reserve)

Carlyon W H G Pte 50080 : Photo
Eyre W Captain : Photo

13th Battalion (2nd Rhondda)

Bond C E Major : Photo and Photo
Cook C V S Pte 37023 : Obituary
Davis S Pte 56861 : Photo
Harvey W M 2nd Lt : Photo
John T Pte MM 22217 : Obituary
Jones F Pte 285237 : Photo
MacKenzie A Pte : Short Record Of Service
Morgan R L 2nd Lt : Photo
Paterson-Purdie T 2nd Lt : Photo
Rees L S 2nd Lt : Photo
Smith C H 2nd Lt : Obituary
Stothert G M Lt : Photo
Thomas E Pte : Group Photo
Thomas H Pte : Group Photo
Thomas O Pte : Group Photo
Thomas R Pte : Group Photo
Thomas T Pte : Group Photo

14th Battalion (Swansea Pals)

Devenish D H Lt : Photo
Kelk A F H 2nd Lt MC : Photo
Phillips W H Bandsman 17717 : Photo
Shipton L B Pte 57296 : Obituary
Thomas R C Pte 59553 : Obituary
Williams W M Lt : Photo

15th Battalion (Carmarthenshire)

Anthony P Major : Photo
David T W Captain : Obituary
Davies P H Lt : Obituary
Dodd J H Pte 19909 : Photo

16th Battalion (Cardiff City)

Bennett E J Pte 23195 : Photo
Brown C E Pte 24119 : Photo
Chuich S T M Pte : Obituary
Gaskell D L S 2nd Lt : Photo
Gaskell F H Lt Col : Photo
Hugglestone W T Pte 24152 : Photo
Jones D J D Pte 32674 : Obituary
Mayne F R Pte 23856 : Obituary
Merchant H Pte 56557 : Photo
Nix R W Pte 50812 : Photo
Pickles E Pte : Photo
Richards W J Captain : Photo
Sargant W E Pte : Obituary
Shaw T W Pte 23433 : Obituary
Thomas E J R CSM : Photo
Trebble W H Pte 23104 : Short Obituary
Walker G Pte 56540 : Obituary
Willshire A W Coy Sergt Major 23291 : Obituary

17th Battalion (1st Glamorgan)

Hawkins T W Sergt 25977 : Obituary
Higson F S Captain MC : Newspaper Photo
Jones A T Captain : Photo
Wilkie C J Lt Col : Photo
Williams T H Pte 267123 : Obituary

18th Battalion (2nd Glamorgan)

Barrington J Sergt 21899 : Short Record Of Service
Bowen J J Lt MC : Obituary
Davis H M Pte MM 51685 : Short Record Of Service
Evans A 2nd Lt : Photo
Johnson C E Sergt Inst 27950 : Obituary
Turnbull G I Lt MC : Photo

19th Battalion (Glamorgan Pioneers)

Evans A E Captain : Photo

20th Battalion (3rd Rhondda)

Bee C L Pte 44007 : Obituary

21st Battalion (Reserve)
22nd Battalion (Reserve)

Hoare F L/Cpl 51168 : Obituary
Thornton R Pte 55344 : Short Obituary

23rd Battalion (Welsh Pioneers)

Daniel E T Cpl 44714 : Photo

24th Battalion (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry)

Edwards W A 2nd Lt : Photo
Goss J Cpl 320849 : Obituary
Lazarus M Pte 320484 : Photo
Scourfield D B Pte 320091 : Obituary
Wakeford C H S Captain : Photo

51st Battalion (Graduated)

Levy L Pte 77011 : Photo