Fraser A E Lt 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment

Fraser A E Lt 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment

LIEUTENANT ALEXANDER EVAN FRASERĀ  Monmouthshire Regiment, was the youngest son of James Campbell Fraser and was born in the year 1880. He was educated at St. Mark’s, Windsor, and commenced his business career with the London and County Bank, Watford.

He joined Charles Kerr on the Stock Exchange and continued in the same position with Kerr, Ware and Co. until the year 1913 when he became a Member.

At the outbreak of the War he immediately enlisted, not waiting for the opportunity of obtaining a commission. Later he was offered a commission which he accepted in the 2nd Monmouthshire Regiment. He went to France with his Battalion 5 November 1914 and endured all the hard fighting and hardships of the first winter in Flanders.

He was Adjutant at the time he met his death, during a German gas attack in the battle of Ypres, on 2 May 1915. A shell burst a few yards from him as he stood talking to his Colonel and a fragment entered his head.

His Colonel (with whom he completed the whole of his short service) wrote: “He had been my Adjutant since January, and I can honestly say that never had anybody a better Adjutant. He was a magnificent soldier and, in the true sense of the word, he was a great friend and comrade to me. . . . He had all the best qualities of a soldier and a gentleman.”

“All through he has been sound and undisturbed by any difficulties, thoughtful and unselfish, and adored by every soldier with whom he came in contact. I have had expressions of regret from every Battalion in the Brigade, for everybody who knew him liked him.”

Source : The Stock Exchange War Memorial 1914-1918

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