Arnold F F W Captain 1st Suffolk Regiment

Arnold F F W Captain 1st Suffolk Regiment

Captain F F W Arnold 1st Suffolk Regiment



FERDINAND FRANCK WILLIAM ARNOLD, who entered the School in 1902, came of an old Suffolk family, established at Lowestoft for the last four cen-turies, several members of which served with distinction in the Navy during the 18th century, and from a branch of which Dr. Arnold, of Rugby, was descended. He was the elder son of Franck Thomas Arnold (O.R., 1875- 80), and Edith Maud, daughter of Samuel William Kelly, J.P., of Cardiff, and grandson of the Rev. Charles Thomas Arnold (O.R., 1831-36), for many years Assistant Master at Rugby. After leaving School in 1905 he went to the R.M.C., Sandhurst, was gazetted to the 1st Battalion Suffolk Regiment, and served with it in Malta, Cairo, and Khartoum. After War broke out he was appointed Machine- gun Officer to the 84th Infantry Brigade, and returned subsequently to regimental work as Commander of a double Company. He was killed in the trenches, near Ypres, on April 23rd, 1915. Age 27.

A brother Officer wrote:-“He did most excellent work while commanding his Company and was always cheerful and merry under the most adverse circumstances, setting an example to all, both Officers and men.”

Source : Memorials Of Rugbeians Who Fell In The Great War Vol 1

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